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Tenley's New Bows!

I am a sucker for bows.  I try not to go too overboard because, lets be honest, I could easily send us into bankruptcy buying cute, adorable, sweet, pretty clothes and accessories for Tenley!  I found a new shop on Etsy with a huge variety and selection of bows when looking for her Valentine's bow last week.  They were priced perfectly, a total win!  And, the shop owner was super easy to work with when I made a special request for the Valentine's bow!  Because of all that I wanted to show off the bows I bought and brag about the shop Charming Little Baby.  I'm not getting anything from the owner for this post, just passing along my finds!

This one is Tenley's Valentine's bow.  I didn't want something *too* Valentine's-ey because I want her to be able to wear it for more than just that.  I found the prettiest pinwheel bows that were made with a paisley fabric - super cute!  I knew Tenley didn't have anything to match those paisley prints but I loved the pinwheel bow so I asked Megan if she could use that same style with some ribbon for a Valentine's bow.  She messaged me back almost immediately with a picture of this red and white ribbon asking if I liked that.  Perfect!!!  She whipped up my bows that same afternoon while her kiddos napped and I got a message that same afternoon that my package had been shipped. What?!?  That was fast!  So fast that I received them 2 days later!

This one I saw and knew immediately I had to have it - that hot pink color matches 2 of her outfits that she's about to grow into perfectly!

I have a weakness for lace and shabby chic so this one I put in my 'cart' right away!

And this big pink flower bow, YES!  It accentuates her kissable chubby cheeks. :)

During our photo shoot I caught a few smiles. :)

I can't get enough of those sweet, gummy smiles!

If you are looking for bows for your own little one or to give as a gift look up Charming Little Baby on Etsy!


  1. Those bows are so cute!!! XOXO Beware...they tend to multiply quickly!

  2. You've just added to the bow madness over here. Scott will not be pleased. :) He's said on multiple occasions that I need to get my bow buying in check. But, I just can't help it!!
    These bows are all adorable, and you have the best little model! :) Love those cheekies! Give them a smooch for me, please.

  3. gummy smiles are the best, even at 2am :-(

  4. So sweet! Amanda came out with a head full of hair so she wore bows for years . . . and then she got to old to want one. Sad face.