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It's been awhile since I've scared readers away with one of my random posts.  Thought I'd work one up for you today. :)

First off - Bachelor in Paradise.  I haven't watched a full season before because, until this year, I didn't have DVR so I could record the shows.  They are way too grown up for my boys to be watching so I just sat those seasons out.  Not this one though!  And OH MY!  Is this season bizarre!  I love it!!!  It's craziness like no other, totally makes me laugh!  Except when Joe, the scumbag, is on. He is just disgusting to me.  Not just the way he acts -- have you seen the way he kisses??  It's like it's his last meal and he's going to devour it!  Ew!!!  Less attacking of the other girl's mouth, please.


Today is our last day of summer vacation.  I'm having bittersweet feelings about it.  That part's nothing new.  What is new is the reason why I'm feeling that way.  This has been one of the most trying summers for me.  I am going to chalk half of it up to pregnancy hormones.  The other half, though, is I forgot one important thing.  I read this somewhere once and whoever said it was so smart (and I have not been).  "Remember, it's their day, too."  I have been extremely selfish all summer and have not remembered this at all.  Those two older boys have heard my yelling voice more than my fun, loving one.  And I'm so sorry for that.  Always "quiet down! Tate's sleeping!"  Or, "stop running in the house!"  "No more wrestling!"  "Stop fighting!"  Seriously, *I'm* sick of me!  They are probably dying to get back to school just to get away from me.  I feel so sad about all of it.  There have been a few fun times for them, times that were just for them, but mostly I forgot that it was their summer vacation, not mine, and I should have tried harder and been less mean and hormonal.


Can I just say, the best song out this year HAS to be 'Wrecking Ball' by Eric Church.  Holy moly, whew!  That song does it for me!  Eric Church can hit me with his wrecking ball any time he wants! Hey, Eric - let's knock some 'pitchers' off the wall!  Ha ha!  (Yes, I've told that to Andy, he knows. :) )


Have you heard about that poor meteorologist from Pennsylvania who is pregnant with twin girls? She has been getting deluged with hate mail and nasty grams because she is pregnant and on TV. Who the hell are these people???  I cannot understand how anyone can be so mean as to say such awful things to someone who is growing a little baby (or 2, in this case) inside of them!  That she "looks like a sausage in casing" is just so wrong to say.  Why?  People, stop!!!  What would your mom, dad, grandparent, child say if they knew you spoke to people like that?  The anonymity of the internet is not a good thing these days.  I am raising my boys to be kind to others and understanding of their differences.  I think there are so many other mother's trying to do the same thing, so I just can't understand how there are so many people out there willing to blatantly hurt some stranger's feelings.  Why is it your duty to try and humiliate them?  Like she isn't having some of these same thoughts about herself anyway?  It's part of pregnancy, looking in the mirror and thinking bad thoughts about how you look.  Not just with that belly, but with everything - your hair, your face, how your ankles look, how big your thighs seem to have gotten, and on and on and on.  The last thing someone needs is that outsider telling them they think you look horrible, like a 'sausage in casing'. Erg!  Stop the madness (and meanness), people!!!


You guys, I cannot get enough of this awesome weather we are having!  Low 70's, no humidity, a nice cool breeze blowing in the windows.  Last night we had a low temp in the low 50's - talk about awesome sleeping weather!  I only wish it was here to stay.  Sounds like this weekend we'll be back in the 80's again.  Not complaining, just ready for Fall.  I keep telling myself 'it's still August' because I keep forgetting that fact. 6 days left in the month, then it's unofficially officially Fall. :)  Hey, if I was that pretty pregnant meteorologist I'd be able to say it was Fall September 1st, right?!?  They go by months, not dates, to set the starts and ends of seasons. So, September 1st will be Fall by their standards.  A-ok with me!

Hope I didn't lose too many of you!  Be back tomorrow with a First Day of School post!  It'll be posted a little later so I can take their pictures outside and take them to their classrooms.  See you then!

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  1. Awww, Erin... I hear you on the yelling thing. We're all guilty of it, we really are. We went away with friends this weekend and we all had a moment where we snapped at our kids... not that it was ok, but it was nice knowing I'm not the only one! :) One thing that sometimes help is the mantra I try to live by when it comes to my kids and that is you have to choose what memories / childhood you want your kids to look back on when they're adults. You have to choose the memories you want them to have. Obviously none of us want to remember the bad stuff but I can promise you that everyone goes through it and the kids have way less of a memory about it than we do. Keep your chin up and just vow to make today better, that's all you can do! Hugs, my friend :)

  2. Bachelor in Paradise is such a train wreck - and I can't get enough! Scott hates that show (and all the other Bachelor shows), but I'm just like, GIVE ME ALL THE DRAMA! As for Joe. Ew. Go. Away.

    I am right there with you on using my raised voice too much - especially with Julia here, now. Between the lack of sleep, the postpartum hormones all over the place, and simply just trying to keep my head above water, poor Marcus has certainly heard my irritated voice one too many times.

    Wrecking Ball - yes. Just yes.

    Thinking of you, and hope tomorrow is smooth sailing for you and the boys!

  3. When I saw Nick on there last night I was like no freaking way.......

  4. Bachelor in Paradise...I don't like Joe but Samantha is just as bad as he is. I can't stand her. She is the strings to his puppet. He is just seems like some farm boy doing her bidding. She is really manipulative.

    Wreacking Ball!!! I love it. I HATED Eric Church for the longest time. Adam loved his music. Had every CD. I thought he was a smug, grumpy guy. Never saw him smile. Then I got Adam tickets this year for Father's Day. It was the BEST concert I have EVER been to. He puts on an amazing concert. I love Wrecking Ball. I love him. I love those aviators. I love the hat. I love the voice. He is so gorgeous.