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Easter Eggs

One day while perusing Facebook I found a link to a fun, different way to dye Easter Eggs.  I wasn't sure if it was a hoax but figured we didn't have anything to lose and if they didn't turn out we'd dye them the old fashioned way.  

First up, the boys were told to take off their shirts.  If the sight of nakey boy tummies bothers you stop reading right now.  I wasn't about to let them ruin their shirts with food coloring - that stuff stains and doesn't come out!

So, the recipe was to use either shave cream or whipped cream in the bottom of a dish or cookie sheet then to drip drops of food coloring over the top.  Then you use a straw to swirl that around - don't mix it because you want to see all the different colors.  I used whipped cream because it's edible.  Take your hard boiled eggs, set them down in the fluff and carefully roll it over so all sides have been covered.  Let them sit for 10 minutes then rinse them off.  That's it! Easy peasy!

This was a tiny bit messy on the fingers but what kid doesn't love a little mess making?

I like that this was something Tate could do.  I think those typical dyes are too liquidy for a rambunctious 3 year old. :)

Here are ours sitting in the goop 'resting'.  The more you do the more the coloring gets mixed together but it worked pretty well for a dozen eggs.

And here they are all rinsed off.  This picture doesn't do them justice - they were much brighter and more brilliant than this.

You can see one clearer here and this is more true to how they looked.  We waited 15 minutes for our second batch and they didn't seem any brighter than the 10 minute batch.

This was a fun, easy way to decorate eggs this year and the boys had fun doing it. Win win!


  1. We died eggs this way one year and it said to have them sit for 6 hours or so. They were super bright. However, it is very messy and stains a lot of things... you know the things kids find fun.

  2. WOAH, so pretty and so easy! TOTALLY doing this!! For the Year of Color in April the color prompt is "pastel" and this would totally fit the bill (you should link this up on the 21)!! And yes, the liquid way to dye eggs is asking for a lot of patience from the little ones.

  3. OMG - this is so cute! We will be doing this over the weekend, and by "we" I most likely mean myself and Amanda because the boys may just be too cool . . . although the lure of a mess may just tempt them! LOL! Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Easter weekend my sweet friend!