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This Is Your Night Prom (Link Up) 2013

I am such a girlie girl, I LOVE getting all dressed up!  So prom was definitely my thing!  Plus there’s the dancing, one of my fav things to do in the whole world!  With prom season in full swing I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than throw a link up party PROM style! 

I’m going to warn you, this is a major photo dump!  Too many hilariously grotesque pictures not to share!  Sit back and enjoy a good laugh!  (And let me preface this by saying I know I needed more makeup for BOTH proms, what was I thinking?!?)

My Junior Prom

Date: Andy (my now-husband)

Details:  Well, I can’t remember the cheesy theme anymore, but what I do remember is that Andy and I decided that since we didn’t have the same friends we’d go by ourselves to supper…in town….at the old people’s “nice” restaurant…way early…so we had to dink around and kill time before the dance actually started because we had 3 1/2 hours between Grand March and the dance.  I don’t have any pictures from After Prom, but I remember being incredibly tired (the latest I’d probably ever stayed up – wasn’t a night owl) and that I didn’t win anything during the door prize section of the night.  Afterwards I slept the night (or what was left of it) at Andy’s parent’s in their spare room.  And took out a million and one bobby pins the next morning.

Formal Picture:

Now for the candid's:
Pinning on the boutonnière, and you can see the back of my dress here.


Andy was a gentleman, opening my door for me.  This was at my parent’s farm.


My car was ‘fancier’ than his truck, so he drove my car (and me) to prom! Ha! 

This is at his parent’s house (below).  I remember I felt so dumb getting our pictures taken outside as cars drove by.  One more thing about this year – looks like the seamstress altered my dress just a leetle too short.  Ugh!  Never noticed that until now! And this dress is hanging in my closet right now (I can’t let it go!).


Senior Prom

Date: Andy!

Details:  Again, I can’t remember the theme but I know it was a song title, like Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry (or s/t like that!).  Since it was our senior prom I helped set it up.  The colors were black and purple.  This year we decided to go to prom with all of Andy’s buddies and their dates.  We went to the big city for supper (smarter!) after Grand March and ate at a fancy restaurant with reservations (we felt so grown up, ha ha!).  One guy got Lobster, it sucked.  But what do you expect in Iowa?  No fresh Lobster here!  Then we high-tailed it back to the dance with the After Prom after (duh, Erin!).  Again, didn’t win a damn thing! We had a great time, lots of fun!  It was definitely better going with other couples. 

Formal Picture:


Pinning on Andy’s boutonniere.  The back of my dress (aww, to be young and free of back fat again!  Seriously, size 1!!  I wish I could go back to those days!)


And helping me into MY car again!  LOL!


Here’s the group picture.  We are the second couple from the left.  Dark dresses must have been ‘in’ that year.


And I had to throw this gem in, for shits and giggles!  Andy’s on the right.

Oh, and YES, I still have this dress, too!  Hoarder, much?


There you have it!  My proms! Now lets see yours!!!

Flowerful Weekend

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fabulous!  My nephew’s First Communion was really nice, he looked so handsome all dressed up!  I didn’t get any pictures so I’ll have my sister send me one to show you.

The weather yesterday was amazing, so nice and sunny, warm – perfect for playing outside!  We went to a local nursery and picked up flowers for my hanging baskets and planters.  2013-04-28_17-45-00_1762013-04-28_17-47-15_830

We put up the pea fence.


They’re really popping up out of the ground! So are the onions.


And I got my tomato and pepper plants, and some basil and cilantro.


I’m hoping to get those planted today. 

It was a great weekend! 

And guess what!!!  4 more days till I head south to St Louie for the hair show!!!!  Which means only 5 more days till I meet Mel, Becky and Holly!!!  Holy smokes, I am so freakin’ excited!  These will be the first bloggers I will be meeting IRL and I can’t contain my excitement!  Because I will be in St Louis you won’t hear from me on Friday or Monday.  FYI.

Don’t forget about my Prom link up tomorrow!!!  It’s going to be awesome!

See you back here tomorrow!


