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Window Washer

Are you spring cleaning yet?  I have not started any deep cleaning yet, but I did get the outside of the windows washed this weekend.  I decided to try using a squeegee with a scrubber on one side and a bucket of hot water with a small squirt of dish soap.  It. worked. AWESOME!!!  It was fun, and it did a great job.  I also used the scrubber side to wash the trim around the windows, which worked really slick too.  The only thing I need to perfect is my 'clean up' of the drips.  I need to find a micro-fiber towel to wipe the edges where the squeegee doesn't get all the water off.  Give this technique a try, I found my squeegee/scrubber at Theisen's for under $10.  And the scrubber cover comes off so I can toss it in the wash with my towels.  Easy!

So here's the funny part of me washing the windows -- I fell off my step stool!  It was like one of those moments on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  And it was all in slow motion.  I'm praying that none of the neighbors saw me!  I ended up with a big scrape on my right shin, a long cut under my left arm and a bunch of bruises.  But I bet it was funny to watch! Thank goodness for the bush that caught me!

Have a great Tuesday!

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