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Stranded Again!

Every so often, as a busy mom, the thought of being stranded on an island doesn't sound too bad - especially when that island has hot celebrities, my favorite books and Netflix on it! Ha ha!

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erica for their fun monthly Stranded link up!  Join us!  Today's stranded is all about the 3 movies you'd take with you to this fabulous island!

All of my movies are 'oldies but goodies'.  I'm not much of a movie watcher anymore but still have my favorites from the past.

Let's start off with something romantic - The Bridges of Madison County.  Gah, this movie (and book!)!!!  It rips my heart and guts out each and every time I've watched it!  I remember finishing this book one Sunday at my Grandma's house while everyone was sitting outside under the tree enjoying the nice afternoon.  I was sobbing so hard, tears were soaking my shirt!  You know it's a good book if it gets that kind of reaction out of someone - the movie does the same thing to me!

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Now for a funny one: Weekend at Bernie's.  My sister and I watched this over and over and over again on  Friday nights when my parents would go out on their weekly dates.  Talk about a movie that cracks me up!

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I'm so torn on what to choose for my last one but I guess so I don't double up on the romantic ones I'll go with a musical I absolutely love ---- Singing in the Rain!  Such a gem and it'll be awesome on the island because I can sing along and sing the songs after it's over and be uplifted when I start getting sad that I'm stranded.  :)

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My honorable mentions:
The Horse Whisperer
Pillow Talk
White Christmas (because I could watch this year round!)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Sarah, Plain and Tall (all 3 of those)
Anne of Green Gables (the entire series - I guess it's a TV show but long enough to be movies)
A League of Their Own

Kind of an eclectic list, huh? But that's me, all over the place!

Now your turn!  If you don't want to link up at least leave me your list in the comments, it's fun!


  1. I love your whole list but I should have put Goonies too! It's such a classic!

  2. That's an awesome list. Our son actually is really into Indiana Jones lately ;)

  3. You might not be my friend after this, but I've never seen (or read) Bridges of Madison County! Or, Singing in the Rain. And, I've only seen A League of Their Own in the runner up category... Clearly I'm terrible when it comes to movie watching.

  4. Ohh, good ones! I'm not a big movie watcher either but I do have some old standards!!! The Breakfast Club is the best!