Ball and Beautiful Bastards

Good Friday morning to you all!  Welcome to my newest followers, I’m so happy to have you!  The ‘Celebrate Your True Beauty’ link up was a huge success!  It was so great to see so many of you celebrating your true beauty!  I did notice a few of you are set up as ‘no-reply’ bloggers, which means I can’t email you back when you leave me a comment (that is how I respond to you lovely ladies!), so if you need directions on how to change that go HERE

Yesterday was a nice day – FINALLY!!!  We actually have a stretch of nice, mild days ahead so we are taking advantage of the warmer temps and sunshine!  Last night we were outside playing ball.  Aside from me getting beaned in the head by the HARD ball, it was a lot of fun!



Do you see the look on Andy’s face in the bottom photo?  Yes, that’s not a smile – he’s grimacing from getting a ball to the shin! Bah!!  I died laughing when I saw I’d ‘caught the moment’!!!

A sign of spring:


The boys are excited to watch the eggs hatch – Bren keeps asking me when they are going to hatch!  How long is the gestation of Robin’s eggs? :)

Since it is a nice day we are having our first park play date of the year this morning!  It looks a touch breezy out there, I hope I can hack it!  I’m such a weenie, ha ha!

One more thing – I started the book Beautiful Bastard last night.  Yowser!  Ow ow! Rarr!  Chapter one did not disappoint!  And that’s as far as I made it, the bedroom time was calling.  Without having read anymore than that first chapter I am HIGHLY recommending this book to those 50 Shades and smut book lovers! 

Beautiful Bastard Book Cover - P 2013

And the sequel, Beautiful Stranger, is coming out at the end of May so there will be some good summer time reading going on here at mi casa!  I have the Sylvia Day trilogy ordered and it will be shipped when the third book comes out late May/early June, which basically means I won’t be getting anything done around here while working my way through these books!  Ha!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  My nephew is making his First Communion Sunday, and I am his prayer partner (yay!) so Sunday will be a special day for us! 

Oh, and don’t forget about my Prom linkup on Tuesday!

Talk soon!


Celebrate Your True Beauty

The day has come, girls, when we stand up and say “I AM BEAUTIFUL!”  Now, before I do that I have to tell you I do not think I am pretty at all.  Like, AT ALL.  So, this link up is extremely difficult for me. Then why am I co-hosting?  Good question! Ha!  Seriously, when Jodi asked for volunteers I didn’t really think about the meaning behind the link up, just knew I wanted to play with Jodi because she’s awesome.  (BTW- Alicia is super awesome, too!  Love that girl!) 
So here I am, listing 3 things about myself I think are beautiful. 
Holy shit, I think I’m possibly going to hyperventilate here. 
I have been panicking about this all week but have finally come up with 3 things I find kind of beautiful about myself.
1. My eyes.  When I look in my rear view mirror just right I think my eyes are pretty. 
2. My hair.  This is not meant as a cop-out.  I actually do think I have nice hair and I love it.  I love the color, I loved the natural hi-lites (before I went and had actual hi-lites done last week), I love the length.  I love that when I style it, it looks nice.  I love that it’s soft.  I love my hair.
3. The way I care about those I love.  I am pretty fierce in how I love people.  I think about them all the time, I worry about them all the time, I want to make things easier and better for them. 

Ok, wow, that was hard and embarrassing.  But I did it and I survived. Yay!
Now it’s your turn!  List 3 things you think are beautiful about yourself.  One can be an inner beauty answer but the other 2 should be outer beauty.  I can’t wait see what you all say!
And don’t forget about my prom link up on Tuesday!

Happy Thursday, friends!  You are beautiful!

Debbie Downer Post

Hey there!  Please come back tomorrow and join us for our Celebrate Your True Beauty link up!  This is a challenge to all women to take a kind look at themselves and recognize what their true beauty is, OUTER beauty!  Just list 3 things about your looks that you think is beautiful.  Remember, this is TOMORROW!  Here’s a link to the segment from The Today Show last week, it’s really eye opening.

I mentioned earlier that I was going to do a Prom link up, I am going to do that on Tuesday of next week – I hope you join in on the fun!

*I’m going to warn you, this is a downer of a post and if you don’t want to be brought down with me abort now. Abort! Abort!

