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Friday Favorites


I have 2 Friday Favorites for you this week.

First up, a new TV show that I really like!  It’s on VH1 on Wednesday night at 9c called ‘Hindsight’.  It’s just getting started so there’s time for you to watch the 3 episodes that have already aired online then start watching it weekly.  Basically, the main character goes back in time to the 90’s and makes different decisions based on how she knows her life turns out and in turn changes the course of her life.  It’s a trip, that’s for sure!  For instance, the 90’s music that’s playing.  And last night? She wore a black choker with a peace symbol charm on it.  Totally 90’s!  Weird, ha ha!  You need to check it out!

Second up: Gilmore Girls.  It’s on Netflix and I am (sadly) watching it for the first time ever.  I have seen a handful of episodes from later seasons but honestly don’t know the whole gist of it so have decided to start watching it.  I knocked out the first 3 episodes yesterday and think I will love it like everyone else did. Does.  Whatever. I like it.

So, what’s everyone doing this weekend?  We have very few plans, a good thing!  Aiden has basketball tomorrow morning and that’s the extent of it. 

What are your Friday Favorites?


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A Little About Me


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a ‘Getting To Know Me’ post.  If you want to play along and use these same topics to write your own post I’d love to read it – leave the link to your post in my comments!

Five people I’d like to have a meal with, dead or alive

  1. My Grandma Wehr.  She died almost 7 years ago and I have thought of her every single day since then. We were kindred spirits and she was so special to me.  I would love to get together at her house for Sunday Dinner just one more time.  We’d have the meal she made every time my sister and I stayed with her in the summers: Hamburger Steak, macaroni and cheese, and corn she froze the previous summer.  The radio would be on, tuned in to her favorite AM station, and the scent of geraniums would be in the air.  And she’d tell me it was ‘oodles’ when I’d serve her up her meal. 
  2. Miranda Lambert.  I’d love to meet her and make her my best friend.  I think after I got past my shyness we’d really hit it off and have a great time together.
  3. Johnny Carson.  He was a handsome, charismatic, charming man.  I’d like to have our meal while he was hosting the Tonight Show so I could laugh at all the funniness that happened while he was on the show.  I think he’d be really neat to chat with, he’d have all kinds of amazing stories to share.  He seemed like someone that could tell great stories.
  4. My friend Shelli.  We’ve never met in person, never even talked on the phone, but we hit it off through email and blogging so I am certain if/when we met in person we would have an amazing meal together.  Our food would get cold because we would be doing more talking than eating (which would be funny because we both like food!). 
  5. Andy, my husband.  This is not a copout!  I really love being with him and love our lunches together.  It would be fun to go back to a locally owned restaurant in the big big city we went to once.  They brought out BIG bottles of Mt Dew and Andy laughed and laughed at the expression of joy on my face when I saw them.  We got quite the laugh out of it and I think it would be fun to go back and experience that again. But really, anywhere we went would be fun.  We always have such a great time together!  Lots of laughter.

Who would you switch places with for a day?

Ok, this might be a tad crazy for me to say because, until recently, I have not been a fan of this person.  But, I think walking in her shoes for one day would be really cool.  Are you ready for it?  Taylor Swift!  Yep, I can’t believe I just said that either! But really, how great would it be to have everyone go ga-ga over you for an entire day?  To have doors opened just because you are the biggest thing going in music right now?  I’d love to do the interviews.  I’d love to get up on stage and perform.  I’d love to be pampered and have my hair and makeup done and my clothes picked out for me.  (Plus to be her size, yes please!)  To have everyone fawning all over me? It would be pretty amazing for a day!

List 3 strange or crazy things about yourself.

  1. I won’t point the remote at the boys when changing a channel/volume/whatever (like if they are standing in the way).  I’ll hold it off to the side of them so there is no way the radioactive bands of whatever shooting out of it can get into them.  Weird, I know.
  2. I have to say the exact same thing to Tate every time I lay him down, or the world might end or something.  “Nighty night, sleepy tight!”
  3. When watching something that is scary I have to have all of my skin covered up or something might get me.  Luckily I don’t watch many scary things!

