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Patience Is A Virtue I Don't Possess

What a day this has been.  Aiden had today off for a teacher's comp day so I had planned on heading to 'the big city' to get him some soccer cleats and Andy some new jeans.  Yesterday the meat locker that we took our deer meat to called to say it was done.  They want it picked up within a week, understandably, which meant we had 3 options to get it.  1.) I go w/ the boys today.  2.)  Andy goes tomorrow morning and misses Aiden's first soccer game.  3.)  Andy takes off an afternoon next week to get it.  Well, option 3 isn't really an option at this time, and he didn't want to miss the soccer game which left option 1.  Alrighty then, now my 40 min drive to 'the big city' was going to be an hour and 40 minute drive to Timbuktu Middle of Nowhere to get this meat.  Since there is an even bigger 'big city' between here and there I opted to stop there to get our list of junk before continuing to head on to get that meat.  The boys did really well with the long car ride but I was definitely at my wit's end by the time we stopped for lunch on our way home.  Here's the long and short of it -- I have a short (very short) fuse when it comes to the boys fighting.  And once my short fuse has been lit, small thing makes it burn faster. 

Let's see, they started fighting about 25 minutes into the drive over who could play with Aiden's Leapster handheld game.  Ugh.  I was short on sleep since Brennan came tearing into our room around midnight terrified of the thunder. He slept in our bed the rest of night, which means I was awake off and on all night.  So, lack of sleep + fighting= crabby mommy.  Ok, they started fighting right away, then when they decided to get along they were LOUD and SCREECHING.  Then at the first store Bren had to touch every book on the shelves (Barnes and Noble) and Aiden wanted to get a bizarre Level 1 book that I knew I'd have to listen to a million times over.  No, put it back.  Next store, they start playing under a rack of clothes and 'hiding' in it.  Ugh.  Annoying.  We get back in the car and make a pit stop for gas and drinks.  Back in the car and they start fighting again because Brennan isn't finishing his snack and Aiden is still hungry and wants it.  We take off and I am not 100% sure which back roads I'm supposed to take to get to the locker so I'm trying to read the map and watch for signs by myself because no one else in the car knows how to.  So I'm super frazzled by the time we get there.  We load up the meat and I decide to call Andy to double check that the soccer cleats I got are actually soccer cleats.  All of a sudden the boys are screaming in the backseat at each other.  I put the phone down, turn around and give them a good old fashioned butt chewing.  I pick the phone back up and, thank goodness, Andy's laughing at me which makes me laugh and calms me down.  I was about to pull over and start walking home alone!  We stop back in the big 'big city' and have lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant.  Of course Bren has to go to the bathroom (why I didn't think to take them both before being seated I don't know) so Aiden insists he can stay at the table alone.  Oh boy.  I tell him that if someone comes up and says that I asked them to get him to tell them no, because I would never do that.  We get back to the table and thank goodness he's still there.  Then they start playing around with every condiment on the table, knowing full well we don't approve of that business.  Get done, back in the car and they start playing with the straws in their cups.  By itself this is probably no big deal, but I was so frazzled and stressed by this point that I took their cups and dumped the contents out the window as I'm driving down the street.  Poor kids, they have a terrible mom.  We made it home and they both went to bed for naps.  I needed a break.  I still feel on edge.  I wish I had more patience for things like this. 

This probably sounds like a bunch of rambling, and I'm sorry if this isn't coherent at all.  I just needed to get that all out.  Again, I wish I had more patience with them.  I wish I wasn't one of those mom's that expected perfect behavior from them and just let them be kids.  Seriously, what was it hurting that they were dragging their straws in and out of their cups and getting themselves wet?  They were the ones who would suffer from that, not me, so why not let them have their fun?  I just expect so much from them. I see other parents that let their kids do whatever they want and it seems those kids turn out just fine.  Part of it for me is that I'm terrified if I let them do whatever they want they'll turn into disrespectful kids who turn to drugs and alcohol as teens.  They are good boys and I know they are, I need to not be so hard on them.  Erg, the frustrations of parenthood!  God, give me patience!

