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Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

Looks like the awards circuit is on the move again! This time it’s the Sunshine Award!  This one totally makes sense to me, you get nominated by someone who thinks your blog posts brighten their day!  What an nice compliment!

I have been awarded this Sunshine Award by two awesome bloggers who’s blogs brighten my day every day.  Miss Kate over at The Widgeon Nest, and Miss Kimmyyyyyy from That’s The Thing About Destiny

Here are the rules if you get nominated:

1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog (above).
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself and write 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

My questions from Kate:

1. What's your personality type? (Myers Briggs, C. Jung, CVI, Sex in the City character survey, whatever). (If you've never taken one and don't have the time, just describe your personality!)    Bubbly, chatty, protective, helpful

2.What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?   Say goodbye to the baby

3.What's in your car's trunk?  jumper cables, a blanket and a first aid kit for those boo boo’s at the park

4. How many times have you been to Disney World or Disney Land?  Zero

5. What's one thing you've been putting off?  Dusting so I can put up my fall decorations

6. What do you have going on this weekend?  TAILGATING and cheering on the amazing IOWA HAWKEYES (GO HAWKS!)!!! 

7. Wine, beer, or mixed drinks? What kind?  If ever I do drink, I like Moscato and the occasional beer at the bar

8. If you had to legally change your name, what would you choose?  I did that already when I married Andy!

9. What cheesy line do you tell yourself to get motivated for a workout/run/whatever?  If I get on the treadmill then I can sit and read blogs after I’m done, but not before.

10. Bill Murray or Will Ferrell? I mean, if you had to choose.  Give me some good old fashioned Stripes, Caddy Shack, Ghostbusters and Scrooged.  In other words, Bill Murray!


My questions from Kimmyyyyy:

1. Favorite desert recipe?  Cherry Cheese Pie!! (A cream cheese mixture poured into a graham cracker crust, when set cherry pie filling poured over top.  It’s not Christmas w/o Cherry Cheese Pie!)

2. Song you could listen to on repeat for days?  Any of my favorite oldies!

3. What would your last meal be/?  Pagliai’s Pizza, their palace special no onions

4. What is the 17th picture on your phone?  I just got my phone back from being fixed and they wiped out all my pics, so no 17th pic…yet.

5. Must See TV show for fall you can not wait to start?  Nashville!

6. Favorite sports team(s)?  Uh, do I need to say it?  Okay, I will! IOWA HAWKEYES!!!!!

7. What did you do on your 21st birthday?  I don’t remember, and not b/c I was drunk, b/c I wasn’t, it just wasn’t memorable b/c I was lame! Ha ha!

8. What’s your favorite thing at Taco Bell? (don't pretend like you do not like it!) Doritos Locos Taco Supreme

9. Favorite Reality show? American Pickers

10. Cats or Dogs?  Hmm, I like cats but not their shedding. I like my own dogs (don’t have any now but when I was growing up our farm dogs) but I don’t usually like other people’s dogs.  I don’t own either.


My questions for my nominees:

  1. What makes you happy?  A yummy dessert?  A butterfly flying by?  Finishing a good book?
  2. What song makes you sing your heart out every time you hear it on the radio?
  3. Do you have a full set of teeth or did you have to have some pulled as a kid?
  4. What’s your favorite Tootsie Pop flavor?
  5. Would you rather go a year without shaving your legs or your armpits?
  6. What is your favorite kind of dressing for your salad?
  7. What is your favorite app on your phone (or website if you don’t have a smartphone) BESIDES those social media ones (i.e. Facebook, IG, Twitter)?
  8. Which is better: Full House, Saved By The Bell, or Boy Meets World?
  9. What kind of scent do you like to burn in your house? (Floral, Baking, etc.)
  10. In your opinion who’s hotter: John Slattery (yummy), Vince Vaugh (adorable) or Matthew McConaughey circa 2003 (I die)?


My nominees:

Jodi @ Love and Crayons

Alicia @ Brew Mama

Annie @ One Crazy Mama

Sami @ Simply Sami

Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals

Desiree @ Macke Monologues

Shelli @ Beauty and the Baseball Coach

Sam @ Counting My Blessings Instead of Sheep (name that song/movie)

Chrissy @ Mama Chrissy’s Chaos

Shannon @ Life After I ‘Dew’


Please go check out these lovely ladies I nominated, they are sure to brighten your day, too!  Thanks to Kate and Kimmyyyy for nominating me, you made me feel special!



  1. Cherry cheese pie....I gotta try it!!Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Thank you for the sweet nomination!!! (:


  3. Thank you so much Erin you are such a sweeeeetie :) And I've really been wanting to try that Doritos locos taco hahaha

  4. Thank you for the love booboo!!! We need to get you to Disney World!!!

  5. Yay!! Thanks for the nomination!! You're a sweetie!!
    I love ALL your movie choices!!! So, so good!!
    Enjoy your tailgating!

  6. I had to laugh when, just a few lines after you described yourself as "protective" and "helpful" you revealed that you keep jumper cables and booboo bandaids in your car. Yep! Seems about right! :) Also, Bill Murray YES! This is why we're friends!

  7. Man that Cherry Cheese Pie sounds amazing!! ha ha ha - read all of that and all I can think about is that pie =) ... Thanks for the award!! =)

  8. If you ever come to Disney Land you better tell me! We live pretty close!
    And I cannot wait for Nashville to start back up. LOVE that show!!
    Thanks for the nomination!!!

  9. What a sweet award! I enjoyed getting to know more about you!