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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 01

Can you believe it's Friday already?!?  4 day work weeks are definitely a FAVORITE of mine!

Writing 4 blog posts in one week is a FAVORITE of mine, too!  I so miss blogging, I miss the interaction with my blogging friends.  It stinks, though, that to blog I have to give up other things, like working out during nap time and reading books.  I'm trying to do it all and I just can't figure out that balance yet.  Maybe some day...

Erin's order

Picking out new headbands for Tenley is one of my FAVORITE things!  Aren't these darling?!?  She has about 8 new bows coming.  Sparkledbylove was having a flash sale and I stocked up.  I also ordered 2 headwraps and a Chicago Bears headband this week from other Etsy shops.  I can't wait until they all come!  I was getting bored with Louley's current selection of bows.  #MomOfGirlProblems

Playing Tooth Fairy is definitely a FAVORITE of mine!  This boy worked and worked and WORKED on pulling his second front tooth out for over 2 weeks!  Andy and I each took a turn pulling on it but for some reason it was just STUCK in there.  It was loose all around, just still connected at the root.  His new tooth was growing in and he looked a little freaky.  Thank goodness he had a dental appointment to put sealant on his molars (do your dentists recommend this for kids, too???), his dentist put on a little topical numbing gel and just plucked that darn tooth out.  He told me she spun his tooth all the way around in his mouth first - how crazy is that?!?  So, now "all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth." That front tooth cost the tooth fairy a $2 bill.  How much does your fairy leave?  We've always done a $2 bill because they are fun and different than the other bills they normally see.  A $1 gold coin would have been a fun idea, too, but we're too far in to the $2 bill thing to back out now.  Maybe with Tate and Tenley we'll switch it up.

Also, can I say, this boy's freckles are my FAVORITE!!!  Doesn't he have the cutest little freckle face?  Andy calls him Freckle Joe (Brennie Joe is his normal nickname).  :)

On a NOT favorite note - someone I love dearly has just been diagnosed with Lymphoma.  She has a couple more tests to find out specifically what kind of Lymphoma she has.  I'm asking, no BEGGING you to please pray for her.  She's 26, has a sweet little girl and great husband at home and I just want the best for her.  I've known people who had cancer but never anyone as close to me as this girl.  I'm scared to death for her, although they think she caught it really early on because she has zero symptoms, just a lump on her neck.  So please, will you pray for her? She has her appointment Wednesday to find out exactly what she is dealing with.  Prayers and miracles happen, my dad is proof of that, so please please pray for her!  Thank you!

Have a great weekend, friends!  I can't believe I'm saying this but we have ZERO PLANS for the weekend!!  Yippee!!!  One week from Sunday we take the sheep to the fair so we will be hitting the sheep working hard this week!  Talk soon!


  1. 1. Love the bows!! Favorite part of being a girl mom!
    2. Brennan's toothless smile and freckles are my FAVORITE too!
    3. My uncle is fighting lymphoma right now and it's a tough fight. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.
    4. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh how I love the bows . . . Amanda had one in her hair until she was old enough to decide she didn't want them anymore. That toothless smile . . . such a rite of passage for a child and so adorable. But freckles are my favorite all day, every day. Not when I was a kid, mind you, but now I appreciate them! Prayers to your friend . . . she is young and strong so hopefully all will be well! Happy weekending!

  3. GIVE ME ALL THE BOWS! I just placed an order from two different shops for some new bow for Julia for her birthday. There's nothing more fun and frilly than a good bow on a baby girl's head!
    Lifting prayers for your friend!

  4. The boys are freakn' adorable... I wonder if Evan will let me bow play once. I mean just once. haha. Carter's teeth are in and we are scheduling the braces thing now... I will have gappy smiles once O starts losing teeth in a few years. But they are the best. Sometimes (once) when I play tooth fairy I forget... oops.