Another busy weekend ahead for our clan.  How about you?

Thanks for listening to the rantings of a tired, stressed mommy. 


You're going to think I'm nuts but sometimes I think I have ESP.  Seriously!  For instance, just this morning I was emailing my grandma (my other grandma, not the one in heaven I write to) that I was working on getting my strawberry bed ready for the arrival of my live strawberry plants.  I was hoping they'd hold off on sending them until at least next week so I could till the bed.  Andy sprayed the devil out of it with round-up last weekend and I wanted to make sure every was D-E-D dead before planting those little plants in there.  Well guess what showed up in my mailbox today!  Ahh!  So now we have no choice but to till up that bed, live weeds and all, and hope for the best.  Here's the before shot, you'll have to wait until later for the after (I want to mulch it before taking the 'after' shot, so you'll be waiting a few days). 
This looks good compared to what we started with!  Still a long way to go, tho.

Have a great one!

Window Washer

Are you spring cleaning yet?  I have not started any deep cleaning yet, but I did get the outside of the windows washed this weekend.  I decided to try using a squeegee with a scrubber on one side and a bucket of hot water with a small squirt of dish soap.  It. worked. AWESOME!!!  It was fun, and it did a great job.  I also used the scrubber side to wash the trim around the windows, which worked really slick too.  The only thing I need to perfect is my 'clean up' of the drips.  I need to find a micro-fiber towel to wipe the edges where the squeegee doesn't get all the water off.  Give this technique a try, I found my squeegee/scrubber at Theisen's for under $10.  And the scrubber cover comes off so I can toss it in the wash with my towels.  Easy!

So here's the funny part of me washing the windows -- I fell off my step stool!  It was like one of those moments on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  And it was all in slow motion.  I'm praying that none of the neighbors saw me!  I ended up with a big scrape on my right shin, a long cut under my left arm and a bunch of bruises.  But I bet it was funny to watch! Thank goodness for the bush that caught me!

Have a great Tuesday!

What's On The Menu? Monday -- Spaghetti Meatballs

Let me start this by saying I don't like spaghetti.  When I was pregnant with Brennan, my youngest, I couldn't stand the taste of spaghetti sauce.  Not on spaghetti, not in lasagna, not in anything!  And wouldn't you know, dear Brennan doesn't like spaghetti sauce either!  So funny how that darn pregnancy thing works.  Anywho, I don't like spaghetti but I love these meatballs on spaghetti!  There is so much flavor from the breadcrumbs that they trump the taste of the sauce, and even little Brennie will eat them!  Sorry again for no 'after' picture.  I get all caught up in getting the food on the table I forget to snap a shot.  I'll try harder next week!  Oh, and if you're really going to enjoy these you must pronounce them "Meatza-Ballies".  Don't ask, just do!

Spaghetti Meatballs
1lb ground beef
1/3 c Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned bread crumbs (OMG!)
1/4 c milk
1 egg
salt and pepper to taste (I never put this in, enough flavor from the bread crumbs)

Mix together all ingredients.  (Time out!  Here's a great tip for mixing ground meat -- Use a metal potato masher!  It works like a charm!!!)

 Preheat your over to 400 degrees.  Then make any size meatza-ballies you want.  I have a Pampered Chef scoop w/ trigger that I use, I think it's their large one.  Line these up on a large baking sheet and pop 'em in the over for 20 minutes.

 Ok, here's the cool part.  You can let these puppies cool then put into the freezer OR dump them right into a medium sauce pan to finish cooking for supper that night. Talk about an easy supper for later in the month!  If you choose to go directly to the stove top, cover them with a jar of spaghetti sauce and bring 'em to a boil.  Then turn it down to simmer for 15 minutes.  Serve these on top of a pile of spaghetti noodles and you're done!  De-li-cious!  Mmm!  And easy. 

There you have it, Spaghetti Meatballs.  And if you're freaked out about having a big bag of those bread crumbs just sitting there until the next time you make meatza-ballies, don't worry.  Just sprinkle some over the top of your casseroles.  It adds a whole new dimension to your every day, run of the mill casserole!

