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Weekend Rewind

YOU GUYS!!!  I need a major vacation, one where I do nothing but sit and watch the water!  I'm exhausted from summer and it's only week 2!

Last week was non-stop go-go-go and the weekend was exactly the same.

Our town had their annual festival/party/whatever you want to call it.  Temps were in the 90's all weekend, throw in some humidity and you have a HOT one!  We don't participate in too much where Fun Days is concerned but we always go to the parade and we always have a party at our house.

I didn't get many pictures of the parade this year, nothing tripped my trigger, but it was still fun to watch.  The boys each got full grocery sacks of candy, plus they saw friends, so it was a great time for them.

That afternoon a local business sponsored a free swim at the pool so Aiden and a bunch of his buddies went for the afternoon.  He came home exhausted, a good time had by all!

That evening we had our party.  We have always only invited our friends from the big big city but this year we decided to invite friends from down here.  Of all 6 couples from here we invited only 1 was able to come.  They brought their 2 super cute kiddos and Tate had the best time with them!  Running through the spinkler...

Sliding down the slide into the little pool...

Playing at the water table...

The big kids had a water balloon fight, which I didn't catch on camera.  :(  Then they just hung out the rest of the evening - we barely saw them!  Sigh, they are getting older and you can tell.  It's a crazy thing to watch happen right before your eyes.

Everyone left by 10:00 and to bed I went - I was tired!

Sunday afternoon we went to the War Memorial Dedication here in town.  Some amazing and selfless community members put in countless hours designing and building the monument. The dedication was amazing, gave me goosebumps, even in the 90+ degree heat!  They did an amazing job.  Brennan sang in the children's choir - God Bless America and God Bless The USA.  I've never been to a war memorial dedication before but I am so glad I went!  If your community ever has one you must go!  I didn't get many good pictures but I'll share the few I snapped.

We drove back by last night to get a couple pictures without the crowd.  Beautiful.

Brennan had his second ball game of the season last night - thank goodness the temps had dropped a tad and there was a nice breeze, made it really nice out last night.  He had great hits, fielded the ball and threw it to first to get the batter out.  He's a pretty darn good ball player!

Throw in there choring the sheep and we've done a lot of running.

And so now I need a vacation. :)  I might be exhausted but it's really so much fun following these kids of mine around from event to function to ball game etc.

What's up this week?  Well, Brennan has another basketball camp this week in the mornings, today I have a meeting at noon, I have a haircut Thursday, Aiden has his last regular season ball game tomorrow night, friends are coming to play one afternoon, and I know there's something else I'm forgetting in there -- better check my calendar!!  Have a great week!


  1. So what is "choring" the sheep? Farming nube that I am! LOL! Love that you enjoyed a parade and a memorial dedication . . . that's some Americana right there! And how sweet are the kids and your party pics . . . I'm a little jealous that those little kid activities are in my past. Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Your schedule is PACKED! But, summer wouldn't be summer if it wasn't that way. I remember growing up and we were always going in one direction or another. Too much fun to be had to just sit at home!
    That war dedication sounds amazing, and so awesome that you have people in your community willing to put in so much work and effort!