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Baby Girl - Week 25

One more week til my next baby check up. After that I go every two weeks -- how are we there already?!?  But I'm so excited, I love my baby appointments and it means things are starting to ramp up to get us in gear for Baby Girl to arrive!  And holy smokes, isn't August absolutely flying by?  After this month it's just 2 1/2 months until we're holding our little darling in our arms!

How far along: 25w4d

Maternity clothes: Last night I had a meeting so I put on some maternity skinny jeans and finally felt a little cute.  Today, same thing, skinny jeans. Again, felt a little cute.  So, BRING ON FALL!!!  I need cooler temps so I can wear jeans all the time.  The shorts aren't cutting it for me anymore. Neither are baggy shirts.

Sleep: Sleep has been so good lately.  Not that it's helping me feel rested.  I swear, I have never gotten that 2nd trimester energy boost.  I just drag all day every day. Some days are worse than others.  And to think, my 3rd trimester starts in a couple weeks.  Yikes!

Best moment of this week: Going to a friend's house to swap baby clothes.  Her daughter is 2 weeks older than Tate (and about a whole head shorter than him, ha!). She just had a baby boy about a month ago, so we decided to get together and swap clothes.  It was fun!  Her little daughter was pretty true to size so I didn't get much in the way of clothes because I don't think season-wise they'll work for my chunker. But I did get a bunch of jammies, which I was needing. I also got 2 sleep bags, a pink swaddler, some socks and the cutest little gray sweater boots.  Ok, so they probably aren't called that, and I just made myself sounds like my mother, but that's what they look like.  Someone help a girl out!

Miss anything: Friday we are going to the State Fair and I already know I have to sit out The Big Slide.  I'm going to miss that. But Princess Grace is so worth missing out on that!

Movement: Yes!  She sort of quivers in there, or at least that's what it feels like.  I feel that quite a bit.  Along with the big Royal Horse kicks. :)  

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: A few Braxton Hicks contractions.  Nothing much, nothing major.  

Happy or moody most of the time:  Whoa, did the moodiness/hormones hit yesterday!  Out of nowhere I just felt like the whole world was against me and couldn't help but go on a crying jag. Luckily Andy was here to bring me back to earth.  He's such a good guy. :) 

Looking forward to: getting the boys moved to their rooms so I can start working on the little lady's room.  It's going to take me awhile to get everything painted and decorated, and the decorations made, so the sooner I can get started the better.  All the trim, the doors and the window need primed and painted white, then I'll paint the walls a pale pink/blush color. After that's done, the crib can be put together.  I also need to paint the dresser, it's needing touched up.  I saw on Pinterest someone used some lace as a sort of stencil for the drawer fronts, I'm thinking of trying it.  

Symptoms/Side effects:  My belly feels super heavy these days, is very tight and hard, and trying to do dishes is getting to be quite the ordeal because my belly is out there far enough I have to lean over a bit, which then makes my lower back ache terribly.  When looking at my friend's clothes I found my belly kept running into the piles and knocking them over.  It's getting out there!  But I love rubbing it and talking to her (in my head).  Grow, Baby, grow!

Name:  Still no name.  We throw 2 or 3 around but I wouldn't say it's down to those three.  If something better came up I'd totally throw those all out and go with that one.  

That's week 25!  

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  1. Too funny- I did the same post today. I am looking forward to purging the rest of my house and getting it organized so I can fold the tote of baby clothes and put up the swing and such. I can't wait for Fall either!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do to the little lady's room!
    You said Princess Grace... Is that going to be her middle name????
    The State Fair! Eat so many good things for me!!