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Tate and Tenley's Photo Shoot

Last week we had Tate's 2 year pictures and Tenley's 6 month pictures taken.  It was a really breezy evening which explains why Tate's hair is a mess but otherwise it was a nice night.  Tate wouldn't cooperate as much as I'd have liked him to - he kept sticking his tongue out or mushing his mouth over to the side - but regardless Sarah was able to catch some really sweet pics of my guy.

Miss Tenley is Miss Photogenic, and she's never met a stranger, so she was smiling like a ham!  Sarah kept gushing over her and how much fun she was to photograph.  Loulie! :)

We started off with a quick pose of all 4 kids together.

No session with kids (boys?) is complete without the funny face pic.  Not sure why Bren didn't get too crazy with his face but Tate just stuck that tongue out farther than he'd already had it.  :)

Now Tate's...

(My favorite of his!)

And Tenley's...

I finally got my laptop back yesterday so hurried up and ordered prints for myself and family.  I can't wait til next week when they arrive and I can get them in frames!!!

Tate's Shirt: Old Navy
Floral Romper - not available anymore :(


  1. They turned out great!!! The pictures of all four kids are so good. Tate is such a little ham! And Tenley's outfit and bows are perfect!

  2. Tate has such a cute mischievous grin! And Tenley, girlfriend should be modeling. Adorable!

  3. These pictures are just the cutest. I can't stand it! Tate is looking so BIG! All the boys are! And Tenley!! So cute! Just adorable!

  4. They turned out so good. Tenley is a ham... I just want to squeeze her and all her cuteness.