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What's Up Wednesday \\ September '16

Bonus question: What's your favorite Fall recipe?

What I'm reminiscing about
I'm reminiscing about when I started working at my second (and last) salon.  My sweet friend who owned that salon just lost her dad this week. When I started at the salon Warren was so sweet and nice and welcoming, I just adored him.  He is in a better place now but gosh do I wish he didn't have to go.

What I'm loving
I am TOTALLY LOVING my new window!  We put it in Monday night and I cannot get over how much I love it!  All the natural light it lets in is so awesome!!!  And yesterday I was sitting on the couch when a breeze came in and blew my hair - heaven!   I will get a post up with pictures because I have to show it off!  Give us time to get it all done first!

What we've been up to
Football football football.  Between Bren's games, Aiden's practices and games and us watching games on TV 4 of the 7 nights per week we are fully immersed in football right now.

What I'm dreading
I'm dreading digging my sewing machine out of the basement to hem up a couple pair of jeans I bought that are too long.  The actual sewing of the new hem will take less than 5 minutes probably, but getting the machine out, setting it up, measuring the pants, pinning them, then cleaning up and putting everything away will take me much longer.  But, with the cooler temps almost here I need to get the jeans hemmed because they are the only 2 pairs I have so far!

What I"m working on
I'm working on helping Andy finish the window.  We still have to get the siding put back on the house, stain and varnish the trim and wood sashes of the window, hang the trim and then finally hang the curtains.  It's so worth all the work, though!

What I'm excited about
I'm excited to get our family pictures taken next month!  I'm working on getting outfits picked out and bought now which is totally stressful for me.  These family pictures include Andy's parents and brother's family, too.  We've never had a big family picture taken before and we've been married almost 15 years!

What I'm watching/reading
I'm getting ready to start reading 'The Girl on the Train'.  A friend is starting a book club and this will be our first book to read.  We meet the last Friday of October so I have a little time to get it read.  I also just started one of Elin Hilderbrand's books, I think it's called Winter Street.  Does anyone else lose track of the title of books they are reading on their Kindles?  Because I don't have the book's cover in front of me as much as you do with a book I can't keep track!

Watching: This Is Us, like most women in their 30's and 40's are now!  Totally loved the pilot last week (hello Milo, yum!)!  Also still trucking through 'Parenthood' on Netflix.  Still love that series!  I'm just in season 3, have a couple more to go.

What I'm listening to
I love Miranda Lambert's 'Vice', and heard a new Carrie Underwood song yesterday that I really liked but have no idea what it's called.  Also like Maren Morris!  And, like always, loving me some oldies. :)  I've also been listening to more Standards, love that mellow/laid back music!

What I'm wearing
Yesterday I was able to wear a pair of my too long jeans!  We're having Fall weather this week and I'm loving it!

What I'm doing this weekend
This weekend is going to be so crazy busy!  It's supposed to be a fun weekend but I'm actually dreading it because it's so packed.  We are taking the kids to my parent's overnight Friday because early Saturday morning we are heading to Iowa City for the Iowa game.  We are going with friends and it'll be a ton of fun.  After the game we rush to my parent's house to grab the kids and head to my sister's house for my nephew's 12th birthday party.  Sunday morning we have church and the kids have religion class, then we head to Aiden's football game.  After that we rush back home to grab a few things before heading to Aiden's 4H meeting that evening where they are having a hayrack ride and bonfire for the families.  Like I said, fun weekend but so crazy busy.

What I'm looking forward to next month
FALL!!!  I know we are technically in Fall right now but October scrams Fall to me.  I'd love to take the crew to a pumpkin patch.  I'm also trying to talk my parent's into putting together a little hayrack ride and bonfire at their place with my sister's family.  I told Andy a couple of months ago that I wanted to do up the season's and holiday's right this year so anything that says Fall is what I want to be doing!  However, our weekends are so full in the next 3 months I don't know how much we are going to get done.  I'm still going to try, though!

What my favorite Fall recipe
My favorite Fall recipe is the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Pot Pie.  So hearty and perfect for a cool Fall evening!  A very close second is a big ol' batch of Chili!  I have three different recipes I make, each one a little different than the next, so it doesn't feel like we are constantly eating the same thing (even though we are!).

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  1. New window?? WOOHOO!!
    I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen This Is Us. And I need to fix that, because everyone and their grandmother is raving about it.
    Girl On The Train was SO good! I couldn't put that one down!
    And Miranda's "Vice" is awesome! I blast that one when I can. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the finished window.. the snap sneak peak was beautiful.

  3. I can't wait to see your new window! I'm thinking about catching up on "This is Us" on demand. It looks really good. I started watching "Designated Survivor" and I like that so far. I need some new shows.