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Weekend Rewind

Do you remember on Friday when I told you we had NO plans for the weekend?!?  That held true and we had a great, relaxing weekend!

Friday Aiden finished up a pitching camp at Iowa.  I'm hoping he retains what he learned until next Spring when baseball starts back up for him.  We'll definitely have to have some pitching practice here at home in the off season.
Aiden is in the middle between 2 of the Iowa pitchers.  Don't ask me about the hat, smh. :) The other two boys are Aiden's best buddy, Evan (on the right) and his brother, Jackson (on the left).

Friday night we went to the big city to visit Andy's step-grandpa who'd had open heart surgery two days prior.  He looked really well, sitting up and had nice color.  We went to AppleBee's for supper after. On the way over Tate was calling it AppleCHEESE! Bah ha ha, we got quite the kick out of that. No matter how many times we enunciated 'Bees' he kept saying 'Cheese'.  :)  So, I tried something new there.  I'm notorious for always getting the same thing at restaurants.  They had a deal where you pick two appetizers and since I love their boneless wings I went with those (not new) and their Fried Chicken Wonton Tacos.  OMG, those were delicious! Instead of lettuce, like a regular taco, they had a cabbage/coleslaw mixture on top. The chicken was tossed in some kind of sweet and spicy sauce.  The wonton's were fried!  It was delicious!!!  So happy I tried something new!

Saturday I went to town ALL BY MYSELF!  I love having the kids along with me but man do errands go smoother when you're all alone!  I went to a gal's house and went through two totes of her little girl's clothes.  I ended up with 4 pairs of shoes, 3 headbands and about 45 pieces of clothing.  Jammies, coats, shirts, jeans, leggings, tights.  $1 per item!  You can't go wrong with those prices!  Sunday I washed everything up, folded and put them all away.  We have a very good start to Tenley's winter clothes collection. :)

After her house I ran to WalMart.  I would a million times rather go to Target to do my shopping but unfortunately our closest one is 40 miles away. So for my weekly shopping WalMart it is.  I just needed some basics - formula, laundry detergent, toilet paper.  It was a quick stop.  I left there and stopped by my favorite coffee shop.  They make awesome iced coffee's.  It was a nice little treat since I was all alone!  I don't know about you but there's something about having to unbuckle a child, get them out of the their seat, walk or carry them safely to the store, keep them quiet and standing still beside you, then juggle what you've purchased as you do it all in reverse. Such a pain so it's easier to just skip those fun little stops for drinks when the kids are in tow.

After the coffee shop I stopped by my favorite little shop in town called Earthly Blessings.  It's ran all by volunteers.  It was started, gosh, maybe 20 years ago now (?) by my church and it's been a huge blessing to our Catholic school, which is who benefits from any profits.  I used to volunteer in there but it's too hard to find a sitter for the babies mid week, and Saturdays we are so busy I don't want to try squeezing one more thing in.  Someday I'll get back in there to work.

Once I made it home I found Andy working in the basement bathroom. We are finally making strides down there!  My goal of being done by end of June didn't happen (obvs!) but maybe by summer's end?  A girl can dream, can't she? :)

This doesn't look so pretty but just wait til we are all finished with it - it'll be painted white and look so great!
That afternoon Andy got a call about a bunch of rock being on the pavement so we hopped in the truck and ran up there to check it out. There wasn't enough on the road to call anyone to remove it so Andy hopped out and swept most of it off.  The caller was worried about a motorcycle hitting that rock I guess.  It was a fun little drive, got Andy out of the basement for an hour.

When we got home I put Tenley and Tate down for naps then went outside to work in my flower beds a bit.  Some things needed deadheading, a few weeds needed pulled.  Felt so good to be out in the sunshine!  The temperatures were perfect and the humidity was low!

