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Hello Spring!

I'm feeling a little more spunky so thought I'd add another post since I jipped you earlier. :)

These are from my garden, they're sure to make anyone feel better. Daffodils are so bright and cheerful!  Since this is our first spring here it's exciting to see I have both yellow and white w/ yellow center daffodils.  I mostly have the white but there is one clump that they planted both together, they look so pretty.  Qualify that, looked so pretty.  I just cut a bunch so now they're a little light on the blooms. :)  But since I had so many clumps I didn't feel bad cutting some.  Isn't that funny how some people (me included) feel bad cutting flowers because then the garden won't look as pretty or full?  I read something once about an old lady who died with a full bottle of fancy perfume on her dresser.  She kept saving that perfume for a special day, but in the end she never used it because she died before that 'special day' ever came.  It's sad, and the moral of the story is treat every day as a special day.  So I cut my flowers and brought them inside, because tomorrow those blooms will fade in the garden, same as they will fade in my house.  But at least I get to enjoy them every time I look at my table, instead of only a few times a day when I walk by the window that looks out on that bed.

Now go spritz on some of the fancy perfume you've been saving, today's a special day!

Happy Spring!

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