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New Friday Favorites Link Up

Good Friday to you!  This has been a hellish week for me health-wise.  This cold is NASTY, but today I am finally feeling like me. Well, all except for this thick, mucus-y cough.  TMI?? Sorry!
My loving husband has just left for the weekend, headed up to Minnesota for the Hawkeye game.  Andy and his best buddies go to one away game every Fall, they are trying to hit up all of the Big 10 schools.  They have 3 left (then add in the 2 newbies once they join in ‘15).  This year is a repeat year but most of the guys couldn’t get away from home long enough to head out to Penn State or Ohio State, and Nebraska is Thanksgiving weekend which is hard to swing.  Anywho, TMI again.  So he is gone until late LATE tomorrow night, which means the boys and I have some free time to goof off and have some fun.  No plans for tonight but tomorrow we are going to watch my nephew’s football game in the morning then load up my car with my mom, sister, niece, nephew and boys and we’re heading to the big city to do some crafty shopping.  I have a couple of projects I want to make but don’t have the right scrapbooking paper so what a better time to go hunting for it then when Andy’s gone and I can take my mom and sis along?
One of my newest blogging friends, Anastasia, is starting up a new weekly link up about your Friday Favorites.  She is also a new blogger so please stop by her blog and check her out (her button is the top one, click it to link back to her blog), give her some love and click that little ‘Follow’ button on the left hand side of her page. She is a mommy and has an amazing ‘getting back into shape after baby’ story and before and after’s.  I know you’ll like her!
Stacie Rogers Training
Stacie Rogers Training

This week my Friday Favorites are…

~ seeing (and hearing) all of the combines out in the fields and watching the landscape change because of it

~ watching Aiden catch his first interception EVER in a football game!!! So so proud of that boy!

~ the possibility that MAYBE Andy felt the baby kick this morning for the first time!!!

~ I am feeling more human today, definitely a favorite of the week

~ feeling the baby kick more and more every day

~ getting low and hi lites in my hair and a good trim on Tuesday night

~ Nashville!!!  That was a great episode Wednesday night!

~ hearing Baby Aspen (10months old) say ‘Bye Bye’ for the first time to her mommy Thursday morning, so precious!


What are your Friday Favorites this week?

Well, I tried all week to stay away from the boys as much as possible, not to kiss them on their face and to not breathe on anyone but lo and behold my sweet little Aiden came down with my cold this morning.  He came into our bedroom around 4:30 this morning complaining of his throat hurting.  Poor guy.  When we woke up later he said it felt better so off to school he went.  About 10:45 I got ‘the call’ from the school nurse, Aiden didn’t feel good.  I ran over and picked him up quick before Andy left, brought him home, loaded him up on Tylenol, gave him a glass of OJ and tucked him into bed.  He’s been there over half an hour and not a peep from him.  I hope he gets some rest this afternoon and he kicks this bug faster than I did.  If not we’ll be staying home tomorrow, no sense in taking a sick kid out and about when they don’t feel good. 

What are your weekend plans?



  1. Thanks lady :) New haircuts/color/styles always make for a great day! I need to start watching Nashville, my mom keeps begging me :) Thanks for linking up today!

  2. I'd LOVE to see a picture of your new hair do!
    Do you have a favorite scrapbook store or do you just shop at the craft store (Joanns/Hobby Lobby)?

  3. We just missed seeing any combines in the fields while we were home. I was so hoping we'd see at least one!
    Pics of the new 'do are a must!!!

  4. My favorite thing this week is my new washer!! Does that count?! LOL!

  5. Enjoy your time with the boys. Feeling baby kicks is the best feeling in the world!!

  6. I'm so sorry you have been sick!! I hope y'all have a good weekend! I need a good craft shopping weekend!