Today is Wednesday, which means I should be recapping how I did with my scheduled workouts I listed last week.  I did about 75% of what I said I’d do.  I’m being vague about it because since Saturday I have been in the major dumps about my weight and lack of loss.  I’m not even sure I have any NSV’s to fall back on, except maybe running 20 minutes straight this week.  I am feeling defeated in the weight loss department and it has sent me into a downward spiral straight towards depression.  I’m not mentioning this for sympathy, I am mentioning it so you understand why I am not being specific about my workout recap and to let you know I am not going to be posting about this stuff anymore….for awhile.  I’m tired of feeling ugly, tired of feeling so rotten about myself.  It gets worse with each passing day.  I can’t understand why, if I’m putting the work and effort in, I am not getting any results.  I’m angry.  I am not giving up on trying, just giving up on thinking something is going to happen for the good in that area of my life.  I’m done.  Please, no hate mail, no ‘you can do this’ mail – I couldn’t bear it right now.  I also can’t bear reading all of your blog posts about how you are all losing weight, all succeeding, all making it happen for you when I can’t.  Just being honest.  Call me a bitch if you will, stop reading if you want.  I am so happy for all of you and so not happy for me.  I just figure I should be honest with you.  Is that mean?  I don’t mean to be.  As you can probably tell from reading this I am in a dark place right now.  Debbie Downer, sorry not sorry.  I hope to get out of this funk soon, because already I’ve been in it for too long and it’s affecting my house and my family. 

I will see you back here tomorrow for the link up.


FTF Link Up

Hey all!  Hippity happy Tuesday!  I’m linking up with Halie for First Things First today.  Join in on the fun!

First Things First

1. First thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery

This is something I dream about whenever the Power Ball jackpot gets up there.  Oh, the things I would buy with that money!  I don’t know the first thing I would do or buy, but some things I would do is:

  • pay off our mortgage and car
  • put away enough money for my kid’s college
  • put away money for my nieces and nephew’s college
  • give my sister and Andy’s brother money to pay off some of their debts
  • buy my church’s school (an my K-6th alma mater) a new boiler because they are in desperate need of one
  • donate money to my kids’ school
  • buy kick butt season tickets to the Iowa Football and Men’s Basketball games
  • donate to a few charities

Then we would go to Bora Bora and stay in one of those huts over the water because it is a dream of ours to do that someday.

That’s just a start but those are always the first things I think of when I dream about it.

2. First person you call when you get amazing news

If it’s not my husband, than it’s my parents. 

3. First thing you do when you've had a bad day

Beg my husband to bring me home a Mt Dew.

Seriously, that’s what I do if I’ve had a bad day!  I’m a drinker, but not an alcoholic!  Then I cry or call him and bi%ch about it, depending on which kind of bad it was.  Luckily he has some magic potion in his touch and him hugging me and holding me makes it all seem better.  I love that guy!

Don’t forget to link up with Jodi, Alicia and me on Thursday for the “Celebrate Your True Beauty” link up.  All you have to do is list 3 things about yourself that are beautiful (2 things about your physical beauty, 1 about your inner beauty). Give yourself some credit and brag about how beautiful you are!  I know, this can be challenging for most women to say they find something about themselves beautiful – I am having a hard time with this!  But I think it’s good for a woman to be a little vain once in a while, so let ‘er rip!

See you back here tomorrow!


Schnitzel My Noodle

Hey everyone!  How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happen for you?

Before I tell you all about our trip to the winery I wanted to let you know that Love and Crayons, Brew Mama and I are co-hosting a link up this Thursday called “Celebrate Your True Beauty”.  It’s all about taking a look at yourself and finding what is beautiful about you.  Last week on the Today Show they had a segment about how women view themselves, and it’s not good.  Women are so hard on themselves and on their looks!  They had women describe themselves to a sketch artist, then had other women describe them to the same sketch artist.  The difference in sketches was dramatic! The women that described themselves had sketches that were almost…grotesque, I guess is the word.  But the sketches of the same women who were described by others were much more realistic and beautiful.  So, Jodi came up with the great idea of really taking a look at ourselves and finding our true beauty.  Stay tuned for more details, and come back Thursday to link up!

