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Life Lately

Hey all!  Your eyes do not deceive you, this is Homemade Happenings still, I just fancied up the ol' blog again.  I was ready for something a little simpler and more streamlined looking.  What do you think?  There are a couple tweaks I still need to make, otherwise this is it!

I took a little break last week, unintentionally.  Monday midday I realized I'd forgotten to write a post for that day. Tuesday, different day - same story.  Didn't even think about it Wednesday or Thursday and Friday thought why start now?  So here I am starting off the week on the right foot.

Last week flew by so fast. We were all getting back in the swing of things after a nice Christmas break from work and school.  We spent part of the week licking our wounds after the awful outcome of the Rose Bowl game.  Poor Iowa, we had such a great season, bummer to see it end that way.  But Stanford got quite the ass whooping thanks to their horrid marching band show so that helped a little. :)

We've had some whacky weather here - warm enough for rain a couple days, then this weekend it got so stinking cold with actual air temps hovering around the zero degree mark.  Because of that we stayed in all day Sunday so Tenley wouldn't be out in that cold stuff.  It's supposed to "warm up" to the low teen's today, down to the single digits tomorrow so we won't be going out either of those days either.  I'm going to venture out all by my lonesome tomorrow after Andy gets home from work - we need groceries!

Saturday morning Aiden's basketball team played in a tournament here in town.  Our school hosted, which was fun to be a part of.  Andy is helping coach Aiden's team, also makes it more fun.  They played 3 games, one at 8, 11 and 1.  I wasn't planning on staying past the first game because I didn't know how I was going to corral Tate while keeping Tenley with me but he sat next to me the whole time so we stuck around for the game that followed ours.  It was so great to get out and chat with my friends at the game!  I never expected to ever nurse Tenley at a school function but one friend convinced me it was no big deal.  Because of that we were able to stay for the second game at 11. I'm so glad we did, it was a super close and fun game to watch -- and they won it!  By the time that was over it was lunch time so Tate, Tenley and I headed for home.  So nice to have that one nursing session under my belt - now I feel comfortable enough to do it again at the next tournament.  So great to have that freedom again, I was getting tired of missing out on all the fun!

Tate has 2 new 'tricks' that he does every day, multiple times a day.  First, he opens the book cabinet and pulls out one book, brings it over by me to lay down, then goes back for another one.  He'll do this until he has a big pile of books. Then he sits down next to me, grabs one and reads it out loud to himself.  Once finished he starts a new pile for the read books.  He grabs another one, reads it out loud, puts it in the read books pile.  He does this until all of the books have been 'read'.  After awhile we put the books away.  After nap he starts all over again.

His second 'trick' involves his toys.  He sits down next to one of his baskets full of toys, pulls out one toy and carefully places it on the floor.  Then he grabs the next one, finds the perfect spot for it and sets it down.  Again and again until the basket is emptied.  I'm not sure what the purpose is for it in his mind but I love watching him do it and I love that it keeps him busy and quiet for more than 2 minutes! :)

I propped Tenley up quick one day last week while I was helping Tate with something.  1 minute later I found her sound asleep.

Tate still loves and adores Tenley!  He is constantly giving her kisses, always checking on her and asking "Where Baby go?"  The cutest thing is when I'm holding her and he comes up to me with his arms outstretched and says "Here go. I go"  meaning "I'll take her, give her to me."  Ha ha!  I love it when he does that!  He's 100% serious. I think he believes she is his baby, I'm just there to help him out. :)

Last week Brennan came home and said he couldn't see the math on the board at school.  I didn't take him seriously to begin with because both my niece and nephew got glasses the week before Christmas so I figured it had something to do with that.  Well, he mentioned it again a couple days later so Andy and I started testing him at home - can you see that, what does this say from 15 feet away, etc.  Uh yea, that kid is blind as a bat with distances!  Oh great, looks like glasses are in his future. Totally bums me out.  I'll be calling the eye doctor today to make him an appointment.

That's life lately around here.


  1. Tenley is so stinking cute! And Tate! So big! He's so handsome! I was missing your cute kids' little faces last week! Sometimes we just need a break though. Last week was rough, getting back into the swing of things from Christmas break.

    It sounds like Iowa weather is much like Kentucky weather. It was 20s, then rain and 50s, and now single digits with ice. We are "warming up" to teen this week as well!

  2. I love 17th Avenue! Went with them my self when I decided to change the look! This is perfect for your blog, lady!!

  3. Love the new look. I need to spruce my page up too but just being lazy about it. I wish E would pass out like Tenley, you put him down and he fusses. We were supposed to get 3-5 inches if snow and all we got was rain and flurries.

  4. I love the new look of your blog!
    Parker just got glasses last week! He wasn't thrilled but is adjusting well. He failed his eye test at school Oct.13th and we found out the second week in Dec. when they sent a letter home. I was a little miffed that it took that long for them to notify us.
    Those babes sure are growing up fast!

  5. I'm so far behind in blog reading. BUT. I LOVE your new look! It has such a fresh look!!
    How cute is Tate with Tenley? Oh my gosh, your heart must burst when you see him so sweet with her. And, I love that he is so deliberate with his books and toys.