Remember, if you answer these same questions on your blog I’d love for you to leave me a comment with your link!  Or just leave me a comment with your answers!

Have a great Thursday!


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Homecoming Week


Here in our little town our school celebrates Homecoming during basketball season because we share our football team with another school a town over.  Last week was Homecoming.  Every day was a themed dress up day.  We missed Monday but jumped in feet first the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Pirate Day


Wednesday: Storybook Character Day (Clifford the Big Red Dog and Copper from the Fox and the Hound)


Thursday: Animal Day (Party Animal) (Bren didn’t feel like dressing up this day)


Friday: Spirit Day, Go Eagles!


Next week is our school’s 100th day of classes.  In Kindergarten they have to make a project out of 100 of the same thing (100 pennies, 100 M&M’s, etc.).  We made the Washington Monument our Q-tips (and lots of hot glue!).  At first we were going for a log cabin but as it kept getting taller and taller and taller we changed course and ended up with the monument.  Bren is so excited to take this to school next week!  He counted out all 100 Q-tips and Andy and I did the assembling (since we were using hot glue).  He kept saying “this is going to be the best one there!”


And speaking of the 100th day of school – that means after next Wednesday there are only 80 DAYS LEFT!  Yikes!  This school year is flying by! 


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Weekend Recap


We had a busy, fun weekend around here.

It started off Saturday morning when I met some friends for breakfast at Panera in the big city.  A friend of ours moved away a couple months ago (waaa) but was back in the area for a niece’s birthday party so we met up for a little breakfast and gab fest beforehand.  It was so so good for my soul to get together with the girls and have girl talk.  I had big plans to take picture of all of us and the 2 babies that came along but of course I was too busy chatting to remember.  Womp womp. 

While I was at the breakfast Aiden had his first basketball game/practice/scrimmage (any of these descriptions will do) at the Y.  He was asked to sign up with his best buddy, Evan, so they carpooled over together.  Evan’s mom told me that both boys made baskets, so that’s exciting!  After that Aiden tagged along with Evan’s family to one of their cousin’s birthday parties that was about an hour away.  They were gone all afternoon, got back about 6:00, and Aiden was wiped out!  He had a great time!  Anytime he can hang out with Evan is a good thing! 

After my breakfast I had to hightail it back here so that Andy could leave and meet his Dad and brother to go see ‘American Sniper’.  To say he was blown away by the movie is an understatement.  He was super impressed with it and of course now wants to read the book (Father’s Day gift idea???).  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it was just the Pea Pod hanging out.  We had a great time! 


Saturday night, once we were all finally back together under the same roof, was pretty low key.  We watched some college basketball, some Fixer Upper, and some Ridiculousness. We’re barn burners over here, I tell ya! Ha ha!

Sunday was another ‘scatter the family to the wind’ kind of day.  My mom, sister and I threw a baby shower for my sweet cousin, Meliah, and her adorable little guy, Max.  I kicked the big boys out of the car at religion class and bombed out to my mom’s to get there with enough time to bake my breakfast casserole and Monkey Bread.  The shower was a brunch, which was a fun change of pace and super yummy!  (And guess who forgot her camera again!!!  So those pics I promised of the decorations, Chrissy? Not going to happen. Boo!)  We had 2 breakfast casseroles (mine was a hash brown base), Monkey Bread, Blueberry Muffin Cake, fresh fruit and Mimosas.  When my family gets together we ALWAYS have a great time, lot of laughter and chatter and gossip and BABIES!!!  I left mine at home (sad face), but of course the main man Max was there, plus Baby Mavis (4mo old) and little Lawson (he’ll be 1 this week).  I did my fair share of baby hogging and got my fix (and maybe my ovaries twitched a little, ha!). 