In addition to this, I will be doing a linkup next week about -- wait for it --PROM!  Prom season is in full swing and I want to see your prom pictures and hear all about your big night!  That will be next week so keep an eye out for that, too!

Ok, now for my winery recap.  First, I have to say it was FUN FUN FUN!!  My mom, sister and grandma arrived at my house about 9:30, hopped into my buggy and off we went!  The winery is about an hour from my house so we chatted and laughed and giggled the whole way up.  When we got to the winery we walked in and were greeted by a super nice lady. She told us she was getting ready to give a tour so if we wanted to come along we were welcome. Well of course we did the tour!  It was fun and interesting to see how it all worked.  Then came the wine tasting, the best part!  We bellied up to the bar and all got our first samples. Then I had them take a picture of us.


Being the DD I only sampled 2 wines.  I like sweet wines, the sweeter the better. 


Then we got a little giggly!


After we left the winery we went to the town of Pella.  It is a community with a Dutch heritage, so they really play off of that for the tourism aspect.  It’s a neat little town.  We ate at the Windmill Caf√© for lunch, I got a super delicious Patty Melt.  Then we hit up the shops.  First stop, the Quilt Shop.  All four of us love crafting in some aspect and my Grandma is a very talented quilter. She has made all 18 of us grandkids quilts when we were little, and now she is making us all quilts as we get married.  She makes small baby blanket quilts for the great grandkids, too.  And she just finished the most beautiful quilt for my mom for her birthday!  She has passed that love of quilts and quilting on to us so we all walked around the quilt shop drooling!  My sister purchased fabric to make a twin sized quilt for my niece’s bed, we had fun helping her coordinate the fabrics!  And we had the shop owner’s husband snap this photo of us!


After that we went to an antique store called Funky Junque!  It was so neat, we had so much fun walking through there!  Here is the giant windmill that Holland gave to Pella a bazillion years ago (not sure the year, I didn’t go in it to find out).


And they had this awesome clock tower in the middle of the block!


Our last stop in Pella was the Jaarsma Bakery.  They are famous for their Dutch Letters pastries.  Basically they are skinny pastries filled with an almond paste shaped into the letter ‘S’.  I might be the only person alive who is not a fan of them, but my co-horts all bought one.  I got cute little sugar cookies shaped and decorated like little Dutch boys for my boys, Andy got a cherry filled Danish and I enjoyed some glazed donut holes.  The line was crazy long, everyone wants those Dutch Letters!

We headed out of town and drove as fast as we could to the nursery/green house we saw on the ride up.  Another hobby we all have is gardening!  This nursery was really neat, the owners were so friendly.  If it was a normal spring the place would have been swarming with customers, unfortunately we’re not warm enough here to plant our planters and hanging baskets and keep them out so no one is buying yet.  But we had fun exploring all of the greenhouses.  Just look at these flowers and colors!


And lookie what I found!!! Hawkeye flowers!!! (Also called ‘Phantom’ petunias.)


After that we drove home.  We were exhausted!  But it was such a fun day!!!  We made some great memories, I’ll treasure that day for a long, long time!

Wishing you all a fabulous week!


Running Excitement!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  OMG, I had the best time on the treadmill last night!  How crazy is that?!?  I walked and ran (mostly walked) 4 miles on there last night and I felt amazing!!!  I just kept going and going, singing along to my favorite tunes – it was AWESOME!  I did my scheduled W5D2 of C25K (ran 8 minutes straight TWICE and I didn’t die!!), then just kept going.  I walked and walked at a brisk pace for the next 30 minutes.  When I saw I was close to 4 miles I thought “I’m getting it!  I’m going to go 4 miles!!!” and I did!  Gah, it just felt so great!  I’m still on a high from it!  I just had to share!  To think, a few short weeks ago I struggled to run 1 1/2 minutes, now I can run 8!!! 

