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Tenley Louise || 2 Months Old

Happy 2 month birthday, Loulah Tuhloo!  I swear, you will never know what your real name is because we very rarely call you Tenley.  It's Loulah, Loulah Tuhloo, Loulee, Lou ... well, we use a funny variation of your middle name only it looks like!  I love that, now that I've realized it -- remember, Great Grandma Louise went by her middle name 'Louise', not her first name.  Neat!

Over the last month you have mostly left newborn-ness behind you and went full steam ahead into being a baby!  The day you turned 6 weeks old you decided to finally show us your smile!  You gave your first few smiles away to Daddy, which I didn't think was fair since I'd been with you non-stop those 6 weeks but since you are likely to be a daddy's girl I should get used to that kind of thing.  But cooing and gurgling, you did that first with me! Which tells me we'll do a lot of gabbing and gossiping over the years with each other!

You love your big brothers!  And they love you!  They want to hold you all the time and you always give them big smiles when you see them.  Talk about melting Mommy's heart!  Tater Tot is your biggest fan of the 3 of them, he makes me laugh many times a day with how he talks to you with his own version of 'baby talk'.  He gives you many, many kisses throughout the day - sometimes on the top of your sweet little head, sometimes on your cheek and sometimes right on the mouth.  :)  He is totally in love with you, Tenley - I hope that lasts forever.  I do believe that Tate thinks you are his and I'm just here to take care of the dirty work, like changing diapers.  He will hold out his arms and say (in his toddler way) "Here, give her to me."  It's all business with that one.  So I have him sit down on the couch and I place you in his arms.  He smiles then turns his head and watches the TV, all serious like, like it's no big deal that he's holding you, it's normal.  Ha ha, you two together make me laugh and melt at the same time.

Just this week, at 9 weeks old, you rolled from your tummy to your back like you did at 2 weeks old.  I still call it a fluke because you don't know what you are doing but it's still pretty incredible.  You do so great with tummy time.  You can hold your head up really well both on your tummy and when you're being held.

When you're laying on your back on the floor you will crane your neck all the way back - you then wiggle your little body so I think you can *almost* roll over from back to front.  You aren't trying to do that, just trying to see what's behind and above you.

Ha ha!  I was trying to sit you up straight and you just weren't ready for that yet, you slooowly slid over like this. :)
At 2 months old you are just now outgrowing your 0-3 month clothes.  You can still wear 0-3m
2-piece outfits (pants, onesies) but one piece sleepers are too short in the length and the sleeves.  As of now you are 100% in 3-6m sleepers.  You have outgrown the knitted hat you got in the hospital, too.  I was itching to get you in some new clothes so I am trying to be okay with you outgrowing your first outfits but it's still a little sad for Mommy.  However, with all of that growing you have really filled out and have the biggest, cutest chubby cheeks!  They are so kissable! And you have a little tiny bit of 'squish' in your thighs, so cute!  You are very cuddly with that extra cushion. :)  The extra squish didn't make your 2 month shots any less painful, though.  You have the cutest girly cry and scream and boy did you let it out in the doctor's office!

You are a great sleeper at night - you've blessed me with 2 fulls nights of sleep in the last 2 weeks!  Every night is different but you mostly only wake up once per night, anywhere from 2-4 a.m.  You then wake for the day between 6 and 7 a.m.  Naps are .... all over the place.  For some reason I cannot get you to nap in your crib!  You sleep in there all night long, every night, but during the day you just won't.  As soon as I lay you down you wake right up.  So you nap in my arms or in the swing.  The swing doesn't have to be moving, either.  And speaking of the swing, you really love that thing!  Just this week you were sitting in there, wide awake, talking to your bears who hang above you to keep you company.  I swear, my heart burst into a million little pieces!  I loved bears as a kid, too.

Here are your 2 month stats:
Height - 24", 95th%
Weight - 12lbs12oz, 75th%
Diaper size - 1, Pampers Swaddlers
Clothing size - 0-3m and 3-6m

Loulah, you are just perfect!  I still can't believe you are mine all mine!  I've had fun taking you along with me to 'girls only' get togethers.  I never thought I'd have a daughter to do these things with, I can't wait to do all of the fun things together that are in our future!  I love you Precious Princess!


  1. She is just the sweetest thing. I love all her nicknames. I'm constantly calling Julia Jules, and Scott is desperately trying to put a stop to it.
    It is so sweet how much Tenley's brothers love and adore her.
    And, packing up all the outgrown clothing is so bittersweet. All those itty bitty clothes, folded up and put in a box. *tear*
    Happy 2 Months Sweet Tenley!

  2. So I know this post is all about her (so sweet!) but I can't get over how much Tate is changing! You won't want to hear this but he's definitely looking so much more like a big boy now and losing that baby look!

  3. Time is flying already. I know Evan is only 3 months old but I have already started planning his first birthday party.... They will be 1 before we know it and that just makes me sad. Happy 2 Months Lil' Lou.

  4. I can't believe she is 2 months old already. She is just too cute!

  5. My goodness . . . she is so adorable. And fun fact, my mom, myself and my daughter all share the middle name Louise. And my mom goes by that in her day to day life. I always, always call Amanda "Lou." And big brothers are the best . . . so sweet how they treat her! You will love being able to go back and read these updates in the years to come . . . enjoy every second because before you know it they are 10 and sassy!

  6. Look at those cheeks!!! I could eat them up!!! She is just too cute!!!

    Tate is getting so big! He is a full blown toddler now! Where has the time gone???

  7. Haha! I am always sneaking snacks when I tell Marcus he can't have them. It makes me wonder how often my parents did the same thing.