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Weekend Rewind // Life Lately

Good Monday morning to you!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend, ours was a good one.

Life lately has been all about summer and fun!  Last week on Thursday we met my mom for lunch at Pizza Hut, one of Brennan's summer bucket list requests.  He loves their ranch pasta on their buffet!  Before heading to lunch we hit up the park with cousins - park and time with cousins screams SUMMER to me!

Baseball also screams SUMMER in my world these days!  Tenley has made some super sweet friends at Aiden's ball games.  These two girls played and played and played with her last week.  Aubrey and Ally, two girls Tenley will probably always look up to. I hope Tenley is just as sweet as these two are.

Friday was National Donut Day so we took advantage of the reason to head to the nearby Amish community to the bakery for donuts and more park time.

Sweet Little Lou is getting to be such a big girl.  She can hold her own bottle, even though I don't let her do it very often.

Andy and the big boys went fishing Friday night.  That Brennie Joe, he is a fishing master!  He caught 6 of the 7 fish that night!  Andy caught the other one.  Poor Aiden, he didn't have any luck.  They all had fun being out there, though.

Andy hollered for me to come running Sunday morning -- Loulie was pinned under the Batcave!  Ha ha, she didn't cry or holler, just made one of her girly cooing noises.  Ha ha, so darn cute!  I had to snap a quick picture since she wasn't hurt or upset about being under there!

Aside from all of that we've been working the 4H lambs.  2 of them have something called 'sore mouth'.  Basically it's like canker sores along the sides of their mouths.  They are contagious to both other sheep and humans so we are keeping our distance from those 2.  Such a bummer because they need the most work.  Sigh, hopefully we can catch them up once that clears up.  One of those 2 also has a fungus on it's nose, again, something I believe to be contagious.  I haven't found any concrete info on it on the internet so calling the vet tomorrow to see if there's anything we can do to clear it up sooner than later.  We won't be showing that lamb at the fair if it doesn't get cleared up.  Bummer.  In the meantime, the 2 healthy ones are growing and doing really well when Aiden sets them up.  I'll try to snap pictures of that and write up a post on it so you can understand what I'm talking about.  You don't just drag them into the show ring and step back, there's a little finagling with them to get their legs set up right, their heads pulled up so their necks are in a semi-straight line, etc etc.  Stay tuned for that post...

Also, we are working on the bathroom in the basement!  Phase I of the basement remodel is almost complete, finally!  Last weekend we laid the tile but we didn't do too good on getting enough mortar under some of the squares so Andy's been working on finding the loose ones and getting them re-mortared into place.  Finally yesterday we were able to grout it.  I'm going to make you wait until it's all done to see pictures.  After the grout's dry we will start hanging the boards on the walls - think shiplap.  I'll then paint it and once that's done we can FINALLY install the toilet and vanity/sink.  I can't tell you how excited I am to clean the shower in there! It's all dusty and gross and gives me hives, ha!  My goal is to have it all finished by end of June.  I should maybe let Andy in on that info, his goal is probably different than mine. :)

Have a wonderful week!  Like I said last week, our June is super packed and this week really kicks that off!  Brennan has basketball camp M/T/W, Aiden has 4H camp T/W/Th, we have a ball game T/Th, Brennan had his first one last night, and we need to work sheep and get them sheared (I hope) this week.  Oh, and dentist appointments this morning for the 3 boys!  Tate's first trip to the dentist, wish me and the dentist luck! :)

Talk soon!


  1. You are doing ALL the summer things!!
    And Lou, put that bottle down! You are not big enough/old enough for that!
    Setting up the lambs! I remember helping my best friend with that for fair. I can't wait to see more! I hope those two sicklies get better soon so the are show-ready!

  2. I can't wait to see what happens with the lambs. Like I said, that is so intriguing to me.

  3. Yay! I just caught up on all your posts! Say it isn't so with baby Tenley being 6 months already and getting more independent! Although it's sad to see them growing up, I'm happy she is so happy and healthy and progressing like she should!

    Love the sheep updates . . . I had no idea what all goes into showing them so it's cool to learn! And what a fabulous thing for your boys (Andy too) to get to do together!

    Love that Aiden is rocking the baseball . . . and a pitcher too! Awesome! And Brennan with the fishing . . . so cute!

    I'm a wannabee scrapbooker and card maker - I have all the stuff but just never seem to make the time to do it. Gah!

    The photo shoot - I can't even with the cuteness. My fave of Tate is the first one where he's kind of looking up at you with those eyes . . . adorable! And I love the rocking chair one of Tenley!

    You guys get out of school early too . . . love that! And I love to see the first and last day pictures side by side . . . where does the time go!! Looks like the summer fun is in full swing . . . enjoy the free time and lazy days of fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! As always, Tinley looks so cute!

    I hope your sheep get better!

    Have a fun, jam packed week!

  5. I love all summer things.... T2 under the bat cave kind of cracks me up and it looks like her car seat still swallows her... Ev's really should be in a rear facing seat because he is way to long for his but I just can't bring myself to do it.