Happy Monday!

The Best Husband

Let me preface this by saying everyone thinks their own kids or husband are the best ever, no one has one as good as theirs.  I know.  But mine are the best for me.  My amazing husband says or does some of the most amazing, small things for me.  I love the song by Glen Campbell "Wichita Lineman".  The line that says "I need you more than want you, I want you for all time" just sends shivers down my spine and gives me goosebumps all over.  It's how I feel about my Andrew.  So we were texting back and forth just now about a new mower (sheesh, that rain sure made the grass grow!) and I sent three texts back to back - I want you, I need you, I love you.  And in response he texted me my line from the song.  Mmmm.  What an amazing guy.  My heart melted, and so did I.  If you came to my house right now you'd find me in a puddle on my chair, smiling.  That man amazes me, and he spoils me rotten.  He might not rub my feet or back for more than 7 seconds, but he does so much more for me to make me feel loved.  He's the only person that truly makes me laugh.  I might laugh at people, but I never feel it down to my toes like I do with Andy.  I have more fun with him than with anyone else.  I'd rather spend time with him than with anyone else.  We can make something out of nothing, and we have the best conversations when driving in the car.  His hugs are magic medicine for anything that's wrong with me.  There's a part in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' where Tom Hank's character is talking about his wife in her rose garden.  The other character says "Tell me about your wife in her rose garden," and he says "No, that one's just for me."  I feel that way about a lot of me and Andy stories.  They'd be fun to share but I think those moments were made just for us, to keep close to our hearts and pull up from our memory when we need to smile.

I love that man.


Hello Spring!

I'm feeling a little more spunky so thought I'd add another post since I jipped you earlier. :)

These are from my garden, they're sure to make anyone feel better. Daffodils are so bright and cheerful!  Since this is our first spring here it's exciting to see I have both yellow and white w/ yellow center daffodils.  I mostly have the white but there is one clump that they planted both together, they look so pretty.  Qualify that, looked so pretty.  I just cut a bunch so now they're a little light on the blooms. :)  But since I had so many clumps I didn't feel bad cutting some.  Isn't that funny how some people (me included) feel bad cutting flowers because then the garden won't look as pretty or full?  I read something once about an old lady who died with a full bottle of fancy perfume on her dresser.  She kept saving that perfume for a special day, but in the end she never used it because she died before that 'special day' ever came.  It's sad, and the moral of the story is treat every day as a special day.  So I cut my flowers and brought them inside, because tomorrow those blooms will fade in the garden, same as they will fade in my house.  But at least I get to enjoy them every time I look at my table, instead of only a few times a day when I walk by the window that looks out on that bed.

Now go spritz on some of the fancy perfume you've been saving, today's a special day!

Happy Spring!


I'm sick today and my brain isn't functioning enough to write a post.  Nothing major, just a sore throat and super tired.  I think I'll go take a nap.  See you tomorrow.


No Blast Monkey?? How Dare I?

Ugh, what a morning!  Actually, it was a 30 minute period but it felt like an entire morning.  That little Brenner Bug is so darn feisty!  Here's what happened:  I started cutting his fingernails and he freaked out.  He didn't want them cut.  I told him his finger was going to get cut if he didn't sit still but he kept on wiggling and yelling and crying.  I managed to get through all of his fingers then headed for his toes.  This just made him madder.  We were planning on meeting Daddy for lunch so I told him if he didn't sit still I wasn't going to let him play Blast Monkeys on my phone (something he does while waiting for the food.  It keeps him quiet and entertained, so sue me.).  Guess what, he didn't sit still so I told him fine, no Monkeys.  Oh boy, did that set him off!  I finished the last toe, he got down off my lap and ran to the other room to throw himself on the floor and scream.  Literally 10 minutes later I asked him (hollering over his cries) if he wanted to come sit on my lap.  He comes moping in, crying, and climbs on my lap and tells me he wants to play Monkeys.  I told him I understood that (trying to be diplomatic and understanding) but he made the choice to continue to cry and wiggle so he made the choice to not play Monkeys.  This set him off all over again.  5 minutes later we make our way to the car, still crying, and he continues to cry for another 5 minutes on our way to meet Daddy for lunch.  Finally the boy falls asleep.  When I wake him up to get him out of the car, what is the first thing he says?  "I want to play Monkeys!"  Oi.   

