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From The First To The Last

Wednesday was the boys' last day of school.  They were let out at 11 and as they got off the bus at our corner I could hear a bunch of kids whooping and hollering - it was pretty darn cute!

Tate couldn't wait for the big boys to get here!

We had to take the obligatory last day picture that morning.  Here's a side by side of their first day of 1st and 4th grades and their last.

First day on left, last day on right.

Aiden, started 4th grade as a 9 year old, ending 4th grade as a 9 year old.  His teacher was Mrs. Draisey.  This year he participated in flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball and 4H.

Brennan started 1st grade as a 6 year old and finished 1st grade as a 7 year old.  His teacher was Mrs. Sprouse.  He participated in flag football, soccer, baseball and Clover Kids.

Brennan told me a few weeks ago that this summer he really really wanted to meet Grandma Jean for lunch at Pizza Hut so he could have pasta.  We decided since June is so busy and July will be busy with the fair to go ahead and get that marked off his Summer Bucket List right away, so yesterday we met Grandma for lunch.  We also picked up cousins Charley and Nora Jean to go along with us.  Looks like Brennan's summer (and Aiden's) is off to a great start!

On to 2nd and 5th grades!


  1. Aiden looks SOOO grown up!!! Holy cow!!! Have a great summer!

  2. They both changed a lot from beginning to end... Happy summer vaca kiddos.

  3. They boys have grown so much!!
    I love the little recap of the year for the boys. I might have to borrow that once Marcus starts elementary school!