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First Day of School 2015

Look at these handsome guys!  Their first day of the new school year.  New backpacks, new supplies, new teachers, new things to learn.  It's so exciting!  I am trying to figure out how it is I have a 4th grader and 1st grader already.

I asked the boys some questions to help remember this time in their life.  First up, Brennan's answer:

What are you most excited about in 1st grade?  I know, rocket math! :)

What are you most scared about in 1st grade?  Nothing really.

What do you want to be when you are older?  Engineer

What is your favorite color?  Red

Who are you most excited to see today?  Chase

What is your favorite thing to eat for school lunch?  Chips and salsa. Well, it's like a chili with chips, but we call it chips and salsa.

I love that Brennan said he is most excited about rocket math because that is seriously what he is most excited about!  I'm not kidding! He's been talking about how excited he is about that since the last part of Kindergarten!  Ha ha, silly kid!  He cracks me up!  The other thing he told me that he is so excited about?  "Mom!  This year we get to sit in desks instead of tables!!!"  I love that he is excited about those little things because those were the things I was excited about, too!  In 3rd grade we had desks that opened on the top instead of having a cubby under the seat - talk about cool!  I was so stoked for those darn things!!!  That was the only class in our elementary school that had those so it was a big deal!

Aiden's answers:

What are you most excited about for 4th grade?  Everybody's in one class.  (not broken up in 2 like years past)

What are you most scared about in 4th grade?  Nothing.

What do you want to be when you are older?  A football player!

What is your favorite color?  Green

Who are you most excited to see today?  Conner

What is your favorite thing to eat for school lunch?  Pizza!

All Aiden says is that he's excited to see his friends.  He doesn't know much about the teacher's he's yet to have since he's the oldest kid in our family so each year is a big surprise to him.  And to me, too.  It's nice having a little heads up on what Brennan will be doing and bringing home since we've done that already.  I already know he'll be having a lot of reading and journaling homework this year, but luckily Bren likes to read and write so I think he'll handle it just fine.  Aiden, though, who knows what this year will bring in the homework department.  He'll handle his just fine, too, but this will possibly be the first year of real homework so that will be knew for both of us.  Time will tell!  There's something so exciting about all of that!

This morning the boys were up bright and early.  The first day is always so exciting!  I was in the bathroom putting my makeup up when they popped their heads around the corner with big smiles on their faces, all dressed and ready to go! That was 6:45, ha ha!  They hurried up and ate their breakfast, brushed their teeth, then had an hour to sit and wait.  About 15 minutes later Bren tells me his tummy hurts.  Darn nerves!  They didn't last long, though!  There was a lot of playing with Tate, I think they were both worried about leaving him and not getting to play with him all day long.  Sweet boys.

We got to school just after 8:00 and walked Brennan to his classroom first.  I took the obligatory 'desk' picture, then the boys looked at the job wall to see what Brennan would be doing first.  He got 'paper passer' which he is very excited about!

Then we all walked down to Aiden's room.  That was a long walk! He's clear at the opposite end of the building!  We walked in at the same time as his teacher, Mrs. Draisey.  She is very sweet, I already like her a lot.  I told Aiden to find his desk so I could take his picture, then gave him a little pep talk/talking to (mind your manners, don't talk to your neighbor while doing work, have fun, be good, etc).  He got a quick hug so I didn't embarrass him, then quickly left the room. Guys - he's in a big kid room this year!  It's not cutesy little kid stuff anymore.  It's learning, get down to business kind of stuff.  That got to me more than anything else. That's what I called Andy crying about.  Sniff sniff, he's a big kid now. :(

And now it's just me and Tate at home.  I'm happy to get to spend so much time with him again.  Since getting home from taking the boys to school I have been enjoying listening to his motor sounds he makes when playing with his tractors.  We've snuggled on the couch (for about 10 seconds) and then he was off to play again.  I'm glad I get my little buddy all to myself again and I'm glad the big boys get to be with their buddies again, learning all kinds of new things.  School is so good for them, I'm lucky that they boy enjoy it.

Here's to a happy, fun, learning filled school year!

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  1. AWWW- We aren't allowed to walk our kids to their class rooms. They start their morning in the gym sitting in a designated spot waiting for the bell to ring. The teacher then comes and gets them and takes them to their classroom. We are only allowed to walk them into the school and to the gym on the first day of school otherwise we have to drop them off at the sidewalk and they walk themselves in or we walk them across the crosswalk to the sidewalk and again walk themselves in. It's kind of sad and I cry every first (and second) day.

  2. The excitement of the first day was always so much fun. From seeing all my friends down to the outfit to wear... I miss it, and can't wait for those firsts with my littles.
    I'm dying over the excitement over rocket math - mainly because I HATE math! Ha!
    I hope your boys had the best start to the school year!!

  3. Aiden is looking soooo big. I mean all your boys look like that have grown so much since I've started reading your blog but Aiden looks like such a big boy. I'm so glad that had a good day at school and you are getting to enjoy some alone time with Tate before your little girl gets here. I really can't wait to see a Christmas card with all 4 of your babies together!!!!