In addition to that awesome part of my day, my very very good friend Shauna took me to get a massage for my birthday.  Holy wow, it was awesome!  We went shopping for a bit in the morning and had a fabulous time doing that.  I still haven’t found a dress for my nephew’s First Communion and the 3 weddings we have this summer, but I did get a pair of capris that are super cute.  Then we grabbed a quick lunch before heading to our massage appt.  So we get there and get a tour of the area we will be in. Then we change into our swimsuits and soak in the hot tub for a bit.  We also tried out the InfraRed Sauna (nice!).  Then it was time for our massage!  Awww, so nice!  An hour of heaven!  Afterwards we were able to take a shower and wash the oil out of our hair and off ourselves.  It was so amazing, the nicest massage experience I’ve ever had (only had 1 other so not much to compare it to)!  What a treat for me!


BTW- this is my friend who I think resembles Miranda Lambert, both in looks and attitude. She’s awesome!

Tomorrow is the big Winery Tour day!  My sister and I are taking our mom to a couple of wineries for her birthday.  We are also going to hit up some little shops if we can find some.  It’s going to be a fabulous day together, I can’t wait!  We are bringing our grandma along, too, because she’ll have a great time goofing off with us.  I’m hoping to have lots of fun pictures on Monday to share!

What are your weekend plans?


The One Where I Linked Up

Taking a line from Jake with my title, fitting, right?!?  Actually, I just want him to like me is all.  Hii-eee Jake!  How’d you like DC the other night?

Ok, now I’m done trying to get him to like me… for now.

I’m linking up with Jake-brake (don’t ask, I don’t know) and Holly-molly (again, don’t ask) for their ‘Finish the Sentence’ link up.  Join in on the fun!


1. I laughed so hard I cried when... one night after an Iowa Basketball game our friend, who has worse road rage than me if that’s possible, was bobbing and weaving through traffic when he came to a stop light.  We were about 4 cars back from the intersection.  He was in the left lane, pulled into the right lane thinking he needed to be there, then realized he wanted back in the left lane, so pulled back into the left lane… right in front of the car we had been behind.  That car probably thought we were trying to pass them when really Mike was not sure where he was going.  I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!!  Sorry, I guess you had to be there! (Side bar: I think car humor is the BEST.  If a car hits a curb, I about pee myself laughing!)
2. My high school... has the Demon as their mascot and that totally rocks!
3. It really pisses me off... when parents from your kids’ school totally ignore you when they see you out and about, even when they see you daily at school and recognize you.  Assholes.
4. In ten years... I hope to be rocking it behind a chair in a salon again.  And will have a 16 yr old – holy crap!
5. If I could erase one thing... it would be something stupid I’ve probably said.
6. In 1999... I graduated from high school! What up Class of ‘99?!?!
7. Honestly... Andy is the one person I never get tired of being around.  He’s my lobster (that’s for you Jake!!).
8. To me, Sushi... sucks.
9. Someone really needs to invent... individualized stores.  I want a store where I can go in and everything fits me and I love everything in there.  That would take the guess work out of things for me!
10. The first time I drank alcohol... I had a wine cooler at my friend’s house.  Her mom was newly divorced and wanted to be the cool parent so the dad would look like the lamebrain parent, so she bought wine coolers and we drank them at her house while my friend got ready for us to go out.  Smart mom, letting us drink and drive.  I have to say, though, I only drank about a half a cooler – I’m a lightweight and scared of being drunk.
11. The one question I would ask God is... about my Grandma.  I miss her.
12. Lindsay Lohan... needs to be banned from acting and all thing celebrity. She should be made to live like a monk (or nun) for 10 years until she is so far away from all the crazy that she will come out normal and not be such a whack job. 

I thought it might be fun to make my husband answer these, too, so here are his answers.

