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No School Day Fun

Yesterday, with no school, the boys remembered Aiden's Dr. Zombie Lab and begged me to let them get it out.  I had plans to finally work on a garland for Tenley's room so I told them if they could do it on their own they were free to get it out and play.

The Dr. Zombie Lab comes with 3 packets of  different ingredients to make a bunch of different 'gross' things.  For instance, they made zombie skin, spiders and bubbling brains to name a few.

The fun thing about the Lab is that you can eat everything you make!  But for me, the coolest thing is that they are learning how to follow a recipe.  It's pretty basic - 1 scoop this, 2 scoops that and mix - but still, it's a recipe.

Bren's face in the bottom one, ha ha!!! He had just tasted 'zombie skin' and it was sour! :)

In the morning I had to take Tate to the dr.  He woke up barking like a seal and had a fever of 101.1.  I wasn't too worried about the cough but the fever had me worrying about an ear infection.  I was right about the cough, it was viral but no ear infection.  BUT.  We did a nebeulizer treatment while in the office and the doctor decided it helped so he needed to do neb treatments for 3 days.  She also gave him a steroid to help relax his lungs.  He acts totally normal, with even more pep in his step thanks to the steroid. :)  Now to keep Tenley from getting it.

I just realized yesterday that I have never given you a tour of Tenley's room OR the boys' bedrooms.  Sorry!!  I have one more project to complete in Tenley's room but I might go ahead and show it off without that being done.  So, SOON!  And sorry for my being a ditz and forgetting. :)

Have a great Tuesday!  We are off to Tenley's 2 month check up this morning, I'll have her 2 month update post up tomorrow.  Talk soon!


  1. oh how fun!!! I bet the boys had a blast with that!!
    Hope Tate gets to feeling better!

  2. I hope Tate feels better soon!
    My son has that toy, but it has been a while since he played with it!

  3. Poor Tate. Does he battle croup? Marcus was so prone to getting that when he was younger. We did LOTS of neb treatments the first 18 months of his life.
    And that Dr. Zombie stuff looks COOL! I might have to check it out for Marcus. I think that'd be a great way for us to kill some time in the afternoon while Julia takes her nap.
    Also. I cannot wait to see Tenley's room!

  4. Dr. Zombie huh? Carter might like that for something to do on his own. I always feel bad when I am tending to the littles and can't give him 100% of my time.

  5. Hope Tate feels better soon and cannot wait to see the kids rooms!!!