Saturday night we went to town for church then went up to the town square to the car cruise in.  I love going to those, looking at all the old cars.  I have one picked out for when we retire. :)

Tate held my dad's hand the entire time. :)

Isn't she purty?!?
And because it was 7:00 and we were 25 minutes from home we decided to have supper out again.  This time our favorite pizza in town - Dino's!  My sister's family decided to join us, we had fun ... until Tenley loaded her diaper and it was loose enough to come right out the top of her diaper ... and all over my nephew's shirt!  First he noticed it on his hands.  I grabbed Tenley and took her to the bathroom to change her.  I wiped off the little bit on the hem of her dress and took her back out to the table. That's when I was told it was all over Charley's shirt.  And it was!!!  Ugh, poor kid!  He's 11 and took it like a champ!  No fuss, just grabbed a wet wipe and tried wiping it off as best as possible. What a trooper!!!  And hello #MomFail, I didn't have an extra outfit in the diaper bag for Tenley! Luckily it was just on the hem and a little on the skirt, and we were done eating so could just leave.  Won't be forgetting that meal for a long time!

Sunday rolled in and we had a quick breakfast of pancakes before Aiden and I headed to the farm to work the sheep.  That was quite the fiasco.  We have decided no matter how much we work him, Nubby is not going to be ready for the fair.  He is part goat, I'm convinced of it!  He just is not shaped like a show animal and we have 3 that we'd rather put the work into.  So, Aiden and I halter the 3 we are taking to fair, wire the fence panel shut to keep Nubby in and go out into the yard to work the lambs.  Out of nowhere here comes Nubby at breakneck speed running towards us!  The darn thing pushed so hard on the panel that he broke the wire and got out!!!  Well, with sheep it's not too big of a deal because they are herd animals - they like to be in a pack. So we just let that darn guy roam around with us without a halter because we knew he'd follow us back into the pen when we put the other 3 away.

We set up the remaining sheep but knew we wanted to work Ted a little more so walked them all back to the pen to put Nubby and Tiny away.  I wired the panel shut, again, and those darn buggers got out!!!  We finally decided enough was enough, got them all put away and left.  I cannot wait to get rid of Nubby, and really, the rest of them.  I've had enough fun for the year, time to show these animals and sell them off.  We are on the countdown!  Sunday we take them to the fair and show them that Tuesday!  I can't wait!  We need to work these sheep hard this week, it's crunch time!

Andy continued to work in the basement Sunday while I watched the Men's final at Wimbledon.  I love watching Wimbledon every year, it's on in the background the entire 2 weeks it's on TV.  Do any of you watch it?  After that I made lunch then Andy finished hanging the faux 'ship lap' in the bathroom, then I primed it.  I'm pretty excited with how it's turning out!

So, it sounds like a busy weekend but nothing was rushed, we just did our thing at our own pace.  It was wonderful!  We need more weekends like that.

Coming up this week: working the sheep!!!  The boys will go swimming a couple afternoons.  And that's it.  A quiet week before next week when we're at the fair.  Hope you all have a great one!


  1. So excited to see how the bathroom turns out!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Though you did so much, it sounds like the perfect summer weekend!
    I wish we had friends to pass us down kids clothes. All of my friends have kids the same age as ours, so we're all outgrowing everything at the same time.
    And poor Nubby. Just couldn't get the hang of it. When is fair for you??

  3. Sounds like you were busy to me!! But a good busy!! A good, family together, summertime busy.

  4. That was a relaxing weekend of doing whatever you wanted and not having to really be anywhere. I don't see one of these weekends in sight until school starts. Summer is in full swing in our house.

  5. I know I read this but don't see a comment so I'm writing now . . . better late than never!!!

    I love that you write down their mis-pronunciations . . . you'll treasure those when they get older. Ryan couldn't say please - he would say "puh-keys." Still cracks me up!

    I'm proud of you for trying something new at the restaurant - it's so easy to get stuck in a rut and just go with what you like! We all do that!!!

    Love the little girl clothes - they were a steal! They outgrow them so fast it feels good to save on things like that! And you know they hardly get worn for that reason so they stay in good shape for round #2!!!

    The basement bathroom is looking good - it'll be awesome when it's done!!!

    I love an antique car cruise/show . . . and Tate holding you dad's hand makes me melt into a puddle! My mom's husband is restoring a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback . . . I can't wait to take it for a spin!!!!

    Those sheep - that make for some great lessons and family stories!

    I'm catching up on all your posts. I've saved them because I'm a perfectionist and you're my favorite and I wanted to write great comments and then bam, they just keep piling up! So today is Erin day . . . don't feel like you have to comment back on each email . . . you will hate me by the end of the day! Ha!