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Weekend Rewind

Let me start by saying I have ZERO pictures to show for our weekend.  That could mean one of two things: A.) it was so busy I had no time to grab my camera or B.) it was so boring there was nothing to take pictures of.  The answer is mostly A.  Busy, no time to grab camera and throw in a side of I never even thought to grab the camera.  Here's what our weekend was like...

I can't even remember what we did Friday night so we're skipping that recap.  Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get the sheep fed so we could get our day started.  Aiden's baseball team won their ball game Thursday night which put them within reach of the Championship game Saturday afternoon. They played the other team from here in town (boo, playing against your best buddies) at 9:00 Saturday morning.  It was a steamer - high humidity, high temperatures.  Both teams played their hearts out and unfortunately we lost, 10-7.  Double unfortunately, we had to turn around and play the 11:00 game for 3rd and 4th place.  The boys had zero time to take a break, cool off and get their heads into the second game of the day.  Once again, they played their hearts out but came up short, 7-6.  Such a heart breaker but those boys held their heads high and felt good about their season. Their record in the regular season was 10-2, pretty darn good!  Both of those losses were to the two teams they lost to in the tournaments.

After the game we found some shade and stayed to watch our friends play in the Championship game.  Sadly they lost.  They looked like a completely different team than the one we played first thing that morning - I think the heat had gotten to them.  We had a fun day at the ball field but didn't come home with the wins we wanted to.

After the game we swung by the ice cream place and grabbed cones then headed to my parent's to get the Sweet T's.  We rushed home and I grabbed a shower while Aiden, Tate and Andy went to feed the sheep again.  Andy got home, grabbed a bite to eat then left to meet his dad and brother for the Lynard Skynard concert.  He said it was pretty awesome, they sounded great.  Meanwhile the boys and I ran to town for pizza, then home to watch the Olympic Trials in women's diving and men's gymnastics.  

I have started watching 'Parenthood' on Netflix and can safely say I am now hooked.  4 episodes in since Friday, I already want to be a Braverman!

Sunday morning we ran to town for a quick errand.  Home for lunch then Andy and Aiden left to meet up with Aiden's 4-H club.  They were doing their livestock tour that afternoon.  A livestock tour is when they go from farm to farm looking at the club member's animals. The club leaders can give tips/suggestions and it's neat for the members to see what others are showing at the fair.  After they made it home we ate a quick supper then went to the ball field for Brennan's last PeeWee ball game of the year.  Wow those ball season's went fast this year!  I'm sad to say goodbye to baseball until next Spring but excited to move into football in another 6 weeks.

So, it was a semi-busy weekend but I did get to sneak a quick nap Sunday afternoon while Andy and Aiden were gone and the babies were napping.  Boy did I need that!

Up this week?  AIDEN'S TENTH BIRTHDAY!!!  Holy cow, how is my first baby double digits already???  To celebrate he is taking a group of friends to the local swimming pool then having them all over to spend the night Wednesday -- pray for me! :)  Thursday night, Aiden's birthday, instead of celebrating, he is going to his last sheep workshop before the fair.  Brennan has swim lessons Monday through Wednesday, Thursday he is going to a fun day camp called Messy Scientists. Can't wait to see what all they do!  The week will go fast and then it'll be July - how?!?  And the 4th of July!!!  Then we are less than 2 weeks til our fair and summer is more than half over.  Sad face.  :(

Have a great week!


  1. I want to be a Braverman too... we could be the bestest sisters. I am FINALLY on season 6, it has literally taken me a whole month but I am finally there. I won't spoil anything for you promise. Our ball season is almost over too and I am a little sad about it. Carter has become quit the pitcher, we have 4 games left but he will only be able to make three. You had a pretty busy weekend but when we are old and look back at all the stuff we fit into a weekend we are going to be amazed we pulled through it alive. Here is to another week!

  2. You are a busy woman!

  3. Life is good my friend! While the days are long, the years are short! This is the stuff the kids will remember . . . time with family and friends! Love your updates!