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Tate's Room

Poor Tatie Tot, he's been living in a bedroom that hasn't been decorated for a few months.  I've been planning on doing an airplane theme in there, just wasn't sure how to execute it.  I've even had everything bought for quite some time, but still, no idea on where and how to hang everything.  Finally Andy said this past weekend that it was time to bite the bullet and get things put up.  I think it turned out pretty great, with a couple of small exceptions.

This book shelf has resided in Aiden's room, Brennan's room and now Tate's room.  It has also resided in all three houses we've owned.  :)  No, the shelves never look this put together - Tenley loves pulling the books off the shelves and when Tate reads his books they fall over and he just stuffs them back on the shelves haphazardly.  Boys. :)  The lamp I got at Gordman's.  Both signs I had made by local gals.  I found the quote on the wall on Pinterest and the quote on the standing sign on a shirt Tate wore last winter. The picture on the wall needs a different frame, just a matter of getting somewhere to either buy or have one made.

Ok, I can't take credit for this idea, found it somewhere along the way somewhere I can't remember.  But my goodness am I so SO happy with how it turned out!!!  The planes I bought at Hobby Lobby, the garland I made myself.  The burlap part of the garland I got at Target in the dollar bins for $1 last winter and just grabbed it because I knew I could find someway to use it somewhere.  Then I bought the fabric, cut out the triangles and glued them onto the burlap ones.  Last, I strung them onto jute I had at home, tied that to the plane and we nailed it to the wall.  LOVE!

This dresser was Andy's eons ago - I painted it white before Aiden was born. Again, been through all three boys and all three houses (and then some!)!

I made the 'Tate' garland for his first birthday.  It originally had 1's on it but for his room I took those off.  The picture we found at Hobby Lobby.

He LOVES playing basketball with his big brothers in his room.  Those curtains I made for Brennan a few years back - I'm considering finding some navy blue ones instead, I think they'd go with the muted tones of the decorations better.

This airplane was my grandpa's.  He was a huge John Deere fan and he also loved flying - he owned his own 4 seater plane!  Grandpa passed away unexpectedly 6 years ago and now that my grandma has moved to town she started sharing some of his treasures with us.  This plane I picked out for Tate specifically because I knew it'd go great in his room with the other airplanes.  He's been given specific instructions never to touch it or play with it - fingers crossed he remembers that!

"Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures!"  Love this quote!  I hope my sweet Tatie Tot continues to be as curious 20 years from now as he is today!

'God danced the day you were born'

We've had the walls painted a pale yellow since we bough this house - 5 years ago!  I touched up the paint before moving Tate in.  I can't tell you the name of the color, sorry!

Next year I'm guessing Tate will be ready for his big boy bed.  His crib is a convertible crib so the headboard of his big bed is the same as the side rail that's on his bed now.  He's loved having the freedom since we turned his crib into this toddler bed.  He's such a big boy!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour of Tate's room!

On a completely different note --- this is my 800th post!!!  Wow, I can't believe I've had enough to say for 800 posts! Thanks for being there with me along the way!


  1. I love his room! I love the airplanes!

  2. Tate's room is so cute, and perfect for his age. That plane and garland idea is AWESOME!!!! I love it!

  3. I love it and I got a bit choked up over his room. That was my first plan for my boys room until my brother got Oliver a huge, I mean like 2'x3', sign with his name on it in a hunting theme... so now O & E's room will be in hunting theme. My heart will always rest in planes. Always!

  4. 800 - are you kidding me? How awesome is that!!! You go girl! I love the plane theme . . . so perfect for a little boy!! That plane from your grandpa is so awesome - love that he gets to have that! Totally digging the flying planes too!