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Here are my FAVORITES from this week...

Seeing Tate sitting in the chair at the dentist's office was one of my FAVORITE things this week.  I mean, come on!  CUTE!!!  And such a big boy!  He did just as awesome as his big brothers did their first times!  I was SUPER nervous with each of them their first time and had no reason to be!  In fact, the big boys LOVE going to the dentist. They didn't get that from me, I wouldn't say I love it. :)

Showing off his clean teeth with big brother, Aiden. Great job, Tate!  Another FAVORITE of mine is how much Tate loves his hero, Aiden.  Those two are so sweet together!

Getting the sheep sheared this week was a FAVORITE of mine.  The two we sheared were already on the small side, now they look REALLY small compared to the other two.

This little girl is always a FAVORITE of mine!  She taught herself how to blow raspberries this week...while eating her baby food!  Peas flying in NOT a FAVORITE of mine.  :)

Watching my Brennie Joe read a good book is a FAVORITE of mine!  We ran up to the library, by his request, to check him out a couple books.  This one is in the 'Eerie Elementary' series and he's devouring it!  Yay for reading a good book!  (Currently I'm reading 'The Rumor' by Elin Hilderbrand.  Loving it!)

FINALLY, after years of trying, I have a poppy!!!!!  For sure my FAVORITE flower blooming in my garden right now!  Yes, I had to put a cage around it to protect it from those pesky rabbits, but the beauty of the flower offsets the ugliness of the cage I think.

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  1. I have to get O to the dentist this summer... I am sure I will be nervous too. Flying baby food is never fun. My favorite flower is Peonies and they have already come and gone. We do have a wild flower garden in the back of our house that has literally taken off this year and seeing all the colors and butterflies makes me smile. Your poppy is beautiful I would have caged it too.

  2. Love it! All things kids and animals are always favorites of mine too! Happy Fridays are a favorite as well! Cheers to the weekend!

  3. Those sheep all sheered, LOVE!!!
    I'm impressed with anyone who can grow ANYTHING! That poppy sure is pretty!