Some days I try being very calm and ignoring the tantrums, other days he gets sent to his room for timeout.  I don't know if either method works on dear Brennan.  I have found that a chart is the best way to curb bad behavior with Aiden, with a reward at the end.  I don't think Brennan will understand that concept yet, though, so what to do?  Any ideas?

Erin a.k.a. Mean Mommy

A Good Weekend

Awww, what a WONDERFUL weekend we had!  It was just awesome!  Saturday Aiden had his 2 buddies over, and they had so much fun. They were so nice, they let Brennan tag along all morning, which was awesome for him.  That afternoon, after the boys left, we went outside and tilled up the garden.  We cut down the Trumpet Vine that was growing in a mound in the garden, which totally opened it up.  (We're told there used to be an arch-way there that it climbed on, but the vine got so heavy that it tipped over the arch so they took that out.  Still haven't figured out why they didn't put up a new one or get rid of the vine, but whatev's.)  By the time we got the garden tilled, the vine cut down and the leaves that had collected around it raked up we were tuckered out, so we came in for a break then we got ready to go out for supper with 2 of our good friends.

The boys stayed the night with Andy's folks while we went out.  We had such a good time with Mike and Micaela, it's been awhile since I've laughed so hard.  The food was good, the company was outstanding and it wasn't too late of a night, which is great for me. :)  Sunday I ran to get the boys and take Aiden to Sunday School, then came home to make lunch and out we went again.  We took a load of leaves and branches out to my parent's burn pile, checked out all of their baby lambs and chicks, then headed home again.  Bren went down for his nap and the rest of us went outside to play in the yard.  Andy tilled up a portion of my flower bed that I have emptied, then I racked it out smooth and covered it with mulch. It looks so nice, I can't wait to get the rest of it done!  We were outside for a couple of hours before coming in for supper.  It was just a great, great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?  Were you productive or did you relax and catch up on sleep? 


Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows...

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything I'm talking about today, but I just love that song and it popped in my head so that's what you get. :)

Tomorrow is my last day of Level 2 with Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  I'm ready to move on from this level, I'm getting bored with it.  I can say that I am noticing some small differences in my shape!  My butt doesn't seem as big! :)  Gotta love that.  Monday I'll start Level 3 (heaven help me!), which means I'll be graduating from Jillian Thurs of the next week (10 days at each level, I take Sunday's off).  What's next for me?  ZUMBA!!!  I ordered Zumba for the wii last weekend and it came today!  I'm really excited to see what the hype is all about, and if it does anything for me.  My plan is to do Zumba M-W-F and a Pilates video I have T-Th-S.  That way I'm still getting cardio, abs and strength.  In addition to that it'll be spring, which means more activity outside, not as much sitting like I do during the winter.  So in less than 2 weeks I'll measure myself again and see what Jillian did for me.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Andy is planning on studying for his PE all day tomorrow and part of Sunday.  Aiden is having 2 buddies over for a couple of hours tomorrow morning, his first time having friends over!  He doesn't seem all that excited, not sure if it's a boy thing or what.  When I was having friends over I couldn't contain myself!  Bren and I are going to try to stay out of their hair as much as possible.  Tomorrow night we're going to have some adult time and meet a really good friend of ours and his girlfriend for supper.  The boys are going to stay at Andy's folks' house overnight, which means no curfew!  Ha, that doesn't matter to me.  I will still want to be home and in bed by 10.  This ol' girl can't handle those late nights!  Sunday will be a relaxing day I hope.  Watch some Nascar, maybe catch a nap, and have Andy till up my garden!  Whoops, threw a job in there.  Oh well, that's always fun to do in the spring.  With these high, unusual temps we've been having I'm anxious to get things going.  But I know to hold off planting anything, in our neck of the woods we could have snow in April still. 

