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You're going to think I'm nuts but sometimes I think I have ESP.  Seriously!  For instance, just this morning I was emailing my grandma (my other grandma, not the one in heaven I write to) that I was working on getting my strawberry bed ready for the arrival of my live strawberry plants.  I was hoping they'd hold off on sending them until at least next week so I could till the bed.  Andy sprayed the devil out of it with round-up last weekend and I wanted to make sure every was D-E-D dead before planting those little plants in there.  Well guess what showed up in my mailbox today!  Ahh!  So now we have no choice but to till up that bed, live weeds and all, and hope for the best.  Here's the before shot, you'll have to wait until later for the after (I want to mulch it before taking the 'after' shot, so you'll be waiting a few days). 
This looks good compared to what we started with!  Still a long way to go, tho.

Have a great one!

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