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Weekend Rewind

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first week of our weekly link up. All you have to do is blog about your weekend and then link up using the link tool below!

Our weekend consisted of working on the basement remodel.  But we weren't in the basement at all. Confused??  It started Saturday morning with what I thought would be a semi-quick trip to Menards but lasted 2 hours. Ugh!  :)  Thank goodness our boys know how to handle themselves in a store.  Tate even did really well.  We picked up a new furnace filter because ours is shot after all the dust we've created.  The drywallers are coming today (YIPPEE!!!) and we know by the end of the week we'll finally be all done with all of the extra dust so got the filter so we could breathe clean air again. Ha!

We also got all the of the base and casing trim, plus paint for that and primer for the walls.  As we were leaving we picked up the rest of our doors, too.  I am praying that we might be finally close to not buying that store out every weekend. Fingers xxxx'd!

We grabbed some lunch before heading out of town.  When we got home Andy and Aiden started sanding the trim while I hopped on the mower.

Got the lawn all mowed and Andy and Aiden were ready for a break so we grabbed the lawn chairs and sat under the shade tree out front.  Sitting under a shade tree always makes me think of Sunday dinners at my Grandma's - it's a lost pasttime I think, sitting under shade trees.  With a glass of tea.  And company. So we didn't have the tea, or company, but we had the chairs and the shade. :)

I then loaded Brennan up with sunscreen and drove him over to his little friend's house for his pool birthday party.  It went from 2-7, bless his mom!  I'm a 2 hours tops kind of party gal when it comes to the boys' friends coming over.  (Lame mom!)  We finished up with the trim, cleaned ourselves up a bit then headed to town to grab a few more things at WalMart.  We swung by the local ice cream store and each got a couple of scoops of the good stuff!  Aiden got 2 scoops of bubble gum ice cream, which actually has gum in it!  Andy got 2 scoops of Cherry Rum, which he said he wouldn't get again. And I got 1 scoop of Peanut Butter Campfire Crunch (holy yum!) and 1 scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Tate sampled/ate mine and Andy's.  Then home we came for supper.  Guys, I made what might have been the world's best tasting hamburgers, ever!!!  They were so dang good, even Tate ate a hamburger, and that kid hates the texture of ground beef!  Nothing super fancy, just mixed them up with a little seasoning and a few tablespoons of BBQ sauce for some moisture, then grilled them up.  Added some fresh tomatoes from the garden, some lettuce and voila, delicious!  After that amazing supper I bombed over to the friend's house to grab Brennie.  It was a fun, busy day.

Sunday was a tad more relaxed.  We were forecasted to have 90 degree temps and super high humidity so we went out early to get started painting all of that trim.  We worked pretty consistently on the trim until noon.  While Andy and I were painting, the boys were playing with their summer friends.  Guys, these kids are SO great and SO fun and the boys just LOVE them!  We have looked forward to them coming ALL SUMMER!  They arrived early last week and leave end of this week, so the boys are making the most of their time with them.  Seriously, GREAT kids!  And they say y'all because they're from Texas. :)

After lunch it was back to the grind. You guys, that HEAT and HUMIDITY!  Add to it I'm 24 weeks pregnant and wow did it take a lot out of me.  We finally finished painting just before 3:00.  The air conditioning felt amazing!  I plunked myself in front of the TV to cool off and watch Making The Team - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  I have loved this show from day one, season 10 starts Thursday night and I can't wait!

After I cooled off it was time for a shower for me and the boys so I could take them to Vacation Bible School. It started last night and runs every night this week through Thursday.  2 1/2 hours of just Andy, Tate and I - quiet!!!  Plus the big boys have fun, which is most important!  Just before I was to go pick them up a really neat rain came through. We were on the Northeast side of a nasty thunderstorm, so the rain we got was pretty neat.  The sun was shining through the clouds a little so it lit everything up..  It also brought wind and cooler, less humid temperatures - heaven!  On the way home from VBS I snapped a picture of this cool cloud.

I had to share this picture of Tate.  Friday our neighbor posted that she was giving away a bunch of toys because they are moving and she doesn't want to pack them all.  Tater Tot snagged a FREE cozy coupe!!!  OMG, this boy LOVES this car!!!  We have to drag him out of it!  It's hilarious how much he likes this thing!  Sunday morning Tate and the big boys got our rags and some soapy water and washed it down really good.  Tate had a blast!

And one more thing.  I made a friend in Ireland!  I have always been a huge fan of Ireland and have always wanted to go visit there.  Well, I've been looking for a crocheted bonnet for sweet baby girl to wear this winter to keep her sweet little soft head warm.  I found one on Etsy but it was sold out. Then I found a few patterns that I was going to choose from, then ask my grandma to crochet one for me.  Well, lo and behold, Etsy suggested a few to me Saturday and I found *thee one* I've been wanting!  I stopped everything and quickly ordered it! The best part?  It's from IRELAND!!!  So I added a message to the owner of the shop and she replied back!  With Irish girl name suggestions!  Eee!  So I was floating high after that! :)  Here's a picture of the pretty little bonnet my sweet girl will be showing off this winter. (I ordered the sweet pea's in white.)

Up this week: the drywallers are coming!!!  Tuesday the boys and I are going to meet my mom for lunch.  VBS every night.  Aiden has 2 nights of football camp, Monday and Tuesday.  And cooler temps!!!

Have a great week, all! And don't forget to link up!

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  1. I am always so impressed when people can do their own home renovations. We aren't those people... Whomp whomp. Can't wait to see you finished basement!

    Holy cow, a FIVE HOUR birthday party? I bet all those kids - and parents - were totally exhausted after that was over.

    And, those clouds... I cannot tell you the last time I saw clouds like that... Probably last summer when we were in Iowa.

    Love that bonnet. ADORABLE! Even sweeter that it's coming all the way from Ireland. :)

  2. I want a basement..... I live in Texas and no one has basements... * pouting* but I will say that if I had one I would probably be to scared to go down there alone hahahahaha sooooooo maybe its best if I didnt have one?

  3. SOOOOO did you like any of the name suggestions?!?!?!?!

  4. I love home reno's. I want to do my kitchen soooo bad. I am sick of looking at the wallpaper that Tim's uncle put up before we moved in. I have ideas it's just to have the time and money. I also miss my basement in my old house... this one ruins anything you put down there.

  5. It sounds like you had a nice weekend. And a busy week ahead of you! Have a great week!