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Apple Orchard \\ 2016

Last week I received an email from our favorite apple orchard saying that our favorite kind of apple was ripe and ready for the picking!  That night when Andy got home I informed him that no matter what, we were going to the orchard that weekend!

Sunday morning we got everyone dressed, fed and out the door.  The orchard opened at 10:00 and we arrived around 10:20 -- it was already PACKED with people!

We went back and forth on whether we needed the stroller for Tenley or not and opted to head in without it.  Once we got to the main barn we found out it would be 30-45 minutes before we could catch a ride on the tractor out to the orchard but that we could walk out there if we wanted.  Back to the car Andy went to get the stroller. :)

Meanwhile the kids and I took in the beautiful view.

Once Andy got back we took a picture.  Aiden was Johnny Appleseed, Tenley was his knapsack, Brennan was the deer and Tate the rabbit.  My favorite part about this picture is seeing all their feet below it!

 Finally it was time to pick some apples!  Tate was much more excited than he appears in this picture, I promise!

Tate was good at getting the low ones. :)  Look at all the apples under the tree - they were dropping like crazy!  Most of them had soft spots from hitting the ground so hard so we stuck to picking off the tree.

Tenley loved apple picking!  We handed her an apple and she thought she was uptown!

The fun part about going to the orchard is snacking on an apple as you're out picking.  Andy brought along a pocket knife so the Sweet T's could enjoy the yumminess, too.  (Tate's not quite ready to bite into a whole apple yet.)

Once we got back to the barn and paid for our apples it was finally our turn to go for a ride behind the tractor.  The tractor is named 'Bessie' and that poor old girl always has her engine cut out while we are going through the crick.  After yelling "Go, Bessie, GO!!!" four times she finally started back up and we were moving on through the orchard.

Daddy with the Sweet T's

These two! :)

As we left we all enjoyed snacking on the orchard's freshly made apple turnovers. Holy smokes were they good!

It was a wonderful morning spent at the Apple Orchard!  We can mark that Fall activity off our list for the year!


  1. Aww, such a sweet, fun day!! I giggled over Tenley feeling "uptown" with her apple and poor old Bessie not making it across the "crick!" So cute! You got some great pictures - looks like a gorgeous day!

  2. I've been talking to Scott all morning about planning an orchard trip in the next few days! It's always so blasted hot when we go, but I refuse to miss out on some delicious apples (last year we missed out because I swear each weekend we wanted to go someone was sick).
    Look at everyone chowing down! And Lou's bow. L.O.V.E.

  3. I never get tired of looking at pictures of your kids. Tate's face at the beginning of apple picking is my favorite. I love apple picking. We don't have a great place around here but I love going in Indiana with Adam's family.

  4. I haven't been apple picking in probably 5 years or so, probably because we have 6 apple trees in our yard that produce like crazy. I think I need to take my little, I know Oliver would enjoy the atmosphere.