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One Year Ago Today...

Today I am feeling extra emotional - exactly one year ago today we found out via an ultrasound that we were having a baby GIRL!!!  I never never EVER believed we'd be blessed with a pink little bundle.  I am still in awe that we were given this sweetest of blessings.  Every time I look at our beautiful baby girl I can't believe she's ours.

After our mind blowing ultrasound we went to Target to buy our first PINK baby items.  I touched every girly article of clothing, right down to each and every sock.  I held back tears of joy in that baby section.  I patted my belly over and over and over again and the urge to hold that sweet little girl was so overwhelming I almost couldn't stand the thought of having to wait 5 more long months to meet her face to face.

One dress in particular caught my eye and I knew our little girl HAD to have it to wear the following year on the 4th of July.  But what size to get?!?  All of our babies were big, ahead of their age in sizes of clothing.  That particular Target only had smaller sizes.  Luckily a Target in the big big city had a few other sizes left which my mom stopped and picked up for me.  We ended up with a size 12mo.  I never dreamed that it would be almost too big for her a year later!  Miss Tenley Louise is such a peanut!  We didn't let that stop us from getting her all dressed up in her first 4th of July outfit, though.  I decided a mini photo shoot in the backyard was in order to document Tenley wearing the very first dress I ever bought for her, the dress I picked out for her the day I knew our sweet baby growing in my belly was our little Princess.

You can read all about that most amazing day HERE.  And just for fun, my 20 week and 21 week updates so you can see what I looked like carrying our sweet little girl a year ago.  :)

And Tenley Louise?  I love you, sweet baby girl!  You're my little princess for ever and always!


  1. She is just the sweetest! I'm so glad you have a girl with all those boys running amuck!!

  2. I love this so much! She is the cutest little thing ever. I know you have longed for a little girl for so long and she is just the most beautiful little blessing!

  3. I can't even with this post . . . I love this so much! I just love the documented memories . . . how lucky that your kids will have these one day! And I know the feeling of being so thrilled to be blessed with a girl after having two amazing boys! And my Amanda Louise is a little peanut too . . . sweet little Tenley Lou!

  4. I wasn't expecting tears with this one!! Such a sweet post, and that dress is absolutely adorable on the most precious little doll!