Meanwhile, while I was there, Andy picked the boys up from RE, brought them home to feed them, then got Aiden ready for a birthday pool party and to be picked up by the mom at 1:00.  Oh, and redressed Tate 2 times because he has learned how to pull his pants off, lol!!!  Lets hope he doesn’t figure out how to remove his diaper!!!  Silly bebe!  As soon a I got home Andy was changing him because he had a nasty teething diaper. I grabbed the nakey boy and took him to the bath tub!  After he got all dried off and dressed (again) he went down for his nap so we had lots of time with our Brenner Joe.  Next week is the school’s 100th day so we worked on Bren’s 100th Day project (pics of that to come), then Andy and Bren played chess (or a version of it, ha!), and watched some football.  After Aiden got back from his party (exhausted) we took it easy and got ourselves ready for another week of school, work and hanging with Tate.

It was such a great weekend, filled with family and friends.  Who could ask for more than that? 

What did you do this weekend?

P.S.  I love getting comments, and have had some new commenters lately, but I can’t reply because they/you are set up as a ‘no reply’ blogger.  I’d love to respond to you so go change your settings so I can! Ha!

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Friday Favorites // Link Up



Today for Friday Favorites I’m going to share with you some of our new favorite books that Tate received for Christmas.  I love love love these!

I hope you check out some of these sweet little books with your little's.  We love them!

Also, go link up with Narci, Erica, and Andrea.

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Sledding Fun


This past weekend it finally warmed up into the 20’s so we were able to take the boys sledding at my folk’s farm.  They have some great hills for the kids to sled down.


It’s been so darn cold, temps below 10 degrees, and we finally got some snow but it was too cold to be outside playing.  It was so super great to watch the boys have fun running, diving on to their sleds and flying down the hill.


Tate even had some fun in the sled! 



Until he didn’t.  I think he got scared when Andy turned him around to go back the other way.


I hope we get some more snow before the winter is over so we can go back out and have more fun!

Today is the last day to sign up for the awesome #TrackTheTank giveaway, make sure to sign up!  Winner announced Friday!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Tate Lately // 11 Months Old


IMG_1820Tate the Great!  You are one month shy of being a whole year old!  Wow!  Every day you become more and more fun (and funny!).  You love love love pushing around anything that will slide or roll.  You were given a new push walker for Christmas that lights up and plays music, which is handy so I can find where you’ve walked off to.  You have recently started pushing the stools and kitchen chairs around and I often find them in the front living room.  Sometimes when pushing your little walkers you will throw your head back and make a funny ‘ooo’ sound, then flash us a big smile until we laugh, then you do it all over again.

And speaking of walking!  You took your first steps on your 11 month birthday!  I sat on the floor, Daddy sat on the couch, and you took 4 fast steps between the two of us.  Yay, Tate!!!  Your big brothers were so excited, they cheered and clapped and made a fuss over you doing it.  You walked back and forth between me and Daddy 3 times, then the 4th time you started to cry in the most pitiful way.  It’s been like pulling teeth to get you to do it since.  You’ll make your pitiful cry sound, then give in and walk between us once or twice.  Most times you get jello legs and refuse to hold yourself up, which makes me laugh.  I say “Oh alright, I’ll carry you!”  I’ll carry you as long as you want me to.  My heart grows two sizes every time you hold your chubby little arms up to me with that ‘pick me up’ look on your face. 

Still wearing size 4 diapers, size 18-24month clothes, size 5 shoes.  IMG_1819You take 3-4 8oz. bottles every day, eat 3 meals a day, and are taking a sippy cup with water much better now.  I’m thinking it’s time to start drinking your formula from a sippy cup, too, to prepare yourself for whole milk next month.  I have a feeling you will be one of those difficult baby’s to get switched to cow’s milk – you have made it clear more than once that you like things the way they are and don’t care much for change (ahem, taking a bottle instead of breast!).  We decided to give you a plate without your high chair tray and belly you up to the table to see how you’d handle it.  You did great!  You love being at the table with the rest of us now!  You are such a big boy, Tate! (P.S. Those jammies, you look so adorable walking around in them – the legs hang down past your feet so you walk on them, cracks me up!)

