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Not My Normal Post

This is not my normal kind of post.  I needed to get some things off my chest...

Lately I feel like all I see or read about or hear is negativity.  I get so irritated when I see people putting down, making fun of, bashing, etc etc other people.  It's most talked about with celebrities and politicians because they are in the public eye.  Perfect strangers trying to act like they know what's best, like they know better than someone else about how they should behave, raise their families, live their lives.  For instance, Hillary Clinton's pneumonia.  Why in the world would you mock someone for being ill? Can she help it?  And what business is it of ours that she had pneumonia?  Does that make her less of a person because she got sick?  Don't we all get sick sometimes?  I just can't understand why people would take to social media about this.

This week, Kim Kardashian gets robbed, tied up and her mouth covered with tape.  Do people send their sympathies for this? Not all.  No some have to go to social media to let her know that they think it's her own fault for getting robbed because she herself posts on SM about where she is, what she's doing, what she's wearing, etc.  Last I checked it wasn't against the law to talk about yourself but it IS against the law to steal from others and break into their homes.  She did nothing wrong, the thieves did!  But are they being crucified on SM about what they did? Nope, she is. The victim is being crucified for doing nothing wrong.  We should be able to talk about where we are, what we are doing, what we are wearing and NOT have to worry about getting assaulted for it.

Sunday at Aiden's football game the opposing team's coach got ejected from the game for screaming at the ref's, right up in their faces screaming.  This is 5th and 6th grade sports, folks!  Why would you get so upset about an elementary football game???  This coach is well known for his yelling on the sidelines (and yelling on the field, too).  I was completely dreading this game but had no idea how bad it would get.  Not only was the coach acting like this but so were the parents!  They 100% supported the childish behavior of this coach, thereby teaching their kids that this behavior is ok.  I was totally appalled.  And then, even though he was ejected, he stood by the fence still yelling to his players!  He also called the remaining coaches and told them what plays to call!  The team won and the coach came strutting back onto the field to cheers from his fans and parents.  I was so disgusted.

I am not happy that my children have this kind of world to grow up in.  I try to keep them from this disgusting behavior as much as possible and yet there it was, on display in front of them at what was supposed to be a fun afternoon of football. There it is, on TV as they are watching the news.  They are hearing friends repeating this stuff at school because they heard their own parents spewing the hatred.

I am no saint but I do know to keep my mouth shut, not to speak badly of others and to teach my kids to be kind, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, to respect others and authority, and a whole slew of other things that I am afraid are going down the tubes.  I am sad for my children, that they will grow up in a world where this is normal.  It's not right, it's not ok.

Be kind to others.  Say nice things.  Lend a helping hand.  Offer support.  Respect everyone.  Live by the Golden Rule.  The more our kids see us acting like this the more likely they'll follow in our good, kind and loving footsteps.

Sorry, I had to get this off my chest.  All of the negativity is weighing me down.


  1. To all of this I say, Amen!
    Celebrities and public figures are under a microscope, and I hate how the media has taken to dissecting every single move of these people. It doesn't help that the public fans the flames.
    What a total disappointment on the opposing coach's end. What is that teaching those kids? Absolutely nothing.
    You're such a great mom. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fabulous example of kindness!

  2. I agree! I live along with the saying "everyone is going through something you know nothing about. Be nice". I know that I can teach my kids to be kind and respectful and pray they are out of my presence.

  3. OMG - preach it sister! I always tell my kids I would NEVER want to be famous . . . everyone makes mistakes and has bad days and no one wants those played out for all to see. Any why as a society to we care so darn much about them? The still have to poop too! That coach's behavior - I can't even. What is wrong with people? As parents it's so hard to make sure they they are learning the best behaviors . . . truth is, we aren't perfect either so we can only do our best. Your kids are lucky to have you because it's so obvious you care . . . not all children are so fortunate! Take care my friend!

  4. I totally agree! A coach on the opposing baseball team got thrown out last Thursday which also meant he had to sit out tonights game as well. These kids are 9-11! The coach did come over to our team after the game and apologize for his actions but the damage was done.