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Celebrating Aiden's 10th Birthday

When you turn 10 years old you definitely need to celebrate for more than just the day of your birthday, so we stretched Aiden's celebration out for 3 days!

It all started Wednesday, the day before his birthday.  We invited 4 of Aiden's best buddies over for the night.  We picked the boys up around 5:00, came here and Andy went to pick up pizza for supper. After eating I took Aiden, his friends and Brennan to the local pool for their night swim. Besides 2 other kids it was just us there so the boys had a ton of fun!  We played 'jump over the noodle' and I threw ball after ball after ball to them as they'd jump off the diving board and catch it.  Once the pool closed we came back here and the boys headed to the basement.  They had Nerf gun battles. played video games, watched a movie and just hung out.  

Next morning they were all up bright and early even though most stayed up until 2 a.m.!  I fixed scrambled eggs, fruit and toast then they all headed back to the basement.  Around 10:30 we took them home.  It was a great start to the 10th birthday celebration!

After we got back from taking the boys home Aiden asked for Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday lunch.  Ok!  To the big city we went!  Aiden got an order of boneless wings with Medium sauce.  He was in heaven!  We had to rush back home because Andy and Aiden were going to get our nephew to pick up one of his fair sheep for a workshop that night.  

Once they got home Aiden opened his gifts from us.  We gave in and got him an IPod.  He's pretty much been attached to it ever since, listening to and singing along with the new songs he's downloaded.  One of his buddies knew he was getting the IPod (well, his mom did!), and he gave Aiden an ITunes gift card for a gift.  He's a pretty happy camper!  

After a quick supper at home we all headed to town for the sheep workshop.  Kind of a bummer to have to 'work' on your birthday but it was fun 'work' so I don't think Aiden minded too much.

Friday evening was Aiden's family party.  Everyone arrived around 6:00 and we ate supper first.  Cheesey Hamburger Dip, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites, BBQ Meatballs and Jalapeno Poppers.  Then it was cake time.  I wasn't as happy with the decorating job I did on the cake but Aiden didn't seem to mind so I guess that's a mark in the win column.  At least it tasted good!

We finished the evening off opening gifts.  It was such a gorgeous evening so we took the presents out to the deck.  My grandma is downsizing and moving to town so she is gifting some of her treasures. She gave Aiden a Hawkeye truck that my Grandpa had.  It made me cry and Aiden was very pleased with the gift.  He got a ton of money and it's currently burning a hole in his pocket.  He also was given new basketball shorts and his own bag chair.  It was a great party and a great evening with family!

I love celebrating my kids and having family all together.  Aiden's a pretty special boy and his family thinks so, too.  Happy 10th birthday, Buddy!


  1. First things first - that alligator float looks way too real from the picture . . . it gave me pause! And I approve of a multi-day birthday celebration . . . 10 definitely deserves that! You're a good mom to throw the ball . . . I would have told them to go entertain each other! Ha! Is it me or are the sheep getting big? And you nailed that cake . . . you go mama! Sweet post!

  2. What a way to celebrate turning 10! Sounds like Aiden had the best time ushering in being a decade old!

  3. Happy birthday Aiden!