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Weekend, Come Back!

Hey hey!  How’s it going today?  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was great, packed full of fun and family! 

Friday we laid low since Aiden wasn’t feeling so great and Andy was gone to the Iowa vs. Minnesota game (we won, btw!).  Saturday morning we woke up and Aiden felt 100% like himself again. Sheesh, fast cold, lucky guy!  So that meant we could go to my nephew Charley’s flag football game.  After that we loaded up the car with me, Aiden, Brennan, my sister, niece, nephew and mom.  It was a loud car ride!  First stop, lunch! 

We voted and Applebee’s won.  I got a turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich.  It was okay, doubt I get it again. I usually love that combo in a sandwich but this one tasted bland. My sister got French Onion soup, so I was able to try that for the first time in my life. It wasn’t too bad but I don’t think I could eat an entire bowl of it.  Next stop was Michael’s.  I’m working on a couple of gifts so needed some supplies.  We also hit up Target, Theisen’s and JoAnn Fabric.  Pretty low-key afternoon of shopping but what do you expect with 4 kids in tow?  Ha ha! 

While at Target we did a little Christmas List shopping, meaning we looked for toys the boys want to add to their Christmas lists.  I have found one of the easiest ways to work on your list while at the store is to just snap a picture with your phone of the kid by the toy they want with the price tag showing.  Then when I get home I write it all down on their list.  This helps me not stand in the store and sloppily write down the item, and if you have the price it helps the person you give the idea to, to really make sure they get the right thing.  (Don’t mind the cowboy hat, it was purchased for his Halloween costume that day!)20130928_152628

We got back to town about 5:00 so I decided to take the boys out to supper.  Our hometown has a great little ‘dive’ restaurant with some of the best pizza ever!  We weren’t terribly hungry so the boys split a cheeseburger and I got a pizza burger.  Heaven!  They had the Iowa game on in there so Brennan camped out in front of the TV while Aiden and I relaxed in the booth (Aiden was playing his DS).  From there we were homeward bound.

Andy got home at 1:30 in the morning Sunday.  I’m glad he made it safe and sound, it worries me him driving so late by himself. 

Sunday morning we woke up, ate some breakfast and waited for an important phone call.  The call came about 11:00 and off we went.  Here are pictures showing what that phone call was all about!




Yep!  My dad called to tell us where he was picking corn so we could go for a ride!!!

The middle picture shows the load Brennan helped pick.

The last picture is of Brennan and my dad.  I love and adore my dad.  He is so great to us.  We have a special connection.  Andy used to say that my dear, sweet Grandma (dad’s mom), my dad and I were all peas in the same pod.  Now we’ve added Brennan, he’s one of us, too!





Aiden’s load!

The middle picture is what I call “Iowa”.  I love the farm off in the distance, just past the edge of  the corn field.

And of course that’s Aiden and my dad. 





This is the picker.  Like a combine it picks the corn. The difference is the picker doesn’t take the corn kernel off the cob, it just keeps it all together.  My dad works for a seed stock company where he plants plots of corn every spring that he combines in the fall, then that corn is taken to the plant in town where they do “something” to it to make it seed corn (corn that is planted) for the next spring.  This corn he picks for work isn’t used to feed any animals, it’s all used to make seed corn.  What he plants at home, though, IS combined and fed to the animals.


After our exciting time in the picker we headed in to town and visited with Andy’s folks, then ran a couple errands.  When we got home it was almost 3:00.  We spent the next hour or so outside.  Andy, Aiden and Brennan ran football routes for about an hour then Andy helped me hang this awesome Fall wreath my super good friend’s mom made for me out of corn stalks.  I just love it!  I’m super excited to have it hanging outside and am glad it’ll work out there through Thanksgiving.


Today is my 20 week OB appointment and ultrasound!!  Now don’t get too excited, we aren’t finding out the baby’s sex so there won’t be too many exciting things to share.  But tomorrow I will have an update and I will share the US picture with you!

Until then,



  1. What a fun-filled weekend! My thoughts are totally on Christmas shopping too... can't believe it's getting so close! Emily loves to sit down at the computer and look at Target's website, American Girl, etc. and make a list that way... super helpful. Oh and Applebee's... honestly not surprised your food wasn't all that great... we used to love the Applebee's near us but the last couple times we've gone the food has seriously gone downhill! Hope everything goes well at your appointment today! :)

  2. Wow! Your weekend sounds exhausting (and FUN!) I can't imagine doing all that pregnant. I'd never make it.

  3. Good luck today!!!

    I love your idea about taking pictures of the presents the kids want. I should do that. And what is Thiessan's?

  4. I'm sure you already know that you're incredibly blessed but if you need a reminder, I'm here to tell you - You're BLESSED! I would LOVE to have a sister to shop with. I got cheated all around when it comes to in-laws ;)
    Your dad still looks the same and how cool that your boys get to hang out with him and make memories!
    Can't wait to see baby McGuire's pictures tomorrow!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the harvest photos!!! I've been waiting for them. :)

  6. Your dad looks SO young!!! And how much fun is that for all of you guys!? I would love to experience more farm life!
    That wreath is just perfect! I want one!
    Even though Andy was gone, it sounds like you had a nice couple days with your boys!! And a pizza burger sounds to die for!

  7. Wow, looks like a great weekend. The tractor ride looked like fun for the kids. I'm happy Andy made it home safe and sound.