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Weekend Rewind

Hey, hey!  How was everyone's weekend?  We had a fairly quiet one, which is something rare for us as of late.

Friday late afternoon we made a run to Menards to grab the outlets, switches and cover plates for the bedrooms in the basement.  We hit up everyone's favorite store, WalMart (gag), for a couple of supplies then made our way uptown where the college students were back after moving in all last week.  We love going down there to see the hustle and bustle.  It always makes me a little sad for the Freshmen and their parents - I'm sure the Freshmen are excited to be there but they have to have a little bit of homesickness kicking in. And you know the parents are back home worrying and wondering what their kids are up to, hoping and praying they don't get into any trouble of any kind.  I already know I'll be a nervous wreck when we leave our kids at college.

We came back home and hung out here for the night.  The garden was a mess so we dug and pulled the giant horse weeds that had taken over.  The boys picked all of the Roma tomatoes that were on the vine and we pulled that plant because it was all done. Tate sat in the dirt and played.

Saturday morning we hit the ground running.  First up, we went outside and sprayed weed and grass killer on the dirt patch where we dug the windows for the basement.  The weeds really took off in that dirt patch so we had to kill them before we can seed with grass in about a month.  While Andy did that the boys and I trimmed the raspberry canes that were growing through the fence into the neighbor's yard.  Those things are super pokie and aren't any fun to mow by, so we snipped those back.  Once Andy was done spraying we loaded the truck with those canes and the horse weeds from the night before and hauled them to the dump. We are very lucky to have a place just outside of town where we can haul and dump our yard waste.

After that we came back to the house to work in the basement.  While Andy put in all the outlets, switches and plates the boys and I worked on washing everything down in the main room. The dust was super thick from all of the cuts Andy made down there on the 2x4's.  We were lucky that the drywall dust was kept to a minimum since we used the low dust variety.

Andy got the suspended ceiling hung in Aiden's room.  About 2/3 of his room's ceiling is drywall, but we need the rest to have suspended ceiling so we would have access to the pipes running through there if necessary.  While he worked on that I painted the bathroom.  We are hanging beadboard on the bottom section so it was pretty quick since I only had to paint halfway down the wall.  Plus there isn't a ceiling in there because we'll be hanging a suspended ceiling in their, too, so nothing to trim around except the shower.  It was a fast paint job!

After that we got showered and dressed to go to a surprise 40th birthday party for a sweet friend of ours.  It was a fun party, held on the back patio of a local restaurant.  Angie was very surprised - I think she knew something was going on but not to the extent that her husband pulled off.  There were about 50 of us there!  It was a gorgeous night to be sitting outside, too, so that made it an even better night out!  The boys stayed with Andy's folks for a couple hours while we went to celebrate.

After we got home we put the boys to bed, then went back to the basement to finish the ceiling in Aiden's room and to put a second coat of paint on the bathroom walls.  We were ready for bed that night!

Sunday morning we got up and got right to it.  I made a batch of waffles for breakfast, we got that mess cleaned up, then it was time to hit the basement.  We messed around in the basement for a bit then headed out for some errands.  We ran out to my parent's house to drop a couple things off, chatted with them for a few minutes, then headed to town for a quick errand.  After that we dropped a box off at my sister's for her to use to pack for their big move next month, then headed back home.  After a quick lunch of tacos we started in on the basement again.

By days end we had cut and rehung the doors in the boys' rooms, cut and hung the storage room door, sanded and painted the trim, installed the knobs on the doors, cleaned up the bathroom and removed the plastic that was covering it when the drywall was being finished and started the finishing trim for the windows.  A little fun was thrown in there, too. :)

To finish the day off we enjoyed our first 'fall' batch of chili!  Sunday was a nice, cool, Fall-like day! Temps in the low 70's, a cool breeze - it was perfection!  Glad I had that trim to paint in the garage so I could be outside enjoying some of it.  There was a breeze blowing through the house all day, keeping it cool.  Couldn't ask for a better day in late August!

Coming up this week: the boy's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  They also have their first football game that night.  It's going to be an exciting week for the boys!  I can't believe we made it to the end of summer, I was questioning whether I'd survive a few times!  I'll be bringing you the back to school post later this week!

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  1. I can't wait to see the before and afters of your basement! It sounds like it's really coming along. Won't be too long before that project is all done.
    Let me just tell you how envious I am of the Fall-like weather you've had. I've seen several IG posts of people in sweatshirts/sweaters, and I'm pining to pull mine out. But, it's still hotter than the dickens here. Ugh.

  2. What a busy weekend!!!
    I can't wait to see how it all looks!!!

    We will be doing our 1st fall batch of chili soon! I can't wait!