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Life Lately

Happy day, it's Friday!  This week has been much more relaxing and I'm still exhausted - maybe that whole ice chawing thing really is because I'm low on iron and it's making me tired.  Yawn. Oh, and it's the last day of July, hurray!  I love summer but I have been seeing pictures of Fall here and there and let me tell you, I'm so ready for pumpkins and oranges, browns and yellows!  Bring on the boots and flannels!

Since the fair, like I said, Life Lately has been much more laid back.  Our summer friends are here so the boys have been having fun stalking them until they can come over to play.  Seriously, they ride their bikes down to their end of the street reallllyyy slooowwww, then turn around and come back.  Over and over again.  It's really kind of funny and cute (and maybe a tad creepy??).  :)

Their first day together they all found a cute little toad in the grass.  Of course they wanted to keep him so came in for a container.  After the friends left to go home the boys brought that darn container of toad in the house, fully expecting they were going to keep him in their room! Ha, fat chance!  :)  I explained to them that he won't survive out of his natural habitat and convinced them to take it back outside and release it in the garden, which they did.

It's been so stinking hot and humid lately that we've been going outside in the mornings to play before the heat really kicks in.  Tate has found that he enjoys coloring with sidewalk chalk.  He also likes stuffing it in the back of his little tricycle. :)

Brennan gave Tate a ride on the go-cart the other morning, nice and slow!  Look how far Tate slumped down during the ride, ha ha!  Every time they'd go by Tate's chubby little arm would stick up and wave back and forth at me! I melted!

This is what the boys do all.the.time.  They are always throwing a ball back and forth, whether it be a baseball, football, bouncey ball in the house (hate that!) or whatever.  These boys love playing sports!

About a month ago a gal contacted me about doing a Mary Kay makeover.  She said she needed to get 100 makeovers done and someone I knew had given her my name.  I agreed, since it was completely free with no obligation to buy anything. I roped my sister in to it thinking it'd be more fun with a friend/sister here.  So this week she came.  Because she told me she needed to do 100 makeovers I thought she was just starting out.  Oh no, she was a professional.  We're talking she's earned a free Pink Cadillac before.  Before I knew it I was giving her the names and numbers of 15 friends, who I realized later she was going to be contacting for the same thing.  I feel horrible about it. And then she roped me into setting up a second makeover, because this first one was just skin care based. The next one will be all about the actual makeup, plus I'm to invite and have attend a minimum of 5 friends!  I am planning on cancelling that one because I don't want anyone feeling obligated to buy anything they don't really want or need just because I'm having a 'party'.  Ugh, talk about feeling like a dope for getting duped.  Nice nice gal, don't get me wrong, but a little pushy and I can't say no to someone's face.  Erg.  And I missed a really cool storm going through to boot!  That burns me more than the rest of it, ha ha! :)  So I took a before picture thinking there'd be an 'after' but since there wasn't I have no pictures of this incident for you, because no way am I showing you just the 'before'.  :)  Love you, mean it!

Last, baby girl's pink butterfly mobile came!  I am so dang excited, it's amazing!  So perfect for her shabby chic room!  One piece down, many to go!  I should probably start focusing on getting the boy's room decorations first but hello, GIRL! :)

And that's Life Lately!  See you back here Monday for the Weekend Rewind link up!

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  1. That toad! HA! When I was little I used to catch them all the time and try to convince my mom we needed to keep them. She never let me. I was always so bummed, but there's no way she was keeping those things in the house.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your boys playing catch and taking Tate for a spin. That just oozes summer.
    I used to sell MK products, and I always hated the feeling of pestering people to buy things. I always felt like I was pushing them to make purchases they didn't really want - and was the reason I stopped. A good facial and new makeup is always nice, but feeling like you *have* to buy something, or *have* to have a party? No thanks.
    So excited to see what that sweet nursery is going to look like!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Life lately looks like so much fun! All things outdoors and boys!! I love it. I can't wait to see baby girls shabby chic room!

  3. I fell for one of those MaryKay makeover things before. I canceled and the girl was SO pushy and kept calling my phone for weeks! So awkward!! And I am with you, I'm itching for fall to be here! :)