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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  How was your first week of August?  I have been syncing my wall calendar and purse calendar and can tsk off what's going on every week for the rest of the month, which always makes the month feel shorter.  For instance, next Friday we are going to the State Fair. That following Monday the boys and I are going to visit my cousin's new baby with my aunt, cousin and mom.  The next week school starts on Wednesday, then that Friday I am finally going to go to one of those huge consignment sales. And so on and so forth.  August will be over before I even knew it was here!

Now for my Friday Favorites.

First up, Pinterest.  I created a 'Back to School' board this week to pin lunch ideas and tips on.  I have the hardest time coming up with good, healthy, FILLING lunch ideas for the boys.  Our daily hot lunches at school cost $3 here.  That's $30 per week to feed both boys at school.  That seems like a lot to me, even if they are healthy, good meals.  So I send the boys to school with their lunches 4 times a week and they get to choose one day to eat the school lunch.  The boys' favorite lunch last year consisted up tortilla roll ups, but you need to make those the night before so they kind of set up and hold together once you've cut them, so I rarely made them.  This year I want to be better and try to prepare as much of their lunches as I can on Sunday's so during the week they can just pull out what they need that day and hopefully that will make mornings go smoother.  Check out my board for some ideas for your own kids' lunches!
forget the little kids, i'm going to use these ideas when I have to pack a lunch for work!

Next up, I'm am totally craving Fall these days and this picture made me that much more anxious.  All those leaves on the ground, the gray skies and the cooler temps - ahhh, heavenly!

Favorite #3, Missouri Peaches!  Folks, they are in the stores here and they are dee-LICIOUS!  They are by far my favorite peach. So big, so juicy, so flavorful.  I cut one up and had it for lunch this week.  Mmm mmm mmm!

My most favorite of all favorites this week is my dear friend, Jenny.  Recently she hosted a Younique make up party online and I was too cheap to buy anything, even though I really really wanted to.  Out of nowhere she sent me my very own 3D Fiberlashes mascara!  She took pity on me and didn't want me to miss out on the awesomeness that is this mascara.  How sweet is she??  She moved last Thanksgiving and we don't see each other nearly often enough now - she was my go-to girl date and we always had such a great time gabbing with each other.  I have missed her so much.  She is so sweet to share.

What are your Friday Favorites this week?

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  1. That's so nice of her to send that... have you used it yet? I've been on the fence about trying it. Have a good weekend with your boys!

  2. I want some Pumpkin Spice what ever so bad... I can't wait until October (when all the PS is popular) after baby is born on the way home I am forcing the hubs to stop at a Starbucks to get me a PSL. Then I will ask my mom to make her famous pumpkin dump cake.... but first coffee. I have yet to try Younique. Tim's cousin sells it here and I love all her eye shadow colors but with my budget I don't even want to look into it for fear I would love LOVE it and have to have all of it. Safe to stay away for now. See you Monday!!!

  3. Those peaches look delicious! Busy months always FLY by! I hope you have fun at all of your activities and events!

  4. Love you friend!! 💙💙
    I'll need to remember some of those lunch ideas...

  5. Those peaches look so yummy!!!

    I need some good lunch box ideas for Graycie. She is obsessed with Lunchables.