You absolutely love music and when I sing to you.  We crank up your ‘vintage’ Fisher Price radio many many many times every day (and sing along! The Farmer In The Dell, Hi ho the Tatie-oo, the Tater in the Dell!). You are a huge fan of books, which is great since you were given so many for Christmas!  And speaking of being a fan, your big brothers are your number one favorite thing to play with and watch!  They can make you giggle like no other!  You love chasing Aiden around with your walkers and you have started crawling over to Brennie to give him hugs.  Those boys love you as much as you love them.  It’s fun watching you three become the best of friends!

You have 5 teeth now!  2 on top, 3 on the bottom.  Another one must be coming in because you have been fussy these last couple of days – you cry every time I leave the room, the littlest thing will set you off.

You were very happy that we gave you free reign over the front living room again after taking the Christmas tree down – you love going in there and looking out the big window.  You look out the windows in the main living room, too, and especially love when a squirrel comes to visit out bird feeder. 

Less than a month until your first birthday, big boy!  Get ready to celebrate!





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Getting Creative

Before I get into all the creative things we’ve been doing around here I have to tell you about an awesome giveaway!  Over the past 6months or so a bunch of bloggers (me included) passed a Ruffles With Love tank top around to sign and write words of encouragement on. We wanted to make a one of a kind tank top for one lucky reader to win and wear proudly while getting their sweat on.  It’s pretty darn cool and today the giveaway starts.  Just sign up using the rafflecopter below! 




a Rafflecopter giveaway

2015 is starting off on a creative foot.

Both of the big boys were given ‘build it yourself’ kits for Christmas.  Aiden’s was a bird feeder and Brennan’s had 2 trucks to build – a bulldozer and a dump truck.  Aiden’s was pretty straightforward and he was able to build his by himself.  Brennan’s was a little more complicated so Andy helped him through the building process.  At the end they painted their built kits and are taking them to the fair this summer to show for Clover Kids.



They both had fun working with their hands and tools and building something they can use and play with.  Bonus, they got to hang out with their Dad and be manly men together. Ha!

I also was able to take advantage of the long Christmas break and make a soft snuggly blanket for my cousin’s new baby. 


It was a super simple blanket to make, I just cut strips of snuggle flannel into either 1/8 yard, 1/4 yard or 1/2 yard pieces, plus a yard for the backing.  Then, go against what you were taught and sew wrong sides together with either a quarter or half inch seam allowance (I used 1/4” this time).  Same thing when you sew the back on, wrong sides together with a quarter or half inch seam allowance. Then using sharp scissors, cut into the exposed seam TO but not through the stitching, about every 1/4” or so, and all the way around the edges.  Throw it in the washing machine, then dryer, and it’ll fray those edges and make it look really neat.  Ta da! Easy peasy!  Perfect for those who are beginning seamstresses!  All straight edges and no fussing with binding. 


I secretly wanted to keep this all for myself because I loved the fabrics I found, especially those woodland characters! That happy little bear about does me in, reminds me of my Tater.  Cute!!!


Best part? Tate gave it his seal of approval! I laid it out on the floor to look at it and he crawled over as fast as he could and buried his sweet little face right down into it and just laid there enjoying it’s softness. I hope Max (and my cousin Meliah) love it as much as we do!

Last, I painted my nails.  I haven’t painted my finger nails in eons!  I hate when it starts to chip, which is always too soon for my liking, so I just don’t do it. And it never fails that I smudge it before it’s dried.  Plus I think it makes my nails weaker/more brittle after I take it off. They always seems to react and peel afterwards.  But, I was feeling the need to look more girly all of a sudden so I got my red out and went to town.


