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Weekend Rewind

I had a really great weekend.  I got out of the house with just Tenley both days and it was so great for my mental health.  When I got home from both outings I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the craziness of our household.

First up, Saturday morning I met some cousin's on the Wehr side of my family for coffee and catching up.  We get together once a year for a reunion in the summer but besides that we don't see each other all year long.  I decided that needed to change so set up a coffee gabfest at a local coffee place.  A few people who were planning on coming ended up being sick so it was a small group but we had a great time anyway!

My cousin and his wife had a baby girl 1 month before Tenley was born so it was fun to get those 2 little babes together for the first time.  Ella is 3 months, Tenley 2 months, but Tenley is the bigger girl. :)  Ella was not quite 6lbs when she was born, then had a hard time gaining weight until they switched her to formula about a month ago. Now she's packing on the weight and catching up.  They look so cute together!

The group included (starting front left and moving around the table) Aunt Barbara holding Ella, cousin-in-law Lacey holding Tenley, cousin Gena, cousin Marisa (Gena's daughter, don't they look identical??), me, my sister Nicole, my mom Jean and cousin Jeri.

Aunt Barbara is married to my dad's uncle Lester - she's a hoot!  And she loves babies so Tenley got in some quality snuggle time with her. :)

After I left there I came home to hang out with Tenley and Tate while Andy took the big boys over to town to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens.  They were all big fans of the movie, Brennan especially liked it.  The rest of Saturday we just hung out at home dinking around.  I did some laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and finally put Tenley's newborn pictures in frames.  It was so super cold outside, it was a good night to just stay in.

Sunday I met some friends for brunch.  These gals are all cosmetologists and nail techs and this is some of the group I go to the hair show with every April/May.  When we get together we just can't stop gabbing (go figure, it's an occupational hazard, ha ha!).  We got there at 10 and at 12:30 one of us checked the time and we were all shocked it was so late!  I'm pretty sure the waiter wasn't too impressed we were still there but we made sure to let him know we were sorry with tips. :)

The group left to right: me, Kim (nails), Lyndi (nails), Deana (cosmetology), and Kelley (cosmetology).

They all took a turn snuggling with Tenley between plates of delicious food and gabbing.

Tenley and I left around 12:45 and came home to snuggle, watch football and Iowa Basketball.  It was a great, relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Today the big boys are home since there's no school. We have no plans and since it's so cold we won't be going anywhere or going outside - guess we'll get the play dough and puzzles out.  Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I love when I have lunch dates with family and friends. That is one of my new year resolutions is to meet more with friends and family. So far I have had two dates under my belt. I think two a month is a good number.

  3. I need a weekend like yours! Both mornings/brunches sound heavenly. I have to ask, when you bring Tenley do you nurse her right there, or do you go somewhere? This weekend we were out to eat and I just didn't want to go to the car so i grabbed the nursing cover and got the babe fed.