Have a great weekend!

Splinter Troubles

Last night Aiden was helping unload the mulch from the truck and he got a splinter.  You'd have thought he got his finger chopped off.  The entire town and half of the county had to hear him screaming.  I know, they hurt.  But!

So after supper Andy decided it was time to 'dig' the splinter out.  Holy moley.  He screamed.  He grunted.  He growled.  He made some weird noise that sounded like an old car starting.  It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. 

Andy dug and dug with a needle, then I tried to extract it with some tweezers.  Then Andy dug and dug some more.  After about 10 minutes of digging and hollering I grabbed the tweezers, tucked Aiden's arm under my arm, turned my back to him so he couldn't see and I pulled that darn thing out.  Immediately he stopped bellering...that is until he went to wash him hands.  Then it started hurting again.  We stuck a band aid on and he didn't mention it the rest of the night.  What an ordeal!  Sorry to all the town folk here who had to listen to that!

Enjoy the nice weather, looks like it's going to stick around these parts for at least the next 7 days!

What's On The Menu? Monday -- Grilled Potatoes

Whoops, forgot to do this yesterday!  Where was my head?  Anywho, these potatoes are super delicious and very easy to make.  They go great with anything on the grill.  You can make these in a campfire, too, but since I've not done that myself I can't tell you how long they'll take.  Just make sure they are IN the fire, or you'll have a burnt mess.

Grilled Potatoes
4 or 5 potatoes, washed with skins on and sliced nice and thin
5 garlic cloves, skins removed but kept whole
1 small onion, sliced or chunked, your choice
1/2 red pepper, cut into slices or chunks, again, your choice
a handful or baby carrots or 3-4 whole carrots cleaned and chunked up
salt, pepper
butter (1/2 a stick or so)
Lawry's seasoning salt

OK, you start by cutting 2 long pieces of heavy duty tin foil (about 18"), lay them same side together and fold the long ends a couple of times to make a seam.  Open it and spray it really well with non-stick spray.  Then start cutting everything up and putting in on the foil.  I lay everything on one half of the foil, the seam at the back so the top can fold over like a lid when you're done mixing.  Sprinkle your seasonings on, and this will just be a trial and error thing, folks.  Too much salt and whoa, watch out.  Too little and your bland.  I guess you can always add some at the table, so start small and work your way up.  Then with your hands, mix and toss it all together.  Cut the butter into slices and lay those over the top.  Finally, pull the 'lid' over and fold the 2 long ends together to form another seam.  Do the same with the ends and voila, you have a packet.  If I don't have heavy duty foil I cut another piece of foil and wrap it around the whole thing, because the last thing you want is a hole in the foil leaking out your goodie. 

Throw it on a hot grill and flip every 10 min or so.  These take a good 45 minutes or so.  Another option is to skip the foil packet and just dump everything into one of those foil pans.  That works really well, but cover it with a piece of foil to keep the juices and heat in.  Then just lift that foil to stir every so often. 

I forgot an after picture, they were so yummy I couldn't wait to dig in!

One more option:  any vegetables you like!  Squash and zucchini go really well in this.

Sorry this is so late in getting posted, today was GORGEOUS!!!  So Bren and I ran to a bulk mulch place about 20 miles away and brought home a load, then worked our tails off to mulch my big bed that I worked on last fall.  Then to get Aiden, then home again to play some more.  It was just too nice outside to be in here on the computer.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my poop in a group and plan things a bit better.  :)
Enjoy the recipe!

Growing Like Weeds

Had a great weekend!  The weather was really nice (60's, sunny, but windy) so I was able to go out and clean out a few flower beds.  I tried doing one along our fence but with every pull of the rake a gust of wind would blow all those leaves right back in, so I said the heck with it and gave up.  The forecast is calling for 70's all week so no fear, I'll be back at it!  I think I'll go get a truck load of mulch while I'm at it.  It is so much easier to lay mulch when there aren't tender young plants popping up.