2 days in and so far they are still ok.  Another load of dishes or two and they’ll not be looking so nice.

Now, what creative things have you been up to?

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Friday Favorites // Link Up


Today I’m linking up with some new bloggers I recently found thanks to my friend, Erin. Check out Andrea, Narci, and Erika. They are a breath of fresh air!


I HAVE to share with you two of my new favorite things that I was given for Christmas.  Every time I use them I think “I have to tell everyone about these!”

First up, a sugar scrub my sister made for me.  She made me two, actually, but so far I’ve just used the one.  It’s a Mint Sugar Scrub and it smells so refreshing and clean!  I use it in the shower once a week to exfoliate and get all the winter dryness off my skin.  The sugar scrubs off the dry skin and the oil in it moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth!  If you want to make your own HERE’s the link to the one my sister made.

This Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub is a great DIY gift idea!

Next up, the Olay Pro-X!  One of my new year’s life changes is to take better care of my skin.  I love this brush!  It is gentle enough to use daily, which I do, and it makes my skin so dang soft and it looks fresher!  I’ve been using it solidly since Christmas and I can tell a huge difference in my skin.  I highly recommend this brush! It’s VERY affordable and you can find it at Target, Wal-Mart and on Amazon (to name a few). Go get yourself one!

Now for my most favorite gift from Christmas.  It was from Andy.  I had mentioned a few times before how much I would like to have a hardcover copy of my most favorite book of all time, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume.  He couldn’t find a new copy of it so wrapped up a note asking me what I wanted to do about it – not get it at all or order one online that was used.  I decided to go to Amazon and see what I could find that was used.  They had quite a few to choose from, no pictures of course, so I just went with my gut and ordered it from a gal who was selling hers for $.99.  Yes, 99 cents!  Less than $4 for shipping.  Her description said it had never even been opened, so the binding was in excellent shape, as was the dust cover.  I ordered it right away and it came and was in perfect condition!  I am so so happy with it!  And I can’t wait to open the front cover and start reading this most fabulous book … again!

Those are my Friday Favorites, what are yours?

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Weigh In Wednesday


I’m linking up with one of my dearest blogging friends, Erin, for Weigh In Wednesday today.

Weigh In Wednesday

It’s been quite some time since I’ve linked up for WIW.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve done more working out than just walking on the treadmill.

One of my New Year’s Goals is to work out at least 4 days per week.  I’d really like to make that 5 days a week but don’t want to set myself up for failure so giving myself a little time to get settled in to this new addition to my days.  I have started crossing off days on the calendar when I work out so at the end of the month I can see that I’ve accomplished my goal.  Visuals make all the difference with me. 

I have taken ‘before’ pics (that aren’t pretty) so hopefully at the end of this first month I’ll be able to see a little difference when I take another set of pics to keep my momentum going and keep me from getting frustrated that nothing’s happening.  Measurements and weight have also been taken and written down. All of that was very unsettling, especially the pictures.  I didn’t realize how bad it’s gotten again.  After having Tate I lost nearly 50lbs, 20 of that past my pre-pregnancy weight.  People noticed I was thinner and clothes fit much better.  Then I got pregnant, ate everything in sight, started drinking pop again and gained weight quickly.  Then I had the miscarriage and the holidays hit and the weight packed on even more.  I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight (barely) and I’m holding on to that with everything I’ve got.  But holy smokes, it’s terrible what that pop did to me!  I firmly believe that if I hadn’t started drinking that poison water again I’d not be in nearly as bad a position as I am right now.  But I did drink it and am reaping the ‘rewards’ for that.