1. I laughed so hard I cried when...Jim Carrey (as Charlie) on the movie “Me, Myself and Irene” shot the prize cow in the head when he thought it was dead, but it really wasn’t.
2. My high school...sweetheart was and still is hot.
3. It really pisses me off...when I pick my nose and it’s full again in a couple of minutes.
4. In ten years...I hope I’m having as much fun as I do today.
5. If I could erase one would be the ten (and the ones that followed after the first ten) 3-Wisemen shots I did after the Hawks lost in ‘07 to Iowa State.
6. In 1999...I partied like Prince.
7. high school sweetheart is ridiculously hot.
8. To me, Sushi...looks fun to eat, but am not sure I’d ever be able to do it-especially sober.
9. Someone really needs to invent...well, I just listened to a couple of old guys talking today how someone needs to invent a dentist drill that doesn’t make that annoying/scary noise when it’s grinding on your teeth and how someone also needs to invent a colonoscopy where you don’t need to prep for it (I think I know what that means, but am not sure)-those seem like pretty good ones, coming from guys with more years than I.  If I had my druthers, I wish someone would invent a hot tub time machine.
10. The first time I drank alcohol...I was a toddler slurping off the top of my old man’s Old Milwaukee while he played cards with his buddies.  Not sure why that was en vogue in southeast Iowa at that time, but it seems to have been fairly common-at least amongst my hillbilly buddies.  And good god, the lumberjack beer!?  Maybe that’s why I’m the robust specimen of a man that I am today B-)
11. The one question I would ask God is baby boy McGuire #3 doing in heaven with all of my other loved ones there.
12. Lindsay Lohan...wasn’t nearly as good as those original blonde girls in the Parent Trap…”yea, yea, yea”. 

Oookkaaaayyyyy….. um, yea.  No words after that.  LOL, the guy is a hoot and he makes me laugh and I love and adore him.  Gah, am I lucky or what?! Hee hee!!

Thanks again to Miss Holly and her boy-toy Jake for hosting another fun-filled edition of… “Finish the Sentence!” (if you didn’t hear that yelled from the game show audience you weren’t trying hard enough!).


Erin (& Andy)

Holding Me Accountable

Happy Wednesday!  Wow, this week is scooting right along, isn’t it?!?  Let me start by begging for your votes so I can win a blog makeover from Hubby Jack.  Just follow this link and leave a comment with my name and blog address.  Thanks dolls!  I appreciate it!


So today is Weigh In Wednesday with Erin and Alex.  I signed up for Live Better America’s weekly newsletter a couple of years ago. They have awesome recipes that are healthy every week.  Two weeks ago the newsletter had this great article called “Fuel Your Workout”.  It came at just the right time for me because I was thinking about that.  I thought I’d share the link with you, it might be helpful for some of you, too.

Last week I was talking about how I couldn’t get past week 4 of the C25K plan, that I was so tuckered out during the last 5 minute run and couldn’t make it through it.  You guys gave me so much help on this!  I didn’t realize I was possibly running TOO FAST (say what?!).  So I slowed it down and guess what, I made it through the whole workout!!!  I was so excited!  So this week I am on week 5. I am anxious to see how the longer runs go. 

On a different note, I have been a little lax on working out over the last week or so.  I have wanted to hit the mill but just…haven’t.  Lame.  I have every intention of getting to the basement but once the baby comes I can’t. So that leaves evenings, and it seems we’ve been so busy in the evenings that I just haven’t gotten to it.  This does not mean I’m giving up, it just means I need to make it my priority more than I have been.  So, I am pulling a Mel and making my schedule and putting it out there for all to see.  I hope this holds me accountable. 

Wednesday: walk 30 min, Tank Top Arms workout, squats, lunges

Thursday: W5D2/C25K

Friday: walk 30 min, TTA workout, squats, lunges

Saturday: W5D3/C25K

Sunday: rest day

Monday: W6D1/C25K

Tuesday: walk 30 min, TTA, squats, lunges

In addition to this I am needing to get back on the water train.  I haven’t had any water for about 2 weeks, that’s pretty sad and disgusting.  No, I have not gone overboard on the Green Giant (Mt Dew), only 1 a day, I have just not been drinking anything.  Milk at meals and one Dew a day is all.  So, my goal for the next week is to get 32 oz. of water every day.  No, that is not enough but I can’t set myself up for failure so for the next week it is 32oz. per day, then I’ll up the goal. 

So, can I count on some of you to email/text/harass me to help me get back on track and stay on track with both the water and the workout? 


I hope you all have a wonderful hump day!  I’m planning to!