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Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty fun!  Here's a taste of what we've been up to.

Tenley can pull herself up to about anything these days AND she knows how to open cabinet doors. Add those together and you find Loulie Girl standing in front of the snack drawer. :)  She also likes playing with the shoes and broom, as you can see in this picture.  There's a whole lot of mischief in this one little picture.  

Way back, two weeks ago, when we took Nubby back to my parent's farm we did it hill billy style.  We wired together a couple hog panels then wired another short panel on top so the sheep-goat wouldn't try jumping out on the ride home.  We got some funny looks while driving down the road, ha ha!

Tate's favorite outdoor activity is still playing in the sandbox.  He spends hours out there every week - and I sweep up pounds of sand every week in the house! :)

Mr. T-Ball!

The sprayer planes have been out in full force over the past couple weeks.  This yellow one flew over our house as he was circling back and forth over the field north of here about 15 times.  Tate LOVED it!  The big boys thought it was pretty cool, too. :)

 Andy got a new toy because his miter saw died on him, and when renovating the basement he uses it all the time.  Tenley LOVED that Daddy got a new toy because that meant she did, too!  Babies/Toddlers and boxes, best toy out there!

A rare bow-less siting of Loulie Girl!  She had her jammies on already. :)
It's sweet corn season in Iowa!  The boys helped Andy shuck a couple dozen ears and then Tate devoured them!  The first day I cooked some for lunch he snarfed one ear down and wanted more but they were all eaten.  After that I've made him two!

Andy and I met some friends for supper a couple weekends ago and snapped a quick selfie while waiting for them in the car.  I love this guy!

Tenley girl is officially a BIG baby girl!  I had stopped taking the infant carrier in and out of the car so we installed her big girl car seat.  She loves it!  It looks super comfy, plus the PINK!  It's much easier getting her in and out of this than the infant carrier so that's a major plus for me!

That's life lately!


  1. Sounds like the whole fam is soaking up summer! Great photos!

  2. So much love in this post. Evan is on the same milestones at T-girl I think. She is loving shoes, cabinets and pulls all the dvd's out. Although, I still haven't broke down and got him a car seat. YUM- Sweet Corn!

  3. I'm DYING over the sheep in the back of the truck! BAHAHAHA!! That's awesome.
    Look at Tenley digging through that cabinet. It's a very similar sight in our house, too!
    And, Tate in that sandbox! When did he become such a big boy?!
    Lou in the big car seat. *tears!!!* I need to graduate Julia to a convertible, but I just can't do it. Not yet. Our babies can't possibly be old enough for that...

  4. I didn't recognize that sweet little girl without a hairbow!!! And I can't believe she's pulling herself up and in a big girl carseat! Where has the time gone!?!?!

  5. Aww, love it all! Sweet babies in the cabinets - I miss those days! And the redneck sheep travel cage - makes me giggle!!! Hey, it worked! I miss the days of tball and Tonka trucks - you're going to make me cry!!! Kids and dogs love the free "toys" - I have some fun toys for Zeus and he just loves an empty water bottle - go figure! Eat all the sweet corn - one of the best things about summer! Matt and Ryan have braces so I've started cutting it off the cob and even do it for myself - I like the way it comes off in sheets! Ha! Love the selfie - you look great! And the car seat - she needs to stop being such a big girl and stay a baby!!!!