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Stranded \\ Netflix

Today I'm playing along with Shay and Erica for their "Stranded" link up series.

What three Netflix series would I take with me if stranded on an island?

First, how cool is this deserted island that it has Netflix? Ha ha!  Between the books from last month and the Netflix series this month, I might start wishing for this desert island in real life. :)

When I saw this topic the first series that popped in my head immediately was 'Ally McBeal'.  I would watch this series over and over again, happily!

I'd follow it up with 'Gilmore Girls'.  I'm a GG junkie!  Love GG!!!  I can't wait for the four 90 minute episodes that they are coming out with later this year!  I wish I was Lorelei.  Or Rory.  I'd take either of them.  :)

My final series would be 'The West Wing'.  Not so light hearted as the other two but there are humorous moments.  Plus it's just a darn good show!

Which series would you take along?


  1. Gilmore Girls - YES!! I still love that show!
    I'd probably have to throw in Grey's Anatomy and Friends.

  2. Well, I think I'm the last person on earth who does not have Netflix! Loved Ally McBeal but I've never seen the other two! I used to love Sex in the City and The Office so maybe those would be my picks!

  3. Stopping by from the link up. I have never seen Gilmore Girls but it's on my list too. I loved Ally McBeal back in the day.

  4. And I have never seen any of those! Maybe I need to get busy!