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Weekend Rewind

Hey hey hey!!! It's FEBRUARY!!! The best month of the whole year  in my opinion!  It's my birthday month, love is in the air, the air is going to start warming up... It's just a great month!

Another great weekend in the books here!

Saturday morning we loaded up the crew and headed to the outlet mall.  I had 3 outfits that were given to Tenley that were the wrong sizes that I needed to return to Carters and Aiden needed new shoes...again.  That boy goes through shoes like crazy!  But I guess that's a good thing, it means he's active.  Carters always has a sale going on it seems so I may have spent more money than I was given for the returns. :)  Tenley came out of there with 5 new outfits for this spring/summer and Tatie Tot got 2 new shirts.  Oh, and Andy picked out some super cute bows for her!!!  He is so smitten with Tenley and would buy up all the bows if I wasn't already doing a good job of that. :)

From Carter's we went to Old Navy. They were having an additional 30% off their kids clearance racks so I went crazy!  Tenley has a good start to her winter 2016/2017 wardrobe already!  I lost count of how many things I bought for her there.  Tate got a couple of shirts, Aiden got a Bears sweatshirt and 2 long sleeved dress shirts and Brennan got a dress shirt.  We walked out of there with a big bulging sack of clothes, most of which were under $4 a piece.  We even got some things for 97cents!  It was a heck of a deal, I tell you!

Last stop was Under Armor.  Aiden needed those new shoes so we stopped there.  He picked out a new pair and I snagged a new pair while there, too.  We also found a new sweatshirt for Aiden and some basketball shorts for Brennan.  It was a good trip to the outlet mall for sure!

We decided to continue our road trip on over to the big city to get some supplies for the basement bathroom.  It was lunch time so we gave ourselves 30 minutes or less to get what we needed and pick out the floor tile.  We knew going in that we wanted the tile that looks like wood flooring so that gave us a lot fewer options to dig through.  We walked back to the flooring and in less than 30 seconds picked out and agreed on the tile.  We grabbed one box to bring home so we could lay it out and get an idea for how it would look.  I think it's a keeper!

Is it ok to use the 'cool' tones of the flooring with the 'warm' tones of the vanity??? HELP!!!

We grabbed what we needed and headed out.  Andy and the boys ate at Pancheros (burritos) while Tenley and I sat in the car nursing her.  Then we ran through Panda Express for my bowl of orange chicken and came home.  Andy worked on the cabinet that goes in the bathroom downstairs and I did a little cleaning up and laundry here in the house.

Sunday morning the boys helped me make Monkey Bread while I baked a quick chocolate cake for Sunday Dinner at my parent's house.  It was pretty darn good Monkey Bread, they did a great job!  Andy worked in the garage on the cabinet some more while I finished the cake (chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, yum!), then we loaded up and headed out to my parent's.  The sheep shearer was coming so we had planned on eating lunch then going out to the barn to watch. Well, he arrived 2 hours later than expected so we didn't get to watch at all. What a bummer!

We came home, Tate took a nap, the rest of us watched Iowa beat Northwestern (men's basketball), then back out to the garage Andy and the big boys went. It was 45 degrees here so a great afternoon to be outside playing (for winter, that is!).  I worked on a menu for Tate's birthday dinner next Sunday, plus what to make for our little Super Bowl gathering we're hosting.

After that, Andy grilled some brats for supper and we just chilled for the rest of the night.  Homework, baths, etc.

How was your weekend?  This week we have our tax appointment, otherwise it's a quiet week before another busy weekend.  Have a great one!


  1. You make me want to go shopping!!! My kids are need of some spring clothing. Bad. I am trying to hold off. All the stores are coming out with some cute stuff but I just keep thinking "Hold off, there is more to come!" Haha!!

    I love love love the flooring!!!

  2. I love the flooring... I can't wait to see it finished. I was going to text you "HAPPY FAVORITE MONTH" this morning but things got crazy (as in the boys were crazy and giving Tim fits getting out of the house which made me run late).

  3. I'm glad you had a nice weekend!
    I'm also glad it's February! Ha!
    I think the flooring looks great. Can't wait to see the end result!

  4. You nailed some serious sales! I need to check out Old Navy!
    Your tile looks great!! I'm sure it will go well with your vanity.

  5. I want to watch sheep getting sheered - that sounds so cool! Love, love, love that you got to spend time out with friends and family - that really recharges my batteries! And I think the tile looks so cool!