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I'm linking up with Shay and Erica for their monthly 'Stranded' link up.  These are so fun, I love answering their monthly question.

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This month they are asking "Which 3 famous people would you take if you were stranded on a deserted island?"

It's not hard coming up with famous people I'd take, it's hard narrowing it down to only 3!  Here are the ones I finally settled on.  (P.S. I LOVE this deserted island!!!)

Matthew McConaughey
Ok, I have had a HUGE crush on this guy for years and years (and my husband knows it!).  I actually had a mini shrine to him in the dispensary at the salon I worked in!  Remember those cologne ads in magazines??  I'm fanning myself right now remembering.  :) :)  Anywho!  He's totally smoking hot and I LOVE listening to him talk!  Those Lincoln car commercials make me giggle, ha ha!  So, on the island I'd wile away the hours just listening to him talk... or watching him fashion us a hut out of bamboo and palms (shirt optional!).

Melissa McCarthy
Isn't she just the funniest and funnest person?!?  I think she'd be so much fun to just hang out with and she'd be an awesome friend!  Plus I bet she'd have great ideas on ways to talk Matthew into taking his shirt off again.  :) I'd also like to talk Gilmore Girls with her non-stop!

Savannah Guthrie
I am a big Today Show fan and I went back and forth between Savannah and Matt Lauer but decided I'd want another girlfriend there because if I'm stranded I'm going to need friends to keep me grounded and not freaking out.  Plus she's a genius, really really smart, so I bet she'd be able to figure out a way off this island ... when we're all ready to go!

These made my short list also:
Kelly Ripa
Matt Lauer
John Slattery
Lauren Graham
Jenna Bush Hagar

If you were stranded on an island which famous people would you take along?

Join in on the fun next month -- shoes!

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  1. Matthew is going to be a busy man. Did you see how many people put him down?!?! Tons!! And I love the part about Melissa, how she could talk him out of his shirt!!!

  2. Matthew, yes please. I laughed at the numerous references in taking his shirt off. HAAAA!!!!

  3. You and your Matthew M crush . . . makes me giggle!!! And yes to Melissa McCarthy - I just love her!!!