Speaking of things growing, our baby boy Bren is growing!  He turned 3 last week and all of a sudden his 3T jeans are too tight in his tummy.  The length is still ok but I feel like I'm torturing him every time I snap him in.  So I got the tub of 4T clothes out last night and switched him all out.  Kind of bad timing, if he could have waited 6 more weeks til I get the summer clothes out, but what are you going to do?  Not make the sweet little muffin suffer!  I love switching out their clothes, tho, so it wasn't a hardship in the least.  Especially when it's all of Aiden's hand-me-downs.  I love reminiscing about him wearing the same clothes.  So the tank tops and shorts are in his closet for now, but I put the 4T long and short sleeved shirts and pants in his dresser.  My baby boy is growing up (and out!). 

We had his joint birthday party with his cousin, my sister's little girl, who is 10 days younger than Bren, yesterday.  NJ was so excited about all the presents, she couldn't stop telling us who each gift was for. :)  She's a crazy little gal with a fun, feisty little personality.  Here's a pic of them together.  Crazy kids! Mwah!

Have a good one!

Birthday Cards

I love to scrap book, although I don't do it often enough and the pictures are stacking up.  But I started with making cards.  When we were first married my sister and I joined a card club that met once a month.  We made 10 cards for $10, the Stampin' Up sales rep brought all the supplies and had everything we needed to make these cards.  It was a lot of fun and nice for the 2 of us to have something to do together every month. 

I don't make cards for every occasion, but because I now have the space to leave out my scrapping supplies it's easier for me to sneak downstairs and put something together, which I love.  So yesterday I made 2 cards, one for my niece's 3rd birthday and one for my sister's birthday.  I have to admit, I have little imagination when it comes to thinking of designs by myself, so I 'scrap lift' my ideas.  I usually modify them just a bit to suit my needs, but they give me a taking off point.  So my niece's card I did on my own, my sister's I scrap lifted.  You can tell the difference. ;)  The last card I'm showing is for my Brennie Boy's birthday.  I did that one on my own but I like how it turned out. 

Have a great weekend!  See you here Monday.


Jillian Shred Update:  Level 2 is kicking my butt, but I actually like it!  After I get through a tough circuit I always say in my head "I made it!!"  It helps launch me into the next circuit.  I can feel a difference in my muscles, particularly my abs, arms and thighs, but don't see a difference in the mirror, which is extremely frustrating for me.  The scale isn't moving at all, in fact it's back to where I started, so I think that pound and half was a weird fluke.  So I'm frustrated but trudging along and hoping that at the end of this 30 day video I do see a difference when I look in the mirror.  Today was my day 15.

Things my boys say or have said:  Brennan calls the Easter Bunny the Bunny Easter.  I can't get him straightened out on that one.  Aiden used to call Lightning Bugs 'Firetruck Bugs'.  So cute!  When Aiden wanted to tell me he loved me he when he was little he'd tell me he missed me (story behind this, when I would pick him up from the sitters I'd say "I missed you, missed you, missed you, MISSED you!", thus him thinking this was how you said you loved someone. Awww.).  When Brennie wants to tell me he loves me he says he wants me, "Mommy, I want you."  Again, awww.  I love how kids come up with their own ways of saying things.

My day in a nutshell:  Cleaning!  Does anyone else feel like they spin their wheels when they clean and pick up?  Honestly, except for an hour when I exercised and showered, I did nothing but walk around here cleaning and picking up, and it's still a pit.  Well, not a pit, but there are still things sitting on the counter, things sitting on the lamp tables, a laundry basket overflowing with the clean laundry I did this morning... sigh.  I never feel like I am getting ahead around here.  I wonder when I'm going to get any spring cleaning done when I can't keep up with the regular housework.  Seriously, I'm a stay at home, I'm here all day and can't get this house whipped into shape??  I don't get it.  (Side note, remember that baby in the sandbox on the movie "Look Who's Talking" that kept saying "I don't get it?" in a deep voice?  That cracked me up and I can't say 'I don't get it' without thinking of that and laughing.  It's the little things.)

