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A Good Weekend

Awww, what a WONDERFUL weekend we had!  It was just awesome!  Saturday Aiden had his 2 buddies over, and they had so much fun. They were so nice, they let Brennan tag along all morning, which was awesome for him.  That afternoon, after the boys left, we went outside and tilled up the garden.  We cut down the Trumpet Vine that was growing in a mound in the garden, which totally opened it up.  (We're told there used to be an arch-way there that it climbed on, but the vine got so heavy that it tipped over the arch so they took that out.  Still haven't figured out why they didn't put up a new one or get rid of the vine, but whatev's.)  By the time we got the garden tilled, the vine cut down and the leaves that had collected around it raked up we were tuckered out, so we came in for a break then we got ready to go out for supper with 2 of our good friends.

The boys stayed the night with Andy's folks while we went out.  We had such a good time with Mike and Micaela, it's been awhile since I've laughed so hard.  The food was good, the company was outstanding and it wasn't too late of a night, which is great for me. :)  Sunday I ran to get the boys and take Aiden to Sunday School, then came home to make lunch and out we went again.  We took a load of leaves and branches out to my parent's burn pile, checked out all of their baby lambs and chicks, then headed home again.  Bren went down for his nap and the rest of us went outside to play in the yard.  Andy tilled up a portion of my flower bed that I have emptied, then I racked it out smooth and covered it with mulch. It looks so nice, I can't wait to get the rest of it done!  We were outside for a couple of hours before coming in for supper.  It was just a great, great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?  Were you productive or did you relax and catch up on sleep? 


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