So, what has been my work out of choice?  Jillian.  Again.  She gets results from that darn 30 Day Shred.  I have gotten results from it before. I pulled it out of the back of the cabinet, dusted it off and popped that baby in on Monday.  And I kicked it’s butt!  Ok, so I had to stop twice to use the bathroom (I will be needing to do Kegal’s like mad if I’m going to keep doing all those jumping jacks!!!) but those were quick breaks and I jumped right back on it. Yesterday same thing – I powered through the best I could (with only one bathroom break, lol!) and crossed off that day on my calendar.

Eating healthier goes hand in hand with ‘getting in shape’ and is essential if you’re going to lose any weight.  I made some roasted cauliflower for supper Monday night and got a thumbs up from even my pickiest eater (my husband).  Now if I could get him to love Brussels sprouts as much as I do. 

Today my Polar should be arriving in the mail! I can’t wait to strap that baby on and see what I burn while doing the Shred.  I’ve been wanting one for quite some time, always get a little jealous when I see all the pictures of them on IG and FB.  I hope I’m not totally disappointed in what it tells me.  Any advice or tips on using it?  I believe it’s the Polar FT4.

What are you doing to shape up in 2015?  Any advice on using my Polar?  Healthy side dish recipes you can share?



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Snow Day!


Yesterday the boys went back to school after their Christmas break. Today, snow day.  Friday they have a scheduled day off for the end of the semester so their first week back they aren’t going to accomplish too much.

We ended up with about 5” of snow overnight but luckily the wind they were forecasting hasn’t picked up.  As light and fluffy as the snow is, that wind would make some nasty travel conditions blowing all of that snow around.  But the day is young, that wind just might pick up by day’s end.


Since school was cancelled the boys were allowed to play their tablets this morning.  The rule is no tablets before school so they were thrilled to get to play right off the bat today.  After an hour of that it was time to clean their rooms and get dressed for the day.  While they were doing that I busted out a 30 min workout.  Now they are building Brennan’s Lego Mountain Retreat he was given for Christmas (one of his many new Lego sets, the last to build).


This afternoon I think will be a good time to watch a new movie they were given for Christmas.  And maybe I’ll bust out workout #2!

What did you love to do on your snow days back in the day?


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New Year’s Resolutions 2015


I don’t normally make NY’s resolutions, mainly because they so often get broken and that makes me feel like a loser.  This year, however, I have made a very long list of things I’d like to accomplish and improve.  I feel like I have lost ‘me’ over the past few years and am ready to bring ‘me’ back.

I have a notebook where I have written down my goals and plans hoping that will help me remember my ideas and keep me on track and motivated to keep going. 

Here are just a few of my goals and resolutions for 2015.

  • read at least 1 book a month. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but for someone who used to read 4, 5, 6 or more books a month and who now reads ZERO books a month, this is a slow start to get back into the swing of things.
  • complete 3 scrapbook pages every month. Again, doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s been over 2 years since I’ve last scrapped so I’m trying to set a goal that is attainable. Plus there’s that whole thing of finding time to get these completed.
  • exercise 4 x’s per week
  • drink more water, less pop
  • implement a weekly cleaning schedule
  • try one new recipe every week

I’m hoping by the end of 2015 I feel more like myself again and am feeling like I have accomplished what I set out to do. 

So, any good book recommendations for me?  Tell me one of your resolutions/goals for 2015.


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Gifts From the Heart


I love giving gifts.  Not presents, gifts.  You know, the kind of present you give that you picked out all on your own, the one you found in that gift shop that just jumped up and bit you and said “buy this for XYZ, she’ll love it!”  I love giving gifts!

Last summer I started seeing burlap wreaths all over Pinterest and knew right away that I wanted to make those for my mom, sister and MIL for Christmas.  I looked on YouTube for a tutorial on how to build them and away I went.

I had fun going to the store to pick out the ribbons I would use to decorate each one.  I wanted them all to be unique and to say “Jean”, “Nicole” and “Vickie”. 

Here are the finished wreaths. Nicole’s, then my mom’s and last my MIL’s.


From their reactions when they opened their gifts I think they liked them!


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