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Tenley's Room

When I found out we were having a baby girl everything suddenly was colored in pink.  Everywhere I looked I saw pink!  Pink pink pink.  So what other color would I choose for Tenley's room than ... pink!

I have always known if I would ever have a girl her room would be pink, pretty, whimsical, shabby chic and girly.  I think I got it right.

After the ultrasound where we found out our little bundle was a girl we headed straight to Target to buy her something pink. :)  I was lucky enough to find 2 crib sheets on clearance - one purple chevron and the other PINK!  Perfect start to the little girl's room.

After that I started looking for a white crib.  White furniture was a must!  I found one on Amazon and ordered it right away.  Then I found the sweetest pink and white butterfly mobile on Pottery Barn Kids.  That's when the butterflies found their way into Tenley's new room.

I was looking around on Pinterest and found a simple butterfly picture.  I knew I could use my Cricut cutting machine to help me make it so I found some shabby chic scrapbooking paper and a square white frame at Michael's.  As I was laying out the butterflies I had cut to make sure they'd all fit I decided I liked it without any background paper so the pink walls could show through.  I love how it turned out!

The pink butterfly on the oval frame was used for Tenley's newborn pictures - couldn't fit more perfectly in her room!  I'm still getting to the 'T' - it'll be covered in more of that shabby chic paper I used for the butterfly picture.  I made the garland hanging above the pictures - it was super easy!  I found fabric that matched the shabby chic tutu Tenley was given as a gift (and that was used for her newborn pictures, too).

I found this mirror and the hydrangea hooks at Micheal's.  I fell in love with the hooks right away - they have a hint of glitter and shimmer on them.  For now they hold her shabby chic tutu and matching headband but in years to come who knows what we'll find to showcase on them.

This dresser was mine when I was growing up.  My grandma stenciled Raggedy Ann and Andy on the drawers and I loved it to pieces. Then when we got married my Andy wasn't so into the look so we painted it. The boys used it for awhile until they moved to their new rooms.  I touched up the white paint before moving it into Tenley's room.  When she gets older there's a large mirror that attaches to it that we'll put back on.  

This shabby shelf has been hiding in a box in the storage room ever since we moved to this house.  I knew right away I wanted to use it in the girly room - between the hooks for hanging headbands and the drawers for hiding barrettes and bows I knew it'd be a perfect fit!  The cheerleader doesn't necessarily fit the theme of the room but how girly is it? And it's a bobble head which is kind of fun.  The angel sitting in front of the picture has watched over all 4 of my babies.  I've had her hanging on their cribs or sitting on a shelf protecting them in all of their rooms.  She is very special to me.

Last thing to show is where we sit and snuggle during late night nursing sessions or when we need a quiet break from the chaos of 3 boys.  No, the wood doesn't fit the decor of the room but it's what we have to use.  The basket hanging on the wall was a bridal shower gift 14 years ago!  I've always loved it and am happy to have a place to hang it here in this house.

The sheer curtains were found at WalMart for under $10.  They are light and airy, just what I was looking for.  The paint color is called 'Barely Pink' and it was also a WalMart find.

Thanks for visiting Tenley's room!  Every time I sit in there I absolutely love it - it's the girly room of my dreams!  I hope it's the room of Tenley's dreams, too. :)


  1. Love it!!! All your DIY's are super cute. Makes me want to get start on my living room.

  2. Such a sweet room for a baby girl! I love the mobile!

  3. FINALLY! I've been waiting for this post!!
    I LOVE her room!!! And, I love how we have the same mobile, but each room has its own character.
    Those hooks would be the perfect place to hang her hand and foot prints - if you've made those with her with those DIY moulds.
    We had to recycle our rocker and furniture from Marcus' room. I desperately wanted white furniture (I'm swooning over yours), but was vetoed.
    You did such a great job!! Her room is perfect.

  4. Love the pink! Paige's next room will be pink. I love the yellow and grey but so ready for PiNk!!

  5. Oh the post I've been waiting for! I love it. her room is soooo cute. Graycie has off white furniture. I wanted that shabby chic/antique feel to her room. I just think it's so much more girly. I also love that you did so much of her room yourself or have been holding on to things for so long. It just shows how much love you have for her and how long you have waited for her.