One last thing:  Can you please tell your friends and family about my blog (if you like it and think it's worth sharing).  I'd love to get some followers and comments.  I feel like I'm all alone out here in cyber world. 

Have a great day!

Daffodils And Sunny Days

I messed up a bit on yesterday's post.  I didn't go into labor on the 6th, I went into labor on the 5th (my due date) and Bren was born on the 6th.  You might have caught that mess up and wondered if I was totally nuts, and the answer is yes, I am.

Yesterday's weather the perfect gift from Mother Nature to Mr. 3 year old. He loves to be outside and it was almost 70 degrees and sunny -- but windy.  We played outside for quite awhile last night.  The bulbs are all excited for Spring as well, and they are showing their pretty faces.  I love it when you see the first hints of green popping up out of the ground!  I'm anxious to get outside and clean the flower beds up.  Looks like I need to sooner than later, or I'll be disturbing those pretty little bulbs.  Here are some 'sping shot's.
Sorry for the shadow, not sure why Blogger is uploading this way.  Daffodils!

Aren't they cute? :)
Today is cloudy but mild and breezy.   That wind will help dry things out...just in time for some rain this afternoon! 

See you soon,

Happy Birthday, Brennie Bug!

On this day 3 years ago I went to work like every day, although this day was my due date.  Mid-morning I started having contractions but didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed by my false alarm 2 weeks prior to this.  And I figured lightning couldn't strike twice since Aiden was born on his due date.  So I worked all day long, went and picked Aiden up from the sitters and went home to play outside with Aiden since it was a nice, mild day (similar to today).  When Andy got home about 5:30 he could tell I wasn't feeling quite right.  I cooked supper, all the while having contractions.  I picked at my food and hardly ate anything.  Andy asked if I wanted to head to the hospital (an hour away) but for some reason I felt this need to bathe Aiden before we left.  So by the time we got the supper all picked up, Aiden bathed, and our bags packed it was about 7:45. 

We made it to the hospital in record time, probably because Andy thought I was going to deliver the baby on the side of the road if he didn't hurry.  Aiden slept most of the way, already in his jammies.  We pulled into the parking lot and there were my folks, waiting to get Aiden (I had called on the way down).  My dad rushed over to help me out of the car while Andy passed Aiden to my mom and put his bag in their car.  Right as my dad reached out to give me a hug a huge contraction hit and scared my dad to death!  He told Andy to get me inside right away (ha ha!) and off they went.  We went in, I changed into a gown, and then they checked me -- I was at a 5/6!  At this point it was about 9:00, and the doctor told me she thought I'd have the baby on it's due date, just like Aiden.  But, as we know Bren know, he had his own plans.
Andy said "Let's take a 'still pregnant' picture."  Ha ha.

They hooked me up to the machines and IV's, I got an epidural and then waited.  Then my water broke.  The dr checked me again and little Bren had his forehead up, trying come out forehead first.  She worked and worked to push his head down so his chin and chest were touching, but he was tough and defiant and wanted it his way.  So midnight came and went (along w/ my due date) and no baby.  Finally at 2:15 I started pushing.  By this point my epidural had worn off and the re-dose didn't work.  I was on my own.  Finally, after an hour and a half, little Brennan was born.  9lbs 1oz, 20 1/4 inches long.  Because of the difficult labor he wasn't breathing right away so they worked on his for a bit before he started crying.  But he was perfect, adorable, BIG. :)  He had the biggest, chubbiest cheeks!  It was love at first sight. 
One day old and sleeping soundly!

It was love at first sight for Aiden, too.  He just LOVED that little baby brother of his!  He was such a good helper, such a lovey brother.  He was always right by little Bren's side.  That makes a mom's heart swell with pride and love!
Proud big brother!

Brennan today is still a bit defiant, still wants it his way, and still does things in his own time.  Sweet. :)  We love that little Bug so much, he brings so much joy to our lives.  Happy Birthday, Brenner!


