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Debbie Downer Post

Hey there!  Please come back tomorrow and join us for our Celebrate Your True Beauty link up!  This is a challenge to all women to take a kind look at themselves and recognize what their true beauty is, OUTER beauty!  Just list 3 things about your looks that you think is beautiful.  Remember, this is TOMORROW!  Here’s a link to the segment from The Today Show last week, it’s really eye opening.

I mentioned earlier that I was going to do a Prom link up, I am going to do that on Tuesday of next week – I hope you join in on the fun!

*I’m going to warn you, this is a downer of a post and if you don’t want to be brought down with me abort now. Abort! Abort!

Today is Wednesday, which means I should be recapping how I did with my scheduled workouts I listed last week.  I did about 75% of what I said I’d do.  I’m being vague about it because since Saturday I have been in the major dumps about my weight and lack of loss.  I’m not even sure I have any NSV’s to fall back on, except maybe running 20 minutes straight this week.  I am feeling defeated in the weight loss department and it has sent me into a downward spiral straight towards depression.  I’m not mentioning this for sympathy, I am mentioning it so you understand why I am not being specific about my workout recap and to let you know I am not going to be posting about this stuff anymore….for awhile.  I’m tired of feeling ugly, tired of feeling so rotten about myself.  It gets worse with each passing day.  I can’t understand why, if I’m putting the work and effort in, I am not getting any results.  I’m angry.  I am not giving up on trying, just giving up on thinking something is going to happen for the good in that area of my life.  I’m done.  Please, no hate mail, no ‘you can do this’ mail – I couldn’t bear it right now.  I also can’t bear reading all of your blog posts about how you are all losing weight, all succeeding, all making it happen for you when I can’t.  Just being honest.  Call me a bitch if you will, stop reading if you want.  I am so happy for all of you and so not happy for me.  I just figure I should be honest with you.  Is that mean?  I don’t mean to be.  As you can probably tell from reading this I am in a dark place right now.  Debbie Downer, sorry not sorry.  I hope to get out of this funk soon, because already I’ve been in it for too long and it’s affecting my house and my family. 

I will see you back here tomorrow for the link up.



  1. We've all been there girl! You're in a funk and that's ok. You will get out of it. Go eat a candy bar and watch some tv or take a bubble bath and it might help you feel better. Sending a hug your way. ;)

  2. ((Big Hugs)) Trying to lose weight is tough and can suck ass sometimes. I like Shelli's idea. Take some time and do something just for you that makes you feel good. You are beautiful lady, and I'm looking forward to your linkup tomorrow!

  3. Ok debbie downer I'm gonna save all the you can do it shit per your request ha ;)

    All I have to say is after this post you better have some MAJOR positive patty things to say about your gorgeous self tomorrow! and I mean it!

    YOu are amazing, regardless of weight you are, regardless of how much you love mountain dew, and regardless of how hard you are on yourself. You are an amazing person inside and out just remember that ok!?

    I just wanna squeeze you and veg out all day with you till you feel better. You'll get there life just sucks ass sometimes. You'll pull through I just know it. You have great things headed your way and I couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more :) love you girl!

  4. I've so been there. I'm still trying to get out of it--it's a tough place to leave. But I HAVE to tell you that I think you're absolutely gorgeous.

    Someone said something to me last week that helped (maybe it will help you?): Just focus on the healthy lifestyle. I'm taking a break from the scale and just trying to focus on my habits (which def slipped because of the disappointing weigh-ins). I'm trying to take more IG evidence of my healthy choices because it makes me feel good about them. I just wanted to share that with you because I think that if you can do anything to feel good about your hard work, you should. You may not have awesome weigh-ins to prove it, but if you can get some nice comments for a picture of some candy you didn't eat or a salad you made, why not? It can only help!

    I hope you feel better tomorrow. If you ever want to talk or vent, I'm here!

  5. Been there girl - and go there often. I know this feeling all to well and it is a dark place. I feel terrible when I am there. It honestly has taken me 6 years to climb out of the dark and FINALLY feel okay - and let me emphasize "okay" - I still struggle. Being a wife, mom, sister, daughter, etc... and wearing all those hats can reak havoc on our "healthy" lifestyle.

    One... I am here for you - I will be there to support you and cheer you on even if you HATE me and want to punch me in the face;) Just focus on how you feel - not the scale, the inches, etc... just on your overall personality.

    Now... I heart you - you are my soul sista and I am going to help you get back on track... even if I have to come find you and make you do my hair;) I love you!!!! and you ARE beautiful, wonderful, a superb mother, and a dear friend.

  6. I dislike that you are feeling this way, but I will spare you the "you can do it comments" per your request! I agree with Kadi though, you better have some awesome things to say about yourself tomorrow!

    You've helped me out so much lately so if there is anything you need (like a case of Mountain Dew) you know where to find me!

  7. I love you my Erin and completely feel you! I am there too! And now with this news I received today, my weight has been pushed back a bit! Other irons in the fire! I just want to say that you have always been a support to me and I have always thought you were gorgeous! It hurts my heart you are feeling this way but I completely understand it. I love you girlie!

  8. I love you! I am here if you want to bitch, or if you need a pick me up. I can be either girl. And btw I miss blogging. I am so pissed that I can't do tomorrow maybe I will be back by the prom linkup.. fingers crossed

  9. Hey sweetie mcsweets!!!! I love ya and things will be ok! I promise!! I'm here if you need a listening ear!!!