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What's Up Wednesday ... on Thursday

What we're eating this week... Spaghetti and Meatballs.  While pregnant with Aiden I started to not like spaghetti.  Andy LOVES spaghetti so this was super awful for him. Then I found a recipe for meatballs and that was all it took for me to start eating spaghetti again.  That was on the menu last night.

What I'm reminiscing about... those days of yesteryear when we didn't have 15 children under foot and getting out of the house and into a store took milliseconds, not hours.

What I'm loving... having Tate and Tenley so close in age.  It's a major challenge for sure but I also love it.  I feel like a mom because of it for some reason.  I know that sounds weird but there it is.

What we've been up to... going to the doctor's office and taking care of sick children.  Ugh, will this cold crud please leave our house?  Tenely was diagnosed with RSV yesterday, breaks my heart.  She is handling it very well, I must say.  Still mostly a happy little girl, very chatty.  She is doing 3 neb treatments per day through Friday.  Friday morning we go back to the dr. to be sure she is getting better before we go into the weekend and the office is closed.  Have I told you before how much I love our dr?  She is amazing, a total gem!

What I'm dreading... Tate's 2nd birthday.  Not the party, not that he's having a birthday, just that he's turning 2 already and getting older.  1 1/2 years and he'll be starting 3 year old preschool -- hold me!

What I'm working on... *not* that 'T' for Tenley's room, ha!  It would take me less than 30 minutes but I just can't get my lazy bum down the stairs to my scrapping supplies.  #lazy

What I'm excited about... Valentine's Day!  Oh how I love thee.  All the pink's, red's, hearts...  I love you long time, V-Day!

What I'm watching/reading... watching: the X-Files, as I've already said.  But it's worth noting again because it's SO.DARN.GOOD!!!  Also, RHOBeverly Hills, Ed, Making a Murderer (1 episode to go), Fixer Upper, and lots and lots of college baseketball.  Reading: the last book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy by Nora Roberts.

What I'm listening to... coughing and hacking.  Music-wise, I'm digging country and oldies...still. :)

What I'm wearing... nothing noteworthy these days.  My wardrobe needs a major makeover.  I'm embarrassed to think of the people who saw me when I went in to the dr.'s office yesterday with Loula.  OMG, I looked like I'd gone to Goodwill and pulled random items off the racks and put them on.  That was me at my whitt's end, I just didn't give a hoot what I looked like.  I did, however, have makeup on. Can't leave the house without that. :)

What I'm doing this weekend... going to the outlet mall to exchange a couple of outfits that Tenley was given that don't or won't fit from Carters.  And then to head over to Under Armor and get Aiden some new shoes, again.  That kid is rough on shoes!

What I'm looking forward to next month... MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I love my birthday month, can't wait!  Plus, Andy spoils me rotten all month - not with gifts, necessarily, but by making me feel special that it's my special month.  He's one in a million, love that guy!

What else is new... Andy has started building the cabinet that goes in the bathroom downstairs for the boys.  Once he gets that built and installed we can pick out and buy the tile for the floor, get that down and work on finishing up the bathroom.

What is my favorite Valentine's Day food... I like to see a pretty heart shaped sugar cookie decorated with pink and red frosting.  They are so cute!  For a meal, I like to try and do something a little extra special for my family.  Maybe grill a steak and make some fancy potatoes to go with it, or an extra delicious lasagna with a cheesey garlic bread.  And I always make a dessert with cherries in it, because that's Andy's favorite.


  1. Ughh, I'm hearing allll the coughing and hacking too in my house right now... Emily is on day 13 of an asthma flare up and it's awful!! Allll the nebs, inhalers, and steroids still aren't helping! Isn't it awful listening to that cough? I mean, breathing is pretty important so when they can't do it well, it's scary! I hope you guys are able to get over it soon!

  2. You reminded me I need to get up my Valentine's decor! I also love to celebrate my birthday month!!! :-) Hope Tenley gets a great report tomorrow!

  3. Just get down there and get the scrapbooking paper already... I am waiting on this T to get done ;-)

  4. Marcus has been battling a cough since THANKSGIVING!! Tonight he took a major turn for the worse. He's got a bark-y cough and hasn't been able to keep any food down. Scott is taking him to the hospital as I type this. :(
    In other news... My wardrobe is something else. I'm almost always in workout clothes. And makeup? Forget it - unless we're going to church. However, I am getting more motivated to put real clothes on more often thanks to Stitch Fix. I'm telling you, give it a shot!

  5. Poor baby! I hope you get good news today!

    I love valentine's Day too! I love going into the stores and seeing all the reds, pinks, and hearts! I'm a total sucker for it all!