What's On The Menu? Monday -- Farm Birthday Cake

I am so excited to show you this cake I made for Brennan's 3rd birthday party. (The lucky guy gets to celebrate 3 times!!  This was the first of his 3.)  I got the inspiration from a pin on Pinterest and modified it to something a little bit 'more'.  Here's what it looked like.

To make the barn, I cut out cardboard and taped it together before frosting it.  Notice how I marked the pieces with letters so I could match them up right, otherwise I would have been a bit lopsided (I did more eyeballing then measuring).  Here's those pics.

Then I just baked and cooled my cake, frosted it green and used the end of my off-set spatula to pull up 'grass'.  I crushed up Oreo cookies for the dirt, set the frosted and shingled (graham crackers) barn on top and plunked in some pigs, sheep, cows and tractor.  I was so happy with how it turned out and it couldn't have been easier, especially since I didn't use a frosting bag and tips at all, only my off-set spat.  A tip for the barn, use the edge of your off-set spat to drag down barn board lines.

Brennan was napping while I decorated his cake so when he woke up I took him into the kitchen for the grand reveal.  He was so excited about it.  When he gets really happy about something he sticks his tongue out and touches his top lip with it, and that's what he did for a couple of minutes.  I'm happy he was happy!  (And he had a great party, enjoyed putting a puzzle together with his Gramma and Great Grandma, and opened some really neat gifts.)

Enjoy the day!


TGIF -- Thank Goodness Its Friday.  Although I love a Friday as much as the next guy, what I really mean by TGIF is ABC's TGIF they used to do 'back in the day'.  They had shows like 'Step By Step' with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Summers, 'Dinosaurs' starring the fictional Sinclair family, 'Sister, Sister' with Tia and Tamara Mowry, and (my favorite) 'Boy Meets World' with Ben Savage (did you love Tapanga's hair as much as I did???)  They were good, wholesome shows kids, pre-teens and teenagers could watch.  My folks went on a date every Friday night so my sister and I were left home to fend for ourselves when we were old enough.  Insert TGIF. 

Looks like the snow has stopped.  I just got back from picking up Aiden from school, they let out 2 hours early today because we were getting nailed with snow.  And now, 10 minutes after getting home, it stops.  Go figure.  It's pretty wet because the air temps are above freezing so it seems to be melting off the streets and sidewalks.  I can see it drip, drip, dripping off a tree outside my window.  It won't last long.

Weight loss update:  I weighed myself this morning and lost 1.5 lbs!!!  I am so excited.  After a frustrating week working out it was nice to see that little reward. 

OMG!!!  I was just flipping through the channels and guess what show I found on MTV2??? BOY MEETS WORLD!!!!  How crazy is that?  Guess I know what I'll be watching this afternoon! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!  We're having Brennie's bday party with Andy's folks tomorrow and I'm making an amazing cake for him, pics to follow on Monday!!!


I Need A Personal Motivator

I'm bored.  With Jillian.  And I don't want to see her today.  It's almost 2:00 in the afternoon and I haven't exercised with her yet today.  YET, did you see that?  I said YET.  Meaning I WILL exercise with her, I just don't want to -- EVER.  I wish I didn't feel like this because it makes dragging myself downstairs that much harder.  The first 5 days I was all gung-ho about exercising, but now it's pure torture making myself get started.  Luckily once I do get started I'm in the zone and just bust it out.  I can't wait to get done with these 30 days so I can move on to something else.  I have about 10 different exercise plans pinned on Pinterest that I want to try once I kick Jillian to the curb.  I mean, once I finish getting shredded.  Sorry, Jillian, you're great and all, but I'm so over you!

Here's something I learned today that you might find helpful -- it takes 3 period cycles after having a baby to get off a weight loss plateau.  So if you're working your tail off after having a baby and haven't had 3 cycles yet you might be pleasantly surprised with your weight loss after you do.  Unfortunately I don't have that excuse.  Here's where I read it, Mama Laughlin is hilarious and a great motivator.  You need to read her blog if you're trying to lose weight.

Ok, time to talk myself into going downstairs to exercise.  Bye!