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Weekend Rewind

Just a quick little recap of our weekend.

College football FINALLY started back up again on Saturday.  We were so ready to cheer on the Hawkeyes!  This sweet little girl tried her hardest but couldn't stay awake long enough for the game to start. :)  I love that she fell fast asleep in my arms with the bottle still in her little hands and mouth. Give me all the heart eyes!

Saturday night Andy and I got out of the house WITHOUT KIDS!!!  We met some friends for supper in a nearby town at their locally owned and operated brewery.  They serve what Andy and I call 'weird food' - nothing that you'd find at an Applebee's.  :)  It's all GOOD food but totally outside our norm.  Andy got their brick oven pizza with regular meat toppings (the most normal thing on the entire menu, ha!) and I got their chicken sandwich that had cilantro aioli sauce (?)  on it.  Andy had fun trying one of their flights of beer.  It was a fun night out with our friends.

Sunday morning we checked an item off our fall 'must do' list: we went to the apple orchard!  There's a whole other post on that coming up!

That night we went to my sister and brother-in-laws for supper.  Charley was giving 4-wheeler rides so Tate hopped on between my nephew Charley and niece Nora.  Look at that face, he loved it!

Monday we made a Menards run because my big window should be in by early next week - yippee!!! Andy had some odds and ends he needed for the project.  After Menards we grabbed some Panchero's for the boys in the family and Orange Chicken from Panda Express for me. ;)  Then it was home to do things around here.

We are ready for this short week - football practice and games, a meeting for me and then it's the weekend!  Have a great week!


  1. All the heart eyes for short weeks! We will be 1/6th of the way through our school year this Friday - crazy!!! Sounds like a relaxing weekend - the best kind!!! I'm excited for your window!!!

  2. AMEN for college football starting back up! Too bad we don't get to see our teams play very often. :/ Look at Lou all decked out for the game, but too tired to hang. SO SWEET.
    "Weird food." Bahahaha!! I haven't seen an Applebees in 6.5 years, you'd think all the places we go are weird.
    Yes! Quad rides for the win! I love that Tate loved it. That's always a highlight for Marcus when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in Iowa!

  3. Aw Tenley looks so cute! I miss babies! We missed watching our 1st game of the season because we were on the road. We had to listen to it on the radio. Looking forward to this weekend!

  4. Sleeping milk drunk babies are the best.