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Daffodils And Sunny Days

I messed up a bit on yesterday's post.  I didn't go into labor on the 6th, I went into labor on the 5th (my due date) and Bren was born on the 6th.  You might have caught that mess up and wondered if I was totally nuts, and the answer is yes, I am.

Yesterday's weather the perfect gift from Mother Nature to Mr. 3 year old. He loves to be outside and it was almost 70 degrees and sunny -- but windy.  We played outside for quite awhile last night.  The bulbs are all excited for Spring as well, and they are showing their pretty faces.  I love it when you see the first hints of green popping up out of the ground!  I'm anxious to get outside and clean the flower beds up.  Looks like I need to sooner than later, or I'll be disturbing those pretty little bulbs.  Here are some 'sping shot's.
Sorry for the shadow, not sure why Blogger is uploading this way.  Daffodils!

Aren't they cute? :)
Today is cloudy but mild and breezy.   That wind will help dry things out...just in time for some rain this afternoon! 

See you soon,

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