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Tenley Louise || 10 Months Old

Here we are, 10 months old.  Oh Loulie Girl, I can't even begin to tell you how MUCH I love you.  The love I felt for you the moment you were born, it was so immense! - but it shy's in comparison to how much I love you today.  Each day I love you more than the day before, less than the next day to come.  Just when I think my heart will explode with how much I love you it somehow grows to hold even more love for you!  I know Daddy feels the exact same way!

Lets talk about Daddy for bit - goodness, he is so smitten by you!  You just have to flash your adorable smile at him and that's it, he's a puddle of mush!  But you, you absolutely ADORE your daddy!  Just the other morning, Daddy and the boys were rushing around getting their breakfasts ready.  You stumbled, not enough to hurt yourself but you, being you, started crying (it's so sweet!).  I scooped you up, brought you to the living room to cuddle with you.  The tears were pooling in your eyes and then Daddy walked by but didn't say anything to console you (because I was doing that). Oh boy, did you cry HARD!  It totally crushed you that your daddy didn't stop what he was doing to make you all better.  I, of course, told him that he was breaking your heart and he stopped everything to come in and soothe you.  All better!  You dropped a couple tears, sniffled and then smiled at your daddy.  Talk about heart exploding!

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time considering you've been cruising along furniture and pushing walkers around for a couple of months now - you are taking steps!  You've put together 6 steps in a row and when you fall down you stand your cute little self back up and try a few more.  You're even brave enough to try carrying a small toy or your snuggle blankie sometimes.  It's only a matter of time until you are full-on walking all the time.

You are the silliest, happiest little baby girl ever!  Your giggle always makes me giggle back!  You like to be silly, you LOVE to be tickled and when I lay you back on my lap you always get wiggled around so your head is hanging completely off and then  you stick your finger or thumb in your mouth and just smile and giggle as I tickle you some more!

Your bag of tricks now includes blowing kisses ... sort of!  You have the 'mwah' sound down-pat and can get your hand up to your mouth but then your finger gets put in there and you forget to pull it back out for the 'blowing the kiss' part because what 10 month old doesn't get side tracked by chewing on their finger?  :)  You still love saying good morning to the baby in the mirror in your room and you love it when her mommy kisses her!  You like watching the leaves on the trees outside blowing in the wind.  When you hear someone cough or sneeze you tend to make fun of them by mimicking the same noise back, and then it's a game because you will go back and forth with them as long as they'll play along!  You get pretty mad when you get put in your car seat, but once you're settled in there you are good to go.  You like looking at books, the TV interests you sometimes and you LOVE to dance!  You kind of do a bounce and squat thing and it's oh so sweet!

I can't remember if I've touched on this before but it's something I want to note because I just love it! When the boys were little like you and exploring a new object they'd reach out and use all of their fingers to grab it, kind of scratching it.  With you, though, you use your one little index finger.  You reach your hand out and then stick that sweet little finger straight out and gingerly and ever so slightly touch, tickle and poke whatever it is you are trying to figure out.  It gets me every time!

Speaking of fingers, you've started sucking on your two middle fingers!  You will sit down, grab your snuggle and plug your middle and ring fingers into your sweet little mouth.  It's so adorable!  I've yet to catch it on camera, as soon as I reach for my phone you start smiling at me and out they come!

Big news this month (aside from you taking steps!) -- you have your first tooth!!!  It's a pretty little pearl on the bottom left.  You were a tad 'off' for a couple of days, not quite as smiley, but otherwise that little tooth popping through wasn't a big deal for you.  I can tell you are working on the bottom right tooth, now.  Your poor bottom, it was pretty sore this past week.

Earlier in the month I thought you were done with baby food and I was bummed about it. But you came back around to it and we are still going strong with Gerber!  I know, I know, you are old enough for soft table foods but they aren't nearly as easy as grabbing a container or pouch of food for you.  We are busy running after the big boys all the time - games, practices, etc - so having the ease of baby food is really helpful!  You still love eating what table food I give you - the other day you had some of my omelet for breakfast and devoured it!  Red and green peppers, CHEESE! Yum! :)  We haven't found anything you don't like yet but time will tell if we stay that lucky.

You love playing with Tate... actually, you love playing with what Tate is playing with, and then you two yell at each other.  For now it's cute but in a couple years... well, lets just hope you two learn how to share and play nicely together!

As you  know, I've longed for a daughter for a very long time.    Partly so I always had someone to go places with.  This past month another part of my dream came true!  You and I went to a craft show together!  It was a great girlie morning, just you, me, Grandma Jeannie, Auntie Cole and Nora Jean.  The icing on the cake that morning was the fact that you wore the khaki pea coat I bought way back when Aiden was a baby.  It wasn't for him, it was for you!  I bought it on clearance for $3 hoping and praying that I'd have a little girl to put in it.  I've been holding on to that cute little jacket for 10 years, Tenley Lou!  I cried a little that morning when I put you in it, it was a such a sweet moment for me.

As you can tell by the blur of the pictures you are quite active!  Getting any of the pictures I did for this post was quite the feat - next month we're going to need Daddy's assistance!  Or we need to do it while Tate is busy, he was being a bit 'too much' help this go-round. :)

Now for your monthly stats:
Weight: 19lb 6oz
Height: 30 1/2" (rough measurement)
Clothes: Mostly 6-9 months, but some 12 m and a couple pairs of 3-6m shorts that still fall off you (tiny little butt!)
Diapers: size 2 Pampers.  We are barely holding on to that size!

I love, love, love you Tenley Louise!


  1. I CANNOT believe she's almost 1!!!! She is just so precious!

  2. GAH! Ev's turned 11 months this past Saturday. I hope to get a post of that up tomorrow...Tenley is adorable.

  3. Isn't it so sweet when the little lady's just have the daddys wrapped around their fingers?
    Blowing kisses. GAH! Heart melted, every single time!
    Can Lou please teach Julia about this whole taking steps thing? We're close, but not there.
    And I got teary eyed reading about the khaki jacket.
    Also. I spy a headband that I'm kind of smitten with. :)