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Life Lately

Gosh I feel so awful for neglecting this little blog of mine.  I love writing my posts, hearing from you gals and getting our memories down on 'paper'.  Some day I'll get my poop in a group and get back to regular posting.  In the meantime...

Here's life lately:

Tate went to the pool for the first time this summer.  It took him a few minutes to warm up to the water but after he got used to it he loved tolerated it.  It helped that Aiden's good buddy, Conner, was there playing ball with him.  Tate conked Conner in the head with the ball and he totally played it off perfectly - feigned pain and sunk into the water.  Tate thought it was hilarious, thus a new game was born. :)

Pagliai's Pizza.  Oh my!  It's my absolute favorite pizza in all the land, and I do love me some pizza so for this to be crowned 'Erin's Favorite' is a big deal! I could it eat it every single day and never tire of it.  Mmmm!

Our black raspberries are changing color!  I bet by the end of this week we are picking our first bites of those yummy little berries.  The boys can't wait!

Green beans!!!  I've picked twice and canned 9 quarts (which doesn't sound like much. I just tell myself that if I'd have canned pints like I did before having 20 kids that would have been18 jars!!).  Heading out tomorrow morning to pick again.

This past weekend was Andy and Aiden's Father/Son Basketball Camp hosted by the Iowa Hawkeye Men's team. They went last year for the first time and couldn't wait to go again this year.  The three little ones and I went up Saturday morning to watch Aiden play 'Beat the Hawk'.  We stopped Coach as he walked by and grabbed a quick picture of him with the three I had.  Andy has a picture of Coach Fran and Aiden.  Ha ha, Tate looking waaaay up at him cracks me up!

Aiden playing 'Beat the Hawk' against my favorite player, Nicholas Baer.

Saturday night Andy and Aiden ran out to the farm to feed the sheep so me and the other 3 went for a short walk.  We went by the war memorial and I snapped this picture of the flags flying in the breeze.  So pretty.

 Working the sheep is quickly becoming a family activity.  Tate has gotten pretty brave around those sheep, loves petting them while Aiden is working on setting them up.  Sunday morning he decided he could set them up himself.  That smile!!!

Brennan was terrified of sheep since 2 winters ago when a mama jumped out of her pen to get her baa-ing lamb that Aiden was holding.  This is huge to have him holding Nubby all by himself!

Mutton busting!!!  Tenley's a natural. :)

Bren's having an awesome ball season.  He hit a home run Sunday night!  Of course, put that into perspective - it's 7 and 8 year olds and they tend to overthrow the ball but he did make it almost to 2nd base before they got to the ball so that's a pretty good hit if you ask this mom!  Brennan's the cutie all the way on the left.

That's life lately!


  1. I can't believe how fast summer is going and it only started yesterday. I love watching kids and their animals.

  2. Y'all look like you're having the best summer!! Every time I see your gardening I wish I could do it! I just don't have the green thumb!

  3. Ohh, the dog days of summer are good ones!!! My new favorite quote "poop in a group" - bwhahahaha!! Busy boys . . . it's all good! Sports and sheep and swimming - all the "s"'s. ;-) I used to love to "snap" beans with my mom and grandma . . . we never canned much, but I like the idea of it! Teach me! And then make me a blackberry cobbler - I'll bring the ice cream! Glad all is well!