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Baby - 20 Weeks

One of the best parts of pregnancy is feeling that little bundle wiggle and flip and kick and move inside you.  During week 16 I started thinking that maybe I was feeling something, but just wasn't 100% sure.  In the beginning they aren't strong movements so you wonder if it was just something else in there giving you false hope.  But in the middle of week 17, (17w5d) I know without any question that I felt this little one move!  I was sitting on the couch leaning forward and there it was, a big giant push from the inside!  I have consistently felt it ever since then.  Usually about 4 times a day I notice it.  It's such an exciting thing for me, I love that feeling!  It's hard to explain what it feels like but I wish I could because it's amazing. <3

At my 18 week checkup our little bundle was quite active. Active enough that the dr. had a difficult time finding and keeping on top of the heartbeat!  The second she placed the dopplar wand on my belly we heard the heartbeat -- for about 3 seconds, then Baby swam away.  The dr. tried for almost 4 minutes to relocate that heartbeat but the baby was just so active she never could find it again.  Of course I panicked a little, considering out history, but she just grabbed the office ultrasound machine and with just a little time was able to find the baby and the heartbeat.  The rate was right at 150 BMP.  But that silly little baby, it wouldn't stay still!  Luckily with those US's you can 'rewind' so the dr. was able to get the rate for my records.  So silly, this little one!

Also at this appointment we discussed doing an early blood glucose test.  They are normally done at 28 weeks but with having had Gestational Diabetes while pregnant with Tate they recommend doing one earlier and again at 28 weeks, depending on the outcome of the first one.  So at my next appointment at 22 weeks I'll go in a little early, drink the orange drink and have my blood drawn after my appointment.  If that test comes back normal I'll take another 1 hour test at 28 weeks.  If it comes back abnormal I go right to the 3 hour test.  Finger crossed that I don't have GD this time around!

And now I am 20 weeks - half way.  It has taken forever to get here.  I am in no hurry to move this along but wow was that a long 20 weeks!  That's what you get when you know the exact moment of conception, ha ha!  I feel great, have my energy back and only take a nap 2 or 3 days a week instead of every day like the first 15 weeks.  I am 100% wearing maternity clothes.  I have no real cravings or aversions to food but get heartburn.  I would say I have heartburn daily but it's not so bad that I take Tums every time.  Mostly I get it when I'm hungry, which is probably why they say eat many small meals to help stave it off which I don't do.

I am having a super great pregnancy, anxious for those bigger, more frequent kicks to start up.  Also anxious for Andy to feel his first kicks - he gets pretty jealous when I tell him I feel the baby kicking.  I'm also looking forward to being able to call this bundle he or she instead of it. :)  Today!!!  Today we find out!  Unless Baby is super active again and they can't get a good shot of that area.  I figure I'll talk my cousin into sneaking me in for a quick US if that's the case since she's an US tech.  Awesome to have family in high places, ha ha!

Last night was a super exciting night for us -- Andy felt Baby kick for the first time!  20w2d!  That's earlier than he felt any of the others kick. So exciting!  I'm so happy he can now feel the little tiddler in there bouncing around, makes him feel more involved I think.

Terrible picture of me but here's the 20 week bump picture. Had to grab a quick pic before heading down to the basement to work. :)

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  1. AW!! I can't believe you are already half way there! I am so happy for y'all.

  2. WAIT A MINUTE...DID I MISS THIS?! Congrats friend!!!! I need to do some more blog reading!!!

  3. You look great!!! Can't wait to hear what you're having!!! So excited for y'all!

  4. You are adorable.
    TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!! Can you sneak me an email when you find out? I'm not sure I can handle the anticipation.

  5. YAY!!! You are about 4-5 weeks behind me. I was just given the glucose test today at my dr. appt to have done before my next appt. in 4 weeks. I am not looking forward to it.

  6. Yay!!! You kill me with that gray shirt on a gray wall.....ha! 20 weeks!??! It seems like you just made your announcement! Hopefully the next 20 will fly by